The Renegade Challenge Begins! [World of Tanks]

JOHN RENEGADE This is John Renegade,
a former army officer. He always knew
what he was fighting for. He was always loyal… But one day,
he had to abandon his beliefs… He was sent to battle
against Tier IIs, and… He couldn’t come to terms
with what he had done. But they couldn’t
let him go after that. He was demoted,
deprived of all decorations, and dishonorably discharged. So, he does the only
thing a renegade can… He becomes a bounty hunter. CHAPTER TWO.
I KNOW YOU Are you going to Himmelsdorf? Yes. This damn blizzard’s been
on our heels for three hours already. I’m Marcus Wallace. And I’m John… …Renegade, I know.
The bounty hunter. Then you must know
that she is a fugitive. Lori, say hello to the Major. Heya, you thick-headed, yellow-bellied… How many times have I told you to not humiliate me
in the presence of good people?! Or should I tear
off your track again? Forgive her, Major. She has no shells, but still
thinks she can look down at us. Ha, they like
her kind in Himmelsdorf… But you won’t make it in time. That blizzard will catch up
with you sooner rather than later. But I know a place where
we can wait out the storm. I’d appreciate it. Major Wallace
had heard a lot about John. He respected him
like a soldier respects a soldier. That’s why he
decided to help him. But what he didn’t know is that
the captive Loathsome Lorraine wasn’t just another outlaw…
She was a sheriff’s daughter… CHAPTER 3.
FAMILY BONDS Meet the Loathsome Lorraine’s father. The Highway county
sheriff, William T. Sanders V. There are couple of things you
need to know about the sheriff. Firstly, he CAN
cope with his duties. And secondly, he’s never
afraid of getting his hands dirty… Two years ago, he lost
his wife on the Frontline… And soon after, his daughter just
ran wild… She became uncontrollable. She was threatened with being
exiled to Himmelsdorf many times, and the sheriff would
always cover for her… But palm greasing
won’t help him this time. This time, the Sheriff
would have to go hunting… CHAPTER 4.
MATILDA’S Welcome, dear travelers.
It seems that it’s not only me who was brought to this blessed
haven of warmth and tranquility by these harsh weather conditions. Hmpf! What’s that ‘limey’ saying? He asks what the hell
we are doing here. Hi. I’m John Renegade.
He’s Marcus Wallace. And this poor excuse
for a tank is Lori. Been here a long time? My pleasure, gentlemen. And lady. Not at all. A few hours. Dear Antonio Progettone kindly provided
me shelter from this dreadful snowstorm. Antonio Progettone?! Let’s stop right here
and provide some clarification. John and Antonio go way back. They served in the army together. But all Antonio always
cared about was decorations. And while John’s code didn’t
let him take everyone out… …Antonio’s principles
told him just one thing: to despise John
for his lack of character. They weren’t exactly
friends, as you can see. You pathetic slippery autoreloader!
What are you doing here? You clearly have
a problem with him… This reptile will gnaw
off his track just to win! Stats are stats, John.
It’s time you learned that… I heard about you. You were
General Savage’s right hand. And now you
work at Matilda’s? Hah, it seems that things on the
Global Map aren’t going too well… Are you sure about that? CHAPTER 5.
GENERAL’S FATE The appearance of General Savage
was a real surprise for John. Because our hero never thought about
what happens to the generals after war. General Savage knew
that he was good at two things: commanding and fighting. He couldn’t come up with anything
better than to put together a platoon. Now it’s the most
dangerous gang in the area. They found out that they could
make a big score capturing Lori. So, they decided
to set up an ambush. But they didn’t consider that their
old acquaintance John Renegade would be convoying Lori. So, they had
to tweak their plan slightly… CHAPTER 6.
It’s been a long time. What’s your business here? Well, you know me.
I’m a sentimental person. I missed you. Cut it out, old man. John, just give us the girl. We’ll
take her, and no one will get hurt. Somehow, I doubt that… Just try, and we’ll see
how strong your head is. Do it John.
Just follow the order, soldier. Not today… As you wish. Everybody stay where you are! Father? Lorraine! Sheriff! Smurfs! CHAPTER 7. HUNT Rumor has it, only John
Renegade survived that massacre. But it’s merely a rumor. I survived as well… And even became the new sheriff. But unlike the old sheriff,
I can’t be bought. And John… Well, with his reputation, it was hard to convince folks
he wasn’t responsible for that massacre. And now there’s
a warrant out for John Renegade!


  1. WG please stop playing RDR2 Online, or on second thought keep doing that because it means more tier 8 premiums for us…

  2. So originally I liked the video but I'm now disliking it upon realizing what the requirements are. Quickybaby just posted a video about the amount of time needed to complete this. It is simply too much to grind in too little time. I love world of tanks but yall missed the mark. I loved the video as it was entertaining but the challenge itself just isn't possible for people with jobs, school, or really even lives. For me personally, I'm a college student like I'm sure alot of WoT players are and right now it's time for finals so we really cant put that kind of time into the game. I really love the idea of being able to get good tanks for free through dedication but they NEED to be POSSIBLE in the first place.

  3. It needs a lot of time for these missions boys and they’re giving less rewards from the last challenge for the TS-5

  4. the tank looks great but they have raised the exp needed it will be dam near impossible to complete and they also dropped the rewards

  5. The requirements to be able to win this tank are absolutely ABSURD!!! Big middle finger from WG to its fans ONCE AGAIN! ✌🏼

  6. Didn't tell us anything about the challenge or introduce the tank/stats, etc. They really don't want to advertise what the incredibly tough tasks and the wantonly weak prizes are for this. Sad.

  7. I don't know how the hell ppđ don't get it, it is possible to take this tank for free if you want enough. If you don't have enough time, but still want it, you will buy it on 40,50-70,80% discount. Simple as that.

  8. Почему в наградах нет камуфляжей из ролика? Я бы взял "гнусную Лору" 🙂

  9. 조작질게이하면이게임이지 지금도 여전히조작질중이다 직원이 이기고지는걸 장난친다 크크 막장게임회사

  10. It's like Christine only it's not a car with a mind all it's own but a bunch of die hard tanks what will they think up next?

  11. Can you guys please push this challenge after finals week? My exams are between December 9 to December 20. I can maybe complete up to stage 4 or 5. But anything after that is literally impossible to put the time in. Really poor timing to bring a challenge that is really time consuming, WG.

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