“The Flinststones” Slot Machine from WMS Gaming – Slot Machine Sneak Peek Ep. 23

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in this video I visit the 2014 Global
Gaming Expo in Las Vegas
which is one of the world’s largest
trade shows for the casino gaming
at this show which is held in late
September each year
gaming manufacturers and suppliers from
all over the world
spy their latest products and
technologies to casino executives
it’s a great show to attend because
visitors can try out
often there was some machines before
they’re available to the general public
bus there are many celebrity appearances
and other fun events
in this segment I speak with Mike Mastro
who is the director of math design and
strategy at WMS Gaming
about their new flintstone slot machine
which will be introduced into casinos
throughout the US in the upcoming months
okay Mike I see here we have a
flintstone snow fun stuff promising can
get a little background now this one
came about sure well you know
we a MMS for pursuing new brands we
really like classic brands really
resonate across the ages
really kinda times thanks one such
that’s right in with that I
a lot about the stoush with this people
are obviously very familiar with this
I we’re very excited to get it the
sexual first came with the clintons
friend bring okay can you take us to a
bonus round here so one other
interesting thing about this game is
it’s a forty it’ll be a 17 you play 40
credits up to 39 sixty
but you can also change to for calling
the extra yabba-dabba-doo that wherein
said a forty
to play sixty credits and then the
scabbard Avenue feature which are shown
in a moment happens twice as often with
that if you make the additional but it’s
only on the minimum
40s forty kinda it it would be all the
way sunset offending and
40 80 120 you be going sixty 121 that
actual bed is always three sexy whether
you’re starting at forty
sixty up but you can make that choice
based on how
of you want this this feature I gotcha
I let’s take a look at it so %uh the way
this game is set up there’s the rubble
reels up the top
and their points on reels on the bottom
and you trigger bonuses by
getting up warning up the top of the
phone a similar Fred down the bottom
bonus so love the bonuses that’s pretty
obviously polling was a big part of the
party in forever always calling
to the site interactive bonus in the
thus so
again using a lot of the footage and
from the Flintstones
bring that into our are fun and
interactive for us
are we in the yabba-dabba-doo extra now
this is we are taking extra bat we
actually just triggered a
I feature assure the affidavit to
feature directly after ass
so you pick a bowling ball for a
then you can affect what are the
different styles the sea one other
up ball the ball lot
and I gotta gotta which is not good
where they are you getting it are you
got a0
all mine are going to get two more pics
we won’t and that way
so I’ll try of bread with the mustache
we go that’s a hard way to get a strike
but I get it
now going to get one more one more frame
here trying to get a prize
side a pic very well you can see this
10x multiplier souter
fact and once again my when people are
choosing those it’s all done randomly
stop predetermine correct all round up
yet its
as if you’re shuffling a deck a car to
replace hard to reach
reach the selected then with the player
picks is whether
what they get but it is completely
random now this is a penny machine
this is a one cent machine yeah week
typically also offer games higher
denominations as well
but primarily at expect the salon
someone said and saying a progressive
stand-alone progressive
this is a wide-area progressive yes it’s
also wonderful recipe after max bathroom
in sixty credits
all five so that yabba-dabba-doo
features I talked about this a mystery
surrender Liana spam Fred delivers is
classic avid Avenue yellow now all sorts
of things can happen credit party could
fly by and drop files on the screen
reels to be stretched so you get more
opportunities to win by getting more
%uh the elephant to make rules while
and this process can go on and on and
hopefully you’re getting
very big interface with plenty of wild
spring it also when you get there the
run a source rips just gonna give us a
the end of our our feature so
all went to be multiplied by 10 X here
one more stretch
so hopefully we’ll get a couple miles
and you can only get this by making the
extra 20 50 percent more
if you’re betting forty reading 40
credits this feature happens
approximately 1 said I about 180
spends if you get the picture 6 the
press will bring a pretty new about one
40s so you really gonna see this feature
that’s what you’re paying the extra
money for
this feature for getting a pretty good
thing here we got some wild on the
at the only made the forty credit that
would also
and what’s telling chance of getting
just a chance at getting the feature
along bonus rounds was a pretty long
bonus round but the you’ll see at the
track by I was a nice when
went off the 60 credit bad on this yr I
am 197 6 a very good ever get a look at
the wheel bonus now right Mike
that’s right so you get credit mister
slate that’s what triggers the real
it’s it’s a pretty big prizes up there
for sixty cent bad two hundred fifty
dollars at lucky enough to land of red
hundred dollars a party in some other
other pretty good price up there as well
now you’re pat was sixty credits but it
could have been forty and yourself stock
still be eligible for the bonus that’s
correct and when will this game be in
the casinos
this game should be in the casinos by
the end of this year Oakley around
christmastime Sarkozy
late 2014
that’s the flintstones thanks very much
for spending
time with us today and showing us the
new flintstones some machine mike thanks
again very much
you’re very welcome thank you don’t
forget that you can see more of our
educational gaming videos on our YouTube
just go to YouTube dot com slash
American casino guide


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