So I finally became a leather daddy


  1. Omg YAAAASSS I have been waiting for you to this for so long. BRAD YOU KILL ME. I just watched you sniff the jockstrap. My favourite was the kilt that TWIRLS

  2. Ohh daddy Brad looks AWESOME. We look forward to see you in Holland next year Eurovision songfestival probably in Rotterdam….. Nice together with Beau would be smashing….

  3. I love the vid! I love the red tie personally but omgosh Brad XD
    that part where you sniffed his jock strap made me hurl

  4. loved this video!!! you immediately smelling that stuff is hilarious bc it's exactly what I'd do 😬
    also I have a harness exactly like that

  5. Your fucking hilarious; so much inappropriateness and I’m here for it! Feel better and make sure to take probiotics once you’re done with the round of antibiotics.

  6. You could turn this into a fetish/kink video series!
    Like in one episode you could invite a puppy over (if you know someone) and take them on a walk and play fetch. Or in another you could ask a dom friend to teach you rope tying and knots for some DIY bondage inspiration. 🔥

  7. I like that you say you love listening to eurovision songs from Eastern Europe and then you show Sweden which is the most western country there is. 🤣

  8. I've watched yours recent videos and they are so funny! You are so real! Positive vibes from Costa Rica!

  9. 6:54
    Tfw you say key change but don't actually change key…
    Ok but all jokes aside this might be one of my new fav Brad Guy videos of all time, it's just hilarious, idk what else to say. 😛

  10. I love me a singlet. I have one and I get hard the moment I put it on. When you put yours on I wanted to encroach on your personal space. Damn, Daddy!

  11. Damn would make my boyfriend wear that yellow strock strap and spank him hard and call him my sexy bitch lol please check out my channel its called matts LGBT I DO WOMAN CLOTHES AND MAKE UP IF U WANT PLEASE CAN U mention it in the next video thank you xxx

  12. Love your singing!!!! If u where a singer I would be your number 1 fan ….oh wait… no need to be famous I already love you !!!!!!

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