The Best Irish Themed Slots To Play At The Casino Right Now

Irish slot games are a dime a dozen, with
the imagery of leprechauns, pots o’ gold
and the reels of a slot going together like,
well the Irish and slots, apparently. This
can make it exceptionally hard to find an
Irish themed slot that’s actually worth
playing. Lucky for you, we’ve gone to the
trouble of testing a heap of them out, and
can now return to you with our picks for the
best Irish themed slots to play at the casino.
Shamrockers won us over immediately, by actually
having a sense of humour with its Irish theme.
Instead of just going for tried and tested
Irish motifs, Shamrockers turns the stereotypes
on their head, by offering us a slot themed
around Leprechaun rockstars. And thankfully,
the game itself isn’t so bad, giving players
the chance to win big thanks to a combination
of a free spins round and random rockstar
reels, where special reel sized symbols are
added to the slot to give you a surprise big
Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix
Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix is 2 slot
games in one. Players can enjoy the base game.
In this game mode, players will experience
a well made slot, which comes with wild symbols
and a free spins bonus round.
If players decide to venture into the additional
Pick ‘n’ Mix bonus features however, they
can enjoy even more ways to play. The bonus
mode of the slot removes the reels and replaces
them with a single bonus wheel. Players will
spin the wheel and depending on where it lands,
can get 5 free spins straight away. Or they
might enjoy a special bonus round, such as
a mushroom pick and collect bonus game, where
players turn over mushrooms to unlock multipliers
on their wager.
Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix gives you
the brilliance of the original slot, combined
with the excitement of an entirely fresh quick
fire bonus round, giving you twice the slot
all wrapped up into one single package.
Emerald Isle
Although we complemented Shamrockers for putting
a twist on the standard tropes that come with
an Irish themed slot, we’re going to have
go back on ourselves for Emerald Isle, which
goes all out on the stereotypes. However,
what comes from this is an incredibly relaxing
slot, that’s complete with a colourful art
style, graphics that are incredibly easy on
the eyes and music that’s soothing to listen
to while you play. Emerald Isle may come with
only a single free spins bonus round, but
the aesthetics of the game make it a joy to
play, and help you appreciate how good a simple
slot experience can be.
Isle O’ Plenty
Isle O’ Plenty may not be the most original
or thrilling slot game ever produced, but
it has one huge ball in its court. Isle O’
Plenty is part of the IGT Mega Jackpot range
of progressive jackpot slots. Whatever it
lacks in features, it more than makes up for
with the multi million pound progressive jackpot
that is also fed by the 2 other slot games
in the Mega Jackpot range. What you get is
a slot that has the potential to hand out
life changing money with just one spin. and
that’s good enough for us to put it among
our favourite Irish themed slots.
Diddly Diddly Dosh 2
Diddly Diddly Dosh 2 throws off the boredom
that an Irish theme usually brings to a slot
game and gives players a heavy dose of excitement
by packing itself to the brim with bonus rounds.
Players can unlock a range of bonus rounds
which includes a free spins round, an instant
pick and win multiplier, a high payout clover
pick and collect game, and a board game jackpot
If you want a slot that has the potential
to pay out huge wins, that might even rival
those of Isle O’ Plenty, then Diddly Diddly
Dosh 2 is an old, but still thrilling slot
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