So the first thing we need to do is to open our browser, the link of this site is already in the description box below so the thing we need to this is to click the link for you to automatically directed to the site The next step is to simply click the first link which is “Download Softether VPN CLient + PLug In for you to download the software set up Once you’ve clicked the link next link will opted next link will opted. Click again the first link to download the final EXE.setup file Once you’ve already downloaded the zip file just go to its directory and for me i always put it in my desktop , I always create new folder for me to put the file and extract it to that folder, you can now remove the zip file on the folder and extract it to that folder, you can now remove the zip file on the folder you can now remove the zip file on the folder Then you will see different files what you need to install is the software setup . Right click on it because for me I always run it as administrator to avoid any errors wait for the App to install just click next always pick the first option which is the softether VPN Client click next and just click the box to agree click next, for me i always customized the directory of files I’ve installed to my PC So just wait for it to install or extract the data of the VPN in its native folder In this combination link which is it is combination of the VPN Client and its Plug Ins and its servers . So how to connect ? Its so simple just double click VPN gate public VPN Relay servers and find Thailand server Once you’ve have already found Thailand server just click connect to the VPN server so thats it guys its so easy to be connected once you have connected make sure to adjust your PC date and time=always remember to turn Off set time zone automatically and set your timezone to Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta Thats the most important second step for you to connect to the PC Lite region server So once you already finished with 1st and Second step, next is to open your garena click PUBGLITE and click play Just wait for the game to load So you can that I am already connected to the main server we are now connected because as you can we now in the game lobby of the game


  1. Can you help me i want to stream pubg lite but vpn speed is very slow how to make this vpn app only works for pubg not for all programs? Like – pubg using vpn , other programs using your wifi-ethernet

  2. Para sa download link mga Paps try this one para sa mga may problem sa pag open ng link

  3. Nice tutorial sir, maganda yong unang video mo about PUBG LITE. Na click ko na subscribe sir. Please also subscribe to my channel kakasimula ko lang din gumawa ng mga gameplay video. Tnx.

  4. Unavailable parin sir? di ako maka laro bakit kaya? ginawa ko na lahat pati yung time and date binago ko na, pag papunta na sa loading screen ng pubg lite unavailble in your country sabi. Ay sir ok na kumonect ako ng ibangg Thailand server haha. Thanks po!!! [Edited]

  5. I've done it ! Do this and just change your time location in windows parameters… Now i can enjoy the game 👍😃

  6. while speaking where your english start moving you say diretorea i suggest you to speak english correctly

  7. Boss tanong lang. ginagamit ko na itong method na ito (nasa US ako). Problema ko kapag naglalaro ako kasama ko team ko sa pinas, mostly bot lang kalaban. Di katulad kapag nasa pinas ako noon napaka dali mag matchmaking. Baka po may alam kayong way para ip ko naka register parang sa pinas? Maraming Salamat.

  8. There's No Red Icon add Vpn there's just one button Written Add Vpn when i click it shows other List i want countries List but it doesnt have it i'm unluckiest man 🙁

  9. Thanks this was great…. even if some people complain. Searching for a long while now, I couldn't get a free vpn program… they say free, but not actually… only for a month and I need to fill in card details, don't like that. I came across softether, then got stuck again… googled softether to play in PUBG lite and came across your video. The link was helpful with the plug-in. Now I'm just waiting for the download of 2,3GB. Actually downloads. Hope the game will be working as well. (I don't use garena.) Thanks again!

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