The BEST Raid Melee in 8.3? Top Ranked Raiding Classes & Specs | Method

Hello everyone, i’m Kush and im a raider in
Method and today with the release of patch 8.3 right around the corner I’m going to rate
the top 5 melee DPS classes. This rating will not be based solely on the
damage output of the class, but also its utility and usefulness in the raid as a whole.
At Number 4 and I have put DK and Paladin: So the reason I’ve decided to put DK and Paladin
in the same spot is because they are both good melee classes and bring different utilities
to the raid, which may change in value depending on the boss encounter. Having said that let’s
take a look and compare; Death knight –
The only raid utility a DK brings is Death Grip, and while it’s a nice trick to have
it is not always useful and not as powerful as aoe grip that can be found with a Blood
DK. They do have a 1 minute Cooldown magic immunity
with Anti Magic Shell as well as Death Strike, Both of which can help with big hits and ease
the pressure for healers in progression. Unfortunately, their mobility is the weakest on this list,
as Death’s Advance is a 8s 30% speed buff with a 45 second CD. You could choose the
talent Wraith Walk to help with this, but it would be at the cost of sacrificing defensive
potential. In terms of damage, DKs are very bursty on
both single target & AoE ,And this can come in handy on fights that require high damage
in a short window of time. Paladin –
Paladins are well known for their utility abilities: Blessing of wisdom for healer mana,
Blessing of Protection for physical immunity, divine shield for 10 seconds of full immunity,
and blessing of freedom. Their only mobility spell Divine Steed, is 3s speed boost with
a 45 second CD. Unlike DK, choosing Cavelier, which is a talent that gives 2 charges to
Steed, is on a talent row that is more forgiving. And this makes paladin slightly better with
mobility. Though you may find taking a shorter CD on your utility more helpful for the raid.
For survivability there are the abilities mentioned before; bop and bubble but they
also have Shield of Vengance, and lay on hands. Paladin sustainability is decent but lacks
a damage reduction cooldown which can be crucial in fights with big raid hits.
Paladins are also a burst class similar to DK with most of your damage being from your
cooldowns, the biggest difference in damage between DK & paladin is that paladins lack
cleave, and are basically either full single target or AoE.
The reason paladins are not higher on this list is because they are very situational
and their utility sometimes doesn’t have any effect on the fight at all.
Number 3. Rogue While rogues don’t bring any raidwide utility
they do have the 2 minute Cooldown immunity: Cloak of shadows, which often finds great
use in progress. and this can be paired with feint; a 15 second CD that gives 40% damage
reduction to all AOE damage. This makes rogue strong with both surviving big damage and
removing debuffs. Also, their movement capability is really good with Grappling hook, shadowstep
and Sprint. Assassination rogue has very high burst on
a 2 minute cooldown with Vendetta & Vanish so they are really good for priority damage,
they are also decent at multidotting, however assassination rogue has next to no AoE damage.
that being said, if heavy AoE damage is needed, Outlaw might be your choice. While you don’t
see it a lot in a raid enviornment, blade flurry is a strong burst aoe ability which
could become desireable on fights going into 8.3.. For example, fights like Hivemind or
Carapace, where the entire fight consists of multiple targets.
Number 2. Warrior A big reason to always have a warrior is the
raid buff, and while you could replace this with a scroll, it would be less effective.
So unless you are running a warrior tank, you’ll want a dps warrior in your raid. Warriors
also bring Rallying Cry, which increasse your max HP and makes taking larger hits of damage
easier. On top of this, they are also quite mobile with double charge and Heroic Leap.
Fury Warrior have good sustained damage in both single target & cleave thanks to the
Cold steel hot blood azerite trait, which also adds to the self healing, but they lack
burst damage. Arms warrior similar to fury has really good
cleave damage, but they also have really high burst damage in execute with the Test of might
trait, which is a big part of arms warrior damage right now.
I would say arms has more cons than fury in progression, as they are more reliant on azerite
traits and stats.. Nor do they have the same self sustain.
At the number 1 spot we have: Demon hunter One of the reasons i’ve placed DH on the top
of the list is because of the unique debuff they bring, which is a 5% magic damage increase
on enemies. Because of this you will always want at least one in your raid. They also
bring darkness, which is a 3 minute raid cooldown, similar to the warrior Rally , and it can
be helpful during times of high damage intake. Demon hunter has the best mobility in the
game with abilities like Fel Rush, Double Jump, and Vengeful Retreat, so you will never
find yourself lacking mobilty. Other than their utility and crazy movement,
DH are capable of strong self sustain and consistent damage in both aoe, cleave and
single target. Their only downside is that they don’t really have a lot of burst and
their one DPS CD is on very long cooldown. Honorable mention:
Even though windwalker did not make it on this list you still might want to use one
in case you do not intend to bring a brewmaster monk or a mistweaver monk, they did get a
single target buff in 8.3 so maybe they will see some play, i personally hope so since
it is one of my favorite specs in the game in terms of playstyle and i would like to
see it receive some love. Other than that the melee classes and the
azerite traits did not receive any significant changes coming into this patch.
Overall i think blizzard could’ve done a better job at balancing the bad performing specs
but there might still be more changes to come, the specs that made the top 5 are all kinda
close but when it comes to the specs not mentioned which are windwalker monk, feral druid, survival
hunter and enhancement shaman, the gap between these and the top is really big.
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  1. BRO FUCK THIS LIST, I'm Enhancement and I can fucking destroy all these classes in DPS, you shit casuals don't understand shamans SMFH

  2. Damn DH´s, i feel like they´re in top tier for EVERYTHING. M+? Just take a DH, press 2 or 3 buttons , Top DMG in AOE and in ST. PvP? Fck it, Flag carrier or in arenas probably on of the highest damage dealers. Raid? You guessed it D to the fking H. Top Mobility, Top utility, Top DMG in every aspect of the game. It feels like they don´t sacrifice anything for their kit. But better nerf Spriest.

  3. i mean i think it pretty fooked up the 2 of my mains are kinda dead an are so low .. love my hunter an love feral . surv hunter needs to be rerolled back to what it was just make it a range instead of melee . feral needs a rework bleeds are fine an all but there to much down time an one fuck up your dps goes to shit .

  4. Demon Hunter – Best Melee DPS, Great in PVP, Best at Solo content, great mobility, great utility, Solid tanking, Easy rotation.
    The other Hero Class, Death Knight – ???

  5. well damn i play Enhancement shaman and im usually 2nd in dps with only a ret paladin beating me….. now im thinking maybe my guild is just trash and im really not that good lol

  6. Lmfao i almost forgot monk dps exist , but u nkow what that's their punishment for having the best tank class :/

  7. I’m just here cuz you didn’t give hunters love in the last vid and fk survival hunters in this one too I guess lol

  8. Battle rez one of the best mobility, very good défensives, healing assist, raid mobility assist, permanent extra range which gives more space to deal with mechanics, spec who deals the easiest with corruption, Can adapt to almost all fights in this raid.
    Why feral isn t mentionned ? Only cuz no one knows it?

  9. Ferals are decent right now , hivemind fight and vexiona on aoe they shine , on rest of the bosses they are decent . they are not meta or the best dps in the game but it should be ranked . i mean whats the point of putting druid in the thumbnail if feral is not even there ?
    Love method but i think this is just wrong and just bias towards some classes , but im going to say this any high end feral player can outdps rets or outpreform ret in anything , feral gives whole raid speed utility with stampeding roar on vexiona or the II'gynoth , you can also instant root and bash mind controlled on II'gynoth and due to balance affinity the range on abilities increases even the corruption slow etc feral can chease it with swaping forms. Also on warcraftlogs feral is top 3 atm i know thats only hc but im pretty sure it can be solid in mythic progress too.Sad to see how people just exclude some specs :/

    Edit: Im pulling great numbers as feral myself atm and it feels solid love the new raid way better than Palace

  10. I wait for the day when the great downfall of the demonhunters beginn an the forst deathknight kings return to their righteous place in this tierlist.

    Lord Of The Raid: Return of the King

  11. Still love feral Druid I will never stop playing it, all these stupid elitist Feral Druid haters can suck it ok I’m done lol

  12. Welcome to the first week of Nyalotha, where the class doesn't matter when you rolled +10 luck on corruption effects.

  13. Rolling my first DH this patch. Always wanted to try one since I have mained all the other mentioned classes at one point.

  14. It's funny, literally every "top x video" you've made so far… M+ tanks, M+ dps, raid tanks, and now raid melee, you're etched so hard into the meta there might as well only be 5 classes in the game. I am easily in the top 1% of raiders right now as Feral. I was in the top 1.5% of M+ in S3 and will be again, as Feral. Videos like this are why aspiring players get so discouraged trying to get groups as anything off meta.

    /signed a 12/12H Feral main who's currently top 100 world in M+ as Guardian.

  15. I take it that the single target losses made by including a couple of stacks of echoing blades in assassination rogue aren't worth it? im a relatively new player just getting in to raiding with my guild trying to optimise my crappy gear p

  16. I'm maining Feral Druid and maybe main alt SV Hunter because I like those specs. I couldn't care less if they're not "good". I'll make them work for me (I only do AotC and maybe a few Mythics not dedicated enough to do CE)

  17. The fact you dont even count the DK's BREZ as utility means your opinion is instantly worth 0 lmfao. No need to even watch the rest of the video.

  18. Remember, the rankings only really matter in Mythic progression. All classes are balanced to perform well in normal and (probably) heroic. Play what you enjoy. Because, let's face it, you're not doing Mythic progression.

  19. I'd have put Pala ahead of DK rather than level with it, but otherwise I think the rating seems spot on.
    One minor gripe though, if you are ranking as a top 5, you should really say it in the title of the video. That or give the other 'sub-par' classes/specs at least a brief explanation as to why they are now/still not making the cut for progression raiding (same with the ranged video). ;P

  20. Demon hunters don't have burst? Their eye beam is a lot of burst damage, especially in aoe, with furious gaze trait it's a dps CD on it's own. No enhancement, no feral, no Survival hunters mentioned. Retribution paladin utility is situational? Pretty much all their utility can be put to good use in every situation. Only utility they have that is situational is blessing of freedom. Every other ability is useful in every situation.

    These lists for DPS you guys have been putting out have been awful compared to the video Jeath made for healers. It feels like the people making these don't even want to and are forced to do it, so they put minimal effort into it.

  21. All the Normal Mode raiders in the comments going bananas. Relax dudes. Just cause you're class aint there doesnt mean you cant achieve 99-100 percentile logs. It's your crippling skill disability that prevents you from doing that. And, to be fair, corruption this time around.

  22. A lot of people don’t take these guides as how they are. These are top classes for the guilds racing for high progression and world first. Any class in the game will do fine for the average player in normal or heroic and even some mythic bosses with the right gear and skill

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