1. This is the worst part of the new non Sony OS. My old Sony TVs had a dedicated button to switch modes, but on these new Google TVs I have to hit action, go to picture settings, and then scroll though each picture mode to get from Home Cinima to Game. It is 100 paces backwards, just like the rest of this poorly devised OS. Please go back to a proper Sony OS, with next years TVs. Use a modified PS4 APU instead of the ARM processor, use a modified PS4 OS instead of this non Sony mess, and deliver content throught the PlayStation Store. One Sony. One OS. One Store Front.

  2. Got myself a few months ago the Sony KD55SD8505 , watched this instruction video….but if you play a game on HDR you can not choose game mode IT Will automatic switch tot HDR video. Really bad!

  3. Looks like I will be forced to get one of these things with our 160 lb CRT TV looking pretty poor. Why would you want to adjust the TV for GAMES any different than it is adjusted for regular TV viewing? Or vice versa?

  4. Why are all these types of settings even there when the VAST MAJORITY of Videophiles all say to "Turn Everything Off"!?! LOL!…

    I want to see what was meant to be seen. Period.

    Regardless of what it is? Games, Movies etc.? First & Foremost all TV's IMO should be set by Factory Default to give to the Best Overall Natural picture, Regardless of what you are watching.

    I hate all these Picture Presets & Advanced Bells & Whistles…

    Keep it Simple & always strive to give the best 'Overall' picture that represents what the creators of the content meant for you to see 😉

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