Switching from grenade to weapon in PUBG – Primed

Squad at 180!
Oh yeh I can see them
I’m gonna try biff a grenade
**Grenade priming sound**
Oh na they’re too far away
I’ll never make it
Hey Adam
Did you prime that grenade?
Did you throw it?
You know how grenades work aye?
Of course Rowan. You throw them and they explode
So just to clarify
You did pull the pin from the grenade
Where is that grenade now?
Well… in my backpack coz I switched back to my gun
Adam does that grenade on the ground there look similar to the grenade you had?
Oh… I…
I guess it does…
You know when you prime a grenade you can’t put it back in your backpack aye?
I thought you could – I genuinely thought you could. I thought you’d pull the pin and then go “ah na I don’t want to throw it”
Even if you could once you pull the pin that is life – like this is live now
If you listen you can…
Yeah you can actually hear the fuse
You can I can hear the fuse
Alan if you wanna…
Oh that’s actually quite interesting
Yeah no I can hear it
So that is live
That’s live
Oh man
And the really annoying thing about that is because that’s live and it’s got a timer on it
There’s no way we’ve got time to run away
No way
So we’re all dead
Can we not run away? Can we not just bail out of this situation?
Coz how long – once you’ve pulled the pin how long do you have?
5 seconds. Max.
Max yeah
Yeah so from the time you pull the pin to the time that it explodes – 5 seconds tops
I feel this is my fault guys
I’m sorry I’ve screwed the pooch for us
You kinda have
I’m trying my best to not be passive aggressive because I know that can be quite unhelpful
But yeah I’m really quite annoyed
I’m super salty
And trying really hard not to be toxic
But hey lets just chalk it up to ‘lesson learned’
I wish you kind of figured this out before we got into the top10
And how many hours have you put into–
Again – I’m trying to stop being passive aggressive
But how many hours have you been playing PUBG for?
Like 1,000? 2,000?
I haven’t even checked in a while
Wow you really should have figured this out by now
I mean we all know about it
And we’ve all played it as much as you
This is a big ol’ learning day for me
So in this episode we kind of had no idea what we were doing
So there are a lot of outtakes for this episode
And they are going on Patreon right now
Go check it out

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