Suppressed M24 is my JAM | PUBG

what up look just listen to it I know that was the best it’s the best sound it’s it’s beautiful drop on me baby cheeks peace must be all good shit let’s do it up I can’t see it calling it right now we’re gonna get a ghillie suit and that’s that that’s all I need maybe a snip bullshit I freaking hate this vehicle in first person I mean it’s it’s okay but you just can’t see shit and you almost can’t hear anything oh yeah have it see what else what I’m saying maybe I’m just blind all right you know what what’s a little bit more some fine-tuning here there we go good enough come on kill it kill it holy shit warden air drop that’s that’s pretty insane nobody coming to consistent wait he’s trying to crossbow me what the fuck up if he if he gets me I want to be pissed that’s bad what he will probably win oh stop hit him that’s kind of been hit what a pussy alright always the other game then everybody’s gone I can’t they’re all shooting but I can’t see them right where the fuck are you hi that’s wait see if he comes out here I’ll want to take a shot oh no that would have been pretty freakin bad well it was bad but it could have been worse right hi all hi good shit there we go mr. Pedro thank you for playing gonna boost up here it’s all good there we go what tastes good doesn’t it all right let’s see if weeds but there stood right here that’s a Miss we got to step it up now last chance all right not not ah a bit rusty a bit rusty here that’s okay though wait all right Skol loot the other guy here not get shot in the back good stuff I’ll need all this crap game is strong holy shit what a fuck are you huh should again shoot again shoot again bitch what is up with the people they shoot like twice and then like No hi baby cheeks yes yeah you’re done what a shot all right let’s see if we can chase the drop otherwise we’re just gonna go Center sir well I guess good shit we gotta close the circle though we can’t have anybody coming up here putting their finger in my butt like this guy what you’re not efficient wow what a time to duck good good job man that’s not the face that’s not the face that’s the face we still need to close out the circle yeah we can hear people shooting over here so there it’s got to be more coming I’m guessing here cuz whales what they go see hi what that’s what I thought that’s what I thought so you were shooting at somebody else probably the last guy coming this way then we shot two already at this angle here he comes okay yeah let’s not talk about that wait what I hit him once with the m24 and then was there three times with the m60 that’s insane what does that vehicle going I can still hear it duh fuck okay okay the vehicle is still going steady guys nope but that hurt what what are you shooting at hmm we don’t really need anything what okay well let’s get up how fucking long have you been outside holy crap okay whatever whatever works well I didn’t yup oh look at this guy huh come on let’s get the top of the hill here it’s probably the best spot for now for us at least are you gonna get as many kills as we can okay if we die so be it I’ll be sad but it’s okay okay he’s probably gonna hide at this tree we need him here look at it look at it don’t look at that I guess he had different plans no way in hell there’s nobody going for that drop it’s like at the worst possible location in history here we fucking go it’s got to be a guy out here somewhere this is way too much circle why that was the deal yeah what’s to dude shit huh don’t push me please I’m sorry I apologize dad dad okay oh here we go thank you thank you spending way too much time here fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck get that out get that good good shit suppress them 24 probably the best loadout in my opinion what up just listen to it I know that was a missed it’s the best sound it’s it’s beautiful we’re in a pretty good spot cuz we can take one hit to the face that’s cool we can hide at the Tree Hill then we get their position and we have the big-ass sniper so I don’t mind exposing myself to get info here don’t shoot me from the left he’s shooting someone we almost have to use the airdrop as cover now though it might be ok ok this is this rockin it’s good alright that’s not good that’s good holy shit nope maybe I can see him from up this hill get that little bit of extra height that’s not his face oh but there we go I don’t know how that first shot wasn’t a headshot I don’t know I think we kill like the last 10 players alive of some shit maybe more I don’t know it’s kind of insane we did there we go yeah good shit what a game m24 suppressed oh that is some dirty shit I like it


  1. This guy is so casual, he doesn't freak out at all or even show much emotion. (not saying that's a bad thing)

  2. yess broo m24 supressed is the best sound. 1 reason why i play this game. so satisfying to use it. even if i get it at the end of game i just shot some windows. and groza also.
    i would have not been plating this game if it wasntfor the drop wapons

  3. The best video sniper shit ive ever seen so good and the sound mama mia 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌💎💎💎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😱😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯🤯🤪🤪🤪😍🤩🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👌💪👌💪👌

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