SUB)해상전!!보트(M249) VS BRDM!PUBG Naval Battle !!Boat VS BRDM

We will start now! Today’s content!! Block BRDMs landing operation! Let’s have fun and try it out~ Are you ready? Let’s go! [ RULE] BRDM team has to start from the right bridge in Erangel and pass through the left bridge to win. [ RULE ] The boat team armed with M249 must explode all BRDMs and prevent them from passing the bridge. (using Sandbox mode to summon BRDM) { Lag…) (summoning too much BRDMs caused him to disconnect) Oh.. I disconnected.. (using Sandbox mode to distribute M249 for boat team) Everybody get on board~ Get ready! (BRDM team on standby under Erangel’s right bridge) START~ We have to stop (BRDM team) from reaching Ferry. (Due to the lag, 10 from BRDM team were disconnected from the game) (They only have to catch the moving BRDMs) Next to us! On this side! (Find the ones) with people on it (last BRDM) SUCCEEDED IN BLOCKING BRDM! LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO YOUKI FOR MORE CONTENTS!

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