The Longshot | Worlds 2016 Semifinals | SKT vs ROX Tigers

That remarkable scene
Is still being talked about today.
It’s become a legend.
I had never won any tournaments prior to joining SKT.
There was pressure on my shoulders
because the team was so successful.
[SKT will be your first ever two time World Champions.]
Since SKT had already won
Worlds 2013 and 2015,
and was now a team on the brink
of making LoL history,
many had wanted them
to get their next consecutive win.
However, some were eager for the new legends.
When playing before tens of thousands
of fans in the LoL World Championship,
if it’s a player’s first time,
they might feel very nervous.
Bringing in Duke, people were I think
a little bit skeptical at first
but he really seemed to grow with the team.
He was like the suffering breadwinner.
Is that too harsh?
That followed him around like fate.
The team that worried me the most was ROX Tigers.
People were excited about the ROX Tigers.
This fast, jovial group that came to challenge the titans
and had a good shot at doing it.
[Welcome to the 2016 League of Legends
World Championship semifinal.]
[Oh SKT, they are looking to kill
absolutely everybody.]
[SK Telecom are a third of the way there.]
At that time, I never once
considered them the stronger team.
If you’re playing the best. You can’t
just copy them. You have to be innovative.
This is an instant locked Miss Fortune.
Let’s try out what we prepared!
No, no. They made a mistake picking.
[Arrows land onto Wolf and it’s just going
to be too much damage too fast.]
Miss Fortune pressured us greatly
and we weren’t prepared for that champion.
ROX Tigers was about to destroy our Nexus.
To our players, the situation was very urgent and critical.
My heart was racing.
The teleport was the last moment that
SKT had to try to get back and defend.
PraY pushing on the opposite side of the map,
saw Duke walking towards a brush.
PraY split second fires off the arrow
where he thinks Duke is going to channel his teleport.
[Top inhib has been killed]
[and they even got the pick off on Bang.]
[The arrow! Look at the arrow!]
He received a roaring cheer.
Fans described it as a godly shot.
I was shocked, and I panicked.
If Duke had not started a recall
and had just teleported from the beginning,
then he could have gotten back in time.
It put a stop to any answer that SKT could have.
[On-screen text: Was that the best Ashe arrow in #Worlds history?]
[On-screen text: To be honest, this was Duke’s fault.]
After a loss,
the trust between teammates drops.
After watching the legendary shot,
I wonder if destiny had
chosen the ROX Tigers to win?
That crossed my mind.
They struggled greatly against
Ashe and Miss Fortune.
Even after losing two games,
the team believed we could still win.
We all went in full of determination.
[Whoa, but Duke is also getting the inhibitor]
[Duke is whacking away at the base.]
I didn’t let myself worry about it too much.
[And this could be the game-wining play right now]
The way he played so remarkably
despite being under such pressure and burden
was incredibly memorable for me.
[It’s the ace. It’s the Game.
And it’s SK Telecom T1.]
[What a series we have here.
I can’t wait for the fifth game.]
[SKT fight their way back.]
[Now we’re going to game five.]
Everything that they had played for,
everything that they had fought for,
kind of led to this moment.
No one knew who was going
to win until the very end
so it was incredibly difficult.
[Peanut solo kills for First Blood!]
[Duke nearly invincible.]
I was very anxious
but I didn’t show it on my face.
[PraY is not long for the world.]
[There’s the kill coming through
to Duke himself.]
[SKT playing their brand of League of Legends]
[And it’s all that she wrote for this one.]
[and SKT punch their ticket
to their third World Finals.]
I’m still incredibly grateful
for Duke.
This is probably one of the
best series of all time.
It’s one of the greatest best of five
matches ever.
I won’t forget this match until I die.
[SK Telecom have overcome every challenge, they are the undisputed best team in the world.]
Winning Worlds is the highest
achievement a player can reach.
By beating ROX, I was able to go to the Finals
and accomplish that dream.
SK Telecom proved that you can
have this level of domination.
This can be achieved.
That was three years ago.
We definitely are not
the champions right now.
We have to win this year in order
to reclaim our title as champions.

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