The Sims 4 Discover University: 10 NEW FEATURES You Might Not Know

Hello guys this is onlyabidoang and today
I’m going to show you 10 features in The Sims 4 Discover University that you might
not know. These features might be fascinating, helpful,
or even mindblowing to you. So without further ado, let’s get to know
these features. Britechester is the new world in The Sims
4 Discover University where all your university life will be held. You’ll also find several of these water
bodies like this river where you can fish on. Well, besides for fishing, turns out that
these are actually swimmable. Just click on the water and an option to swim
there will appear. If you choose to do that, your sim will slowly
wade into the water and start swimming. What’s great is that you don’t have to
have the Island Living expansion pack in order to be able to swim there. But if you do have the pack, you can bring
out your boat or jetski there as well. Also, this is not the only spot that you can
swim on. All three districts in Britechester will have
their own bodies of water that are also swimmable. Before enrolling into a university, you need
to send a university application first of course. They will always be accepted into both universities,
but if you have poor grades while in school or don’t have any skill at all, you won’t
be able to be accepted into the university’s distinguished degrees. But there’s another way to get accepted
while waiting for the acceptance letter. First, if one of your sims has the evil or
materialistic trait or have level 5 mischief skill, they can attempt to “donate” two
thousand simoleons to the university so they, or the targeted sim will have a higher chance
to be accepted into more distinguished degrees. If succeed, they are able to enroll to those
distinguished degrees, but if it fails, you’ll be fined 500 simoleons and the 2 thousand
simoleons will still be taken. The other way to be accepted is if you have
Get Famous expansion pack and there’s a 4-star celebrity or more in your household,
they can flaunt their fame to boost their chance or other sim’s chance to be accepted
into distinguished degrees. Again, there’s a chance this will succeed. But if it fails, your chance to be accepted
will be reduced but you won’t be charged with a fine. One other way is by having another sim that
has graduated before and have them exploit their alumni connection. If it succeeds, the targeted sim will be accepted
into several distinguished degrees from the alumni’s university. But if it fails, the chance for you to be
accepted into any distinguished degrees will be reduced. After being accepted, you obviously need to
pay the tuition fee first before starting the term, but if you’re too broke, you can
use student loan to cover the cost, but keep in mind that there will also be interests
meaning that you need to pay a few more than how much you originally loaned after graduating
or dropping out. You can pay them through the mailbox, computer,
or phone once you’ve gained enough money, but if you haven’t paid for too long, phone
calls will then emerge reminding you to pay up because the payment deadline has been extended
but is going to end soon. If you keep ignoring this and still not pay
your debt, a repoperson will pay a visit to your home lot and repossess one of your household
items to cover up your debt. Yep, repomen from the previous games are finally
appearing in this pack after being absent for a while. Anyway, once they’ve taken your items, your
debt might’ve not been covered fully and if that’s the case, the debt payment period
will reopen again. So, make sure to cover your debt now before
the repoperson pays another visit to your home again
You can have roommates by either living in a university dorm or adding them yourselves
by advertising it from your phone or asking someone to be your roommate directly, but
you need to have extra beds first. If you advertise, a potential roommate will
appear in your home the next day in which you can accept them as your roommate later
and pray to god that they’ll become a perfect roommate. Once assigned, they will pay their rent every
few days to lower your bill cost. They will also start putting objects around
their assigned bed. Sometimes, they’ll put up a note in front
of the bed, which can either be a positive or a passive-aggressive note. Like what the hell you literally just moved
in here 5 minutes ago and now you’re accusing me of peeing on the floor? From time to time, they might start a party
out of nowhere which can either be good or annoying. Their romantic partners might also be invited
into your home to hang out. Sometimes, they might go back home bringing
back a serving of food which is pretty helpful. They will also do chores and tidy stuff up,
but there are still those roommates that will leave a mess everywhere. Really, two of my roommates bring food and
fix stuff all the time, but all you do is complain through a note and then swim on the
lake for the whole day like a goddamn fish, well, literally. Oh, and they might give you a romantic serenade. It’s a bit random but hey, I’m not complaining. After some time, assigned roommates might
decide to move out of the house at the end of the day, but you can still convince them
to stay. They might reject your offer, but if you’ve
been treating them nicely, they might decide to stay. You can also kick them out yourselves. You might already know that there are two
different universities in this game, University of Britechester and Foxbury Institute, and
how intense the rivalries between these two are. But once a week, an event called “University
Mixer Night” will be held on one of the universities’ commons where both students
and staffs from both universities will set aside their rivalries and mingle together
here to have a party. Everyone will start hanging out with each
other, play juice pong together, and groove to the music. Both mascots from two of the universities
will also present, though sometimes both of them can’t seem to forgive and forget and
will fight with each other instead, which will result in one of the mascot’s head
to be taken off. There is actually one new death type in this
expansion pack. But don’t worry, it’s actually not for
sims, but they’re for Servos instead, which are the new playable robot introduced in this
pack. To be able to play as a Servo yourself, you
need to increase the new robotic skill to level 8 and build them from the robot crafting
station. Servos themselves are actually somewhat complex
and have several features hidden among their sleeves, but since it’s a lot, I’m not
gonna explain them all here. So anyway, Servo will have 4 needs, fun, social,
durability, and charge. The durability need is very important and
Servo needs to be tuned up from time to time to increase them again. But if they don’t get tuned up, it will
slowly go down and if it’s empty, they will break down. Besides that, when they get in contact with
water, such as from swimming or taking a bath, their durability need will go down extremely
fast so be careful with that. Once they’re broken, they need to be repaired
in order for them to work properly again, but you need to do it fast because if they
don’t get repaired for too long, they will have a catastrophic meltdown and die permanently. What’s sad from this death is that they
won’t just die and be turned into a ghost, but they’ll be erased from the world completely,
even from their relationship panel so their tombstone won’t contain their ghosts. Also, they will have a special tombstone and
turn into a pile of scraps after dying. These scraps can then be collected to obtain
electronic and robotic parts. You know about the death by fatal exertion,
right? Where elders who woohooed too much can die
because of exhaustion? Back then, this death is exclusive to elders
only. But with the introduction of this pack, younger
people can now die because of it. First of all, you’re gonna need this new
type of computer called “research machine”. This device’s function is for you to study
for university or research so you can increase your “research and debate” skill, which
is the new skill introduced in this pack that can greatly help you study and learn other
skills faster. So once you reached level 6 of this skill,
you’ll unlock the ability to contribute knowledge of skills you’re decent or good
at. Your sim will began transferring their knowledge
to the machine quite literally. This process will take a while. After finishing, your sim will be paid several
hundreds of simoleons which is quite useful at first. You can do this over and over, but if you
do it too much, your sim’s head will begin smoking and you’ll gain this dazed moodlet
for 4 hours. At this stage, you need to take a break before
trying to transfer your knowledge again, but if you ignore this and keep doing it anyway,
your sim’s mind will be too overwhelmed and they will die because of it. The ghost will have the same type as death
by fatal overexertion that was previously mentioned
You probably already know by now that while enrolling into the university, you can join
one of the several organizations with their own benefits. But there’s actually another one that’s
not listed here. First of all, in one of the districts, you
might notice a random crowd gathering around this rock in the middle of the night. You can ask one of them about this strange
gathering, but once you asked, they will begin panicking, state that it’s just a regular
gardening club meeting, and then leave the area. To get to know about this secret organization
more, you need to go to your university’s statue and make offering for academic success. You need to put either a rare crystal, an
excellent quality harvestable or a plate of sweet desserts. To know if it’s working, you’ll gain this
focused moodlet called Surreal Focus. If you get any other moodlets besides this,
it means that you haven’t done it right. So, after you got the moodlet, at night these
suspicious looking sims will come to your home lot. And of course, it’s gotta be none other
than Eliza Pancakes. You’ll have to wait for them to interact
with you. You’ll then be invited to this organization
and have the option to either accept or reject the invitation. If accepted, then congratulations! You’re now a part of The Order of Enchantment. So what can you do while in this organization? Well, first of all, you can increase your
progression here by doing some of its tasks involving putting specific offerings on the
ritual stone earlier to please the sprites, which are these flying little creatures here. Some tasks also involve watering the plant
around it and helping others in university works. Besides that, you can also check in on the
sprites through this rock. If done, you might get a beneficial positive
moodlet temporarily, such as this focused moodlet that helps your grades and prevent
hunger and energy need from dropping, this energized moodlet that prevents hygiene need
from dropping, and a lot more. But there’s a chance the sprites won’t
be happy with you and you’ll get this 4-hour tense moodlet instead. While still having this moodlet, you also
cannot sleep and will wake up immediately. Besides that, some sprites may occasionally
visit you for 4 hours. You need to entertain them by doing any romantic,
mischief, or funny social interactions to others. If succeed, you’ll gain one of the positive
moodlets that have been previously mentioned. But if not, you’ll gain the same tense moodlet. Every several days, you can attend one of
the organization’s gathering at midnight near the ritual stone. There, many members will gather and give their
offering. You can interact with them and ask them about
things related to this organization in which they will answer. This will also increase your organization
progress bar. Like all organizations, there are three ranks
and leveling up to each rank will have some rewards and benefits. If you level up to rank 2, you’ll unlock
a new robe for rank 2 and a new ability that lets you attack sims with tense sprites. And if you level up to rank 3, you’ll unlock
another new robe for rank 3 and a new self-interaction that lets you summon a specific sprite type
for your sim anywhere anytime. Keep in mind that there’s a cooldown before
you can use it again. While enrolling in a university, you can also
work full time or part time like normal, but now there’s an additional type of career
called afterschool activities. There are two types of them. You can either apply as an e-sports competitor
or a soccer team player. They pretty much work like normal career. You can get promoted up to 4 positions, there
are daily tasks, promotion requirements, and the work schedules are usually after classes
are over so it won’t interfere your schedule. For E-sport competitors, you can either work
as usual or work at home to play the game with your teammates. Yeah, can you imagine an esport competition
on a game about destroying cities? But one different thing is that your sim will
not get paid. Now you might be wondering, “How is it useful
then?” Well turns out that both will be really beneficial
later. If you do well on them, you’ll get promoted
up to the fourth level and once you’ve reached the final position and try looking for jobs,
you can get a jumpstart on some specific careers as well as some other bonuses. For the e-sport competitor, you can immediately
apply to level 7 of the tech guru career in the eSport gamer branch. And for the soccer team player, you can immediately
apply to level 5 of the athlete career in the professional athlete branch. Also, for eSport competitors, there’s an
eSport competition every week. If you win the game, you’ll receive sponsors
from the brand Power-Sip in a form of 500 simoleons and several power-sip items like
posters and energy drinks which will increase the odds of winning gaming tournaments. This pack also introduces three new careers
that your sim can apply: law, education, and engineer. But here, I want to talk about the engineering
career because they have several fun features to offer. The engineer career will be involving the
robot making station a lot so you’ll gonna be using them for a while. Anyway, if you’ve reached level 3 of this
career, you’ll be able to start making these items called experimental motivator. In this stage, you can make two types of it,
party motivator and study motivator. Once crafted, you can deploy it which will
affect everyone nearby. The study motivator will cause everyone to
start studying, doing homework, or reading books for 3 hours and the party motivator
will cause them to start partying and dance on the spot for 2 hours. On level 4, you can craft this tidy motivator
and if deployed, will cause everyone nearby to clean everything that needs cleaning for
3 hours. And on level 5, you can craft the energy motivator. If deployed, everyone will be energized and
their energy need will stay full for 2 hours. These devices can also fail and will result
on everyone have one of their needs dropping. On level 6, you’ll be able to choose one
of the two branches of the career, mechanical engineer or computer engineer. Both of these will also have their own benefits
like before. For the mechanical engineer, you can now create
the exomech suit and helmet once you’ve reached level 9 of the career. Both of these can be worn at the same time
and they’ll have different effects each. If you wear the exomech helmet, you’ll gain
a focused moodlet and gain a massive boost in learning logic and robotics skill. And if you wear the exomech suit, you’ll
also gain a focused moodlet but this time you’ll gain a massive boost in learning
fitness and handiness skill. Besides that, you can also activate hover
mode. With this turned on, you’ll hover like a
Servo instead of walk when going anywhere. For the computer engineer branch, you can
create a computer glasses once you’ve reached level 9. This can be worn by clicking on the glasses
itself. If worn, you’ll be able to unlock several
computer-like interactions such as browsing the internet, chatting, etc but this time
it can be used anywhere and it’ll play this cool looking futuristic animation. You can also use the glasses to scan sims
to get to know their traits or their current emotion. And those are 10 features you might not know
in The Sims 4 Discover University expansion pack. Hope this video kept you entertained. Thank you so much guys for watching! And I’m so sorry if I haven’t uploaded
anything recently because there’s an exam week earlier and I need to study for it. Anyway I hope you liked this video, if you
do like sims videos like this and want more, be sure to subscribe to the channel if you
haven’t. See you later!


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