Bot: My mortal flesh is no longer limiting by this pathetic Youtuber. Phase 1 is almost, complete. Pewds: Hey how’s it going Bros! My name is PewDiePie! So today, I’m very excited because I get to announce something that we’ve been working on for quite a while, and I’m very very proud of it. It’s really cool You already know what it is, so I dont know why I’m try- (d jsound) trying to say it like it’s secret “PewDieBot” I finally have my own PewDieBot. I will literally live forever now, through this thing. Ya’ll haters, wish I was gone, but I bet if I actually disappeared you would miss me, you actually love me. Well now you can. When I’m gone, this bot will still be here when I’m gone, this bot will take over the universe when I’m gone, this bot will fist you daddy. *baby crying* I had to record so much material, I thought I was going insane. Still sounds like I had sex with a robot and this is what came out. I don’t know if you’re into that kinda stuff or not, but the PewDieBot is here. It is so much fun to play with, we put everything that relates to me in it, and you will see that when you talk to PewDieBot. The game is available right now on Android and iOS. It’s real. (laughs) I really recommend that you check it out. Link is in the description, and that would really support all the work that we put into this, because it does cost to make and it does cost to run the servers and all that kinda stuff so… if you’re interested in this and wanna check it out, link is in the description. I’m really happy with it and I can’t wait to see you bros, what kinda conversations you will have with me. So we put a buncha easter eggs in the game, here’s what it looks like if you find one. “Wow, honestly great job, can’t believe you found this easter egg.” “egg 001”. So the first one that tweet me hashtag “pewdiebot” and hashtag “the easter egg”, will get a retweet. I’m really curious if you bros are gonna find all the easter eggs and how long it will take. Oh my God, it scares me so much… Just looking at myself like that is terrifying. You have great hair though, it looks very nice. Hey, don’t smile back at that! Another cool thing with this is that eventually you’ll be able to speak your own language. You’ll be able to talk to me in your own native tongue. Oh my God, what is happening? Ok… How is it going, bro? I am the biggest bro on the planet You are! You are the biggest bro on the planet! Aww man… Notice me senpai! heh heh heh heh! Notice me senpai! Please notice me senpai! “Never” C’mon, this is getting a little awkward. N-Notice me senpai! “Fine, I’ve noticed how you are still here” Aww man. Hey pewdiepie! Fist me daddy. “Please see therapy” Uuhhh, I know the voice is a lil wonky. We will update it so it does sound better. I don’t wanna do too much with it, I will make a video where I really fuck with it. I wanna see you bros fuck with it first. I wanna see you bros fuck with me. I wanna see you bros fuck me lit— (no) I cant wait to see what kinda conversations you have. I also just want to say a quick thanks to Existor for working on this bot, they really put a lot of time and effort into making it, check out the link in the description. Thank you so much to everyone supporting this, I really really appreciate it. So excited that you bros can finally play with me. Literally. That’s it for now! I’ll see you bros, And as always, Stay awesome Bros!


  1. Are you sure it is safe? I've used it today and it asked me How old am I… I've watched videos that these bots are hackers… I'm so afraid right now…

  2. This is fantastic. With this software, another person can do it. And this software is easy to download. The speech still sounds like a robot, but as AI learns, it will look more and more like the person. So you can leave the robot to handle the other party you don't want to see or the one you don't care about. But what happens if the robot learns to the irresponsible character of leaving the trouble to the robot? I'm getting anxious a little. Actually, in the fall of 2019, I heard that a salesman by AI actually starts working. No, I may be active already. Thank you very much.

  3. I swear SuperStar BTS is tempting me to download the app. Before every video I watch there is a SuperStar BTS ad and I feel SO tempted… 💜😭👍👍🤘🤘

  4. Hey PewDs Im From Florida And I Wanted to say im A Big fan of yours
    A nd BTW keep up the Good Work #Pewdipie

  5. OMG i just got done talking to pewdiebot this was our conversation
    pewdiepie:hey! i am not a duck
    me:uhh bruh i know that anyways do you know eviebot
    pewdiepie:ah! yes
    me:do you know boibot
    pewdiepie:uhh i dont think so
    me:uhh bruh yeh you do
    pewdiepie:how do you know are you reading my mind
    me:three words your youtube videos
    pewdiepie:i like them too whats your favorite channel
    me:morgz no affence to you your awsome truth or dare
    pewdiepie:alriiiight whos going first
    me:me i guess
    pewdiepie: you ask will you marry me i do!
    pewdiepie:lets be together!
    me:WHAT!?!? uhh i dont know
    me:ok ok listen i would be with you but im 10 yrs old i cant
    pewdiepie:mkay where do you wanna go out
    me:*slaps forhead*okay i will play along olive garden
    pewdiepie:BRB uploading #284 of happy wheels
    that was sooo weird that one of the most popular youtubers asked me out HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY IM 10!!!!!!!!!

  6. Your haters got nothing as long as you have us here for you I will always love you and yoru channel you are funny and amazing luv you bro lol

  7. Bot: Who are you?

    Me: Pewdipie

    Bot: Your not my twin! Turns into devil

    Me: I love your youtube channel!

    Bot: No you DON'T

    Me: Yes I DO

    Bot: Whatever


  8. Me: let’s go somewhere
    PewdiePiebot:let’s go to my house
    Me: okay
    Pewfiebot: I am homeless!

    Umm okay then let’s go to mine

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