The difficulty of getting into cars in PUBG

We’ve got 30 seconds to get inside the circle.
Where are we going?
We need a car!
Oh sweet! Look – a Dacia!
Okay lets do this quick!
Get in!
Oh come on!!
Get in the car!!
I’m pushing F
I’m out again.
We got to move Ben!!
For God sake
I’m pushing F
Come on!!
Errrrrgh! This game!
Oh – oh my god I’m getting shot!
Guys guys! Let me in I’m getting shot!
Guys! Guys! Gu –
Guys I’ve been knocked out!
Oh he’s out – hes out. Oh god!
Dude we gotta go – we gotta go
Guys! Don’t fuckin leave me
Don’t drive away!
We’ve gotta go now!

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