Spellbreak – State of Play Closed Beta Announce Trailer | PS4



  1. We all heard of this game almost a year ago. I don't care about playing it now.
    And now we have to wait till spring next year. Might as well just throw the game away and make something else

  2. Dunno other comments are prolly bots- this looks like one of those drek mobile games constantly advertised to me by faceboop.
    It’s obviously a lazy made and boring just like Dauntless- which I firmly believe is also praised by total bots.

  3. For those of you wondering; this game is quite complex. There are tons of spell combinations and styles of playing, the game never gets monotonous. Played the BETA and looking forward to this launch.

  4. I’ve been signed up for beta testing this for about a year now but I had trouble running it from the Epic Games launcher. I’m just happy that I finally get to play it, after receiving SOOOO many updates about the changes they’ve made to the game 🙄

  5. Why dos this look like 20 fps? You would think with ps3 graphics it could push past 30 fps. I am ready for PS5 as I grow tired of 30 fps and under.

  6. If this has a team death match mode then I'm 100% in. Team spells working in conjunction with one another could make for some jaw dropping moments.

  7. I mean no harm nor hate but really?
    The characters? Epic.
    Magic slinging fighters? Epic.
    I can now play a lightning hurling badass? Epic.
    Battle royale? Nope.

  8. I’ve been interested in this for a while. Never got to play it on PC because I have a MacBook but now I can finally play it 🎉

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