‘Susan Tries To Play Both Sides’: Maine Voters Weigh In On Sen. Collins, Impeachment | MSNBC


  1. She is a disgrace to any oath she took , she obviously knew she was leaning towards Trump and afraid of his temper tantrums ( tanTrumps)!!😁😁😁😁

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  3. And the Maine Republican voters make her look good. “I wish she were more of a team player and support (Trump)”.

  4. Collins lost my respect with Kavanaugh. She has two choices now. She can vote for witnesses/conviction and retire with some of her honor restored or she can vote for no witnesses/acquittal and retire in disgrace.

  5. Collins plays the voters as always sells her votes to the highest bidder. Those who say otherwise isn't really paying attention. she talks a lot like all politicians but she always plays the voters. when she needs to push she goes to mitch and he finds a vote to excuse hers so she can throw it so the voters think she is with them. otherwise she votes with the party. Maine deserves better.

  6. It does NOT bode well that Susan Collins can’t even tell the perilous situation America is now finding its self in because her Party are trying to Normalise Trumps brand of Criminal Behaviour as a new Normal!

    😡Susan Collins is WEAK..she is a fence sitting, yellow belly, POS! There is NO ROOM for someone like that in this WH in this critical time when our very Democracy is on the line..it’s right vs wrong, good vs evil!

  7. There is only one side to play when the rule of law is at stake. Republicans are "going to go through some things" if they don't do the right thing.

  8. Those citizens ain't playing around, and they're not so easily fooled either. Let's hope the rest of the country is as insightful.

  9. Insipid. The "independent" and "democratic" voters should have been interviewed – vis a vis the point made about "centrism" in the presentation. Why interview the extremists/right wingers?

  10. ​Obama DOJ hoaxed the FISA court into granting FISA Title I authority over Carter Page, which then extended throughout the Trump transition well into the first year of Trump's presidency.

  11. Susan Collins and the rest of GOP are weak worthless
    Spineless traitors!! .
    They all have shown their voters what kind of people they are. They will all lose whatever way they vote . They already have exposed themselves to be traitors!! . Oh and GOP that stand up for criminal ..loses all their BENEFITS they have been voting down for their voters .

  12. ​Adam Schiff pushes Russiagate smear used to justify criminal #Spygate abuse of @realDonaldTrump and other innocent Americans.

  13. I thought Maine was all about hunting and the wilderness yet here they are lined up to sacrifice their 2nd amendment rights to the democrats in Maine.
    Please, no crying like little britches when you elect the democrats to run your state. lol

  14. It's time to remove this pathetic excuse for a senator!! She should be ran out of Maine by her constituents. She makes me sick. 🤮

  15. "politicians are too party-driven"
    "She plays both sides so I'm not voting for her"
    I'm not a fan of Collins but good lord

  16. Ive seen a couple of comments here saying Collins is a traitor to the party. As a Republican myself nowhere does it say that you swear an oath to the party, you swear an oath the country, to uphold and follow the constitution and also swear to your constituents, yes you can be loyal to your party but ultimately that should never be your main concern. Your party doesn’t vote you to be elected, we the people do, yes there is gerrymandering and the electoral college maybe might not be the fairest at times due to that, but is us the people that decide. Also NEVER AND I MEAN EVER SHOULD ANY US PRESIDENT DEMAND ULTIMATE LOYALTY TO HIM FROM ANYONE, whether it be party, senators, the house, other government officials. The only time that the words President and Loyalty be in the same sentence, is that the President swears loyalty to the USA the constitution and most importantly the people, never should it be the other way around and if that day ever happens I’m sorry to say it will no longer be the great democracy of freedoms and USA that we were founded upon and thought of as the best in the world, but just another autocratic country with a dictator like, North Korea, Russia, turkey, Iran, Egypt, El Salvador etc. I pray every day that more and more republicans will finally see the light and truth and the path we are headed towards before it is too late.

  17. Voting 95% of the time with Mitch McConnell doesn't "play both sides" she's a hardcore Republican. She confirmed AG Barr who is the most criminal man in US history, she voted for the scam rich tax cuts, and she voted for Kavanaugh, and she voted 95% of the time with McConnell, not with what is right for Americans. She might be 1 inch better than other GOP but that's really not good enough.

  18. I am losing my belief in America being the great country everyone thinks it to be.

    These senators and government officials' actions and words try to cover up the American ideal of seeking Truth and Justice. They seek only power and what they can personally gain from it. It makes me question their reasons for sending American men and women to foreign countries where they may lose their life for what America they believed to fight for Truth and Justice. Now I ask how can the Senators and government officials ask soldiers to fight for Truth and Justice, and they can not even seek Truth and Justice?

  19. The first two voters appear to be in favour of the dumpster – loyal to the party regardless of the truth. But the last voter "Stevie", although a dumpster voter, wants to hear from witnesses that could see the dumpster out of office……good for her for being a truth seeker.

  20. I'm a Maine resident… Her seat is going to be filled. She is not a very liked senator here… But, she still gets a seat. She'll never be Margaret Chase Smith ♥️🙏♥️

  21. "We will Remember in (November the Treacherous Dem"s – Impeachment
    plot!) " It stand to reason that such high crimes of Treason should
    never be forgot!!!! MAGA~2020……..

  22. Ms Collins is a Trump enabler which makes anything she says,difficult to believe.One thing is certain,she will do whatever MaConnell tells her to do.There is the distinct possibility,that she ,along with Murkowski will be encouraged to vote for calling witnesses in the Impeachment trial because it allows the Republicans to say to the voters of the aforementioned that they voted with their conscience i
    n the hope it will save them their seats.Whereas,everybody knows this Impeachment trial is a foregone conclusion of an acquittal because the Republicans rule the Senate.
    The power is in the hands of the people.If faith in Democracy is to be sustained for future generation,Trump and his henchmen must be voted out in November.


  24. # TERM!!! LIMITS!!!…NOW!

    The President Office has term limits…Senate! 🤬And Congress! 🤬Need too…TO!🤬😞

  25. trump now denies telling Bolton that Ukraine’s Aid depended on their inquiries into Biden. He’s lying, He always lies. "Get rid of him. Get him out tomorrow. We don't care, get him out tomorrow. Take him out, okay? Do it!" … this is exactly what americans are going to be saying about trump soon enough.

  26. Collins is haughty. She has Parkinson's disease. She is entitled and loves power. She is a hypocrite. She is too old.

  27. DUMP COLLINS. She will meander to the edge, make some half assed comment about due process, then crawl back into her shell. Spineless, even worse than ogres like Matt Gaetz and Gym Jordan in a way – you know not to listen to those two things but she just wastes everyone's time. (Not that Gaetz and Gym aren't a waste of time).

  28. People are not stupid. We are your reason to be in the Senate in the first place. Collins will lose her seat and so will Graham and Moscow Mitch. Because they are not listening to their constituents and just standing by party and just not listening to serious evidence that effects all of our future. These extremely old senators will be dead by natural causes and our young are now at task to clean up this most corrupt administration in the history of our country.

  29. One commenter asked "WHY AREN'T THEY DEAD YET?"  That is the ONLY way this is going to end. What is wrong with this country. Isn't there one sharp-shooter who is also a Patriot  who is also willing to give his life to save our Democracy??? OUR Soldiers in the Middle East do it all the time. THIS IS NO DIFFERENT. Think about it. I know there are hundreds if not thousands who are thinking about it. WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!  The USA is being taken over by Trump, MOSCOW MITCH and Putin without a shot being fired. All it will take are 3 shots ( 1 for President Pinnocchio – 1 for Moscow Mitch and 1 for Putin) DO IT!!! BE A HERO to the WORLD not just the US!! TAKE THEM OUT ( in the Presidents words) —  It's our ONLY SALVATION!!

  30. MSNBC certainly won't let its blind minions see the well presented case Trumps team gave today regarding the obvious need to investigate the Bidens .

  31. https://www.dailywire.com/news/read-mark-levin-issues-twitter-barrage-stomping-on-ny-times-bolton-and-gop-senators-thinking-of-joining-dems-to-call-more-witnesses Real news from Mark Levin that the liberal press doesn’t want you to hear.

  32. Chris Hayes is such a marshmallow…..why does CNN use him. Jack Tapper is one of the best and may be the only real strong journalist on the staff. Wolf Blitzer needs to retire. Sorry, he serves no purpose.

  33. Why are Republicans so afraid of Trump? He’s put his own personal interest before that of the country. I thought the GOP were the party of patriots and national security. This guy is literally destroying the post-WWII order set up to maintain American hegemony and relegating the US to a second-rate power.

  34. Dear Maine voters: You shoulda been smarter decades ago instead of letting this brain-dead woman slowly ruin the country because she doesn't have a brain to think for herself

  35. Maine people. Be discerning. Enough is enough of this charade just to wrestle your votes. Collins is not about service, she's all about party, she's all about Trump.

  36. The heart of the United States is being weighed. The oblivion of failure awaits the future if their heart is too heavy. The truth can lighten that burden of weight. The Athenian spirit at the core of the United States heart would be greatly appeased

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