The Wastelands | A Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Cinematic (PUBG meets National Geographic)

open plains scorching heat this is the desert of Miramar Miramar is a region in North Mexico just on the border of the United States of America once upon a time a peaceful place but unfortunately after the completion of the Great Wall a catastrophic war zone within the region of Miramar games of absolute insanity are being hosted 100 competitors are being dropped into the desert to battle it out amongst themselves a fight to the death a brutal showdown and all for just a turkey with gin and tonic dinner grab your seat pull it up close by the fire ask your Butler to pour you a gin and tonic and join us on a journey through the wastelands [Music] here we stand on the eastern side of the map it’s still quiet as the competitors are still dropping in but look over there a couple of noobs the noob like in many games is a common sight in pub G just look at them playfully darting around they find their first guns their first equipment and so they venture forth the noob often falls prey to more experienced players because of their carelessness they have yet to learn the ways of diluting the pace of the shooting and of course the danger of the blue and so our two noobs eventually stand at a crossroads I wonder which way they’ll go well it seems they’re heading back how interesting meanwhile further inland two triads have landed in the absolute disaster zone called picado a high chance of finding loot but also a high chance of finding your premature demise a breeding ground for the try-hard the try-hard is attracted to the chaos and the possibility of finding the best loot and as you can see fatal encounters are unfolding all around the Triads rush around to find gear but oh my another player surely a fatal encounter for the trihard but no the try-hard puts down the other player after a short but brutal showdown the try-hards are the last men standing in picado triads don’t care about winning the game their main goal is getting kills and with that mindset they often get killed but they learn over time they adapt and in time become vile and dangerous killing machines all this is happening while at the same time we have to observe these two observers have been looking from afar dear viewers these are the milsim players the milsim are also like the trihard very competitive but they often lead towards tactics to get the elusive chicken dinner they can often be seen analyzing situations and deciding whether it’s beneficial for them to engage or to simply slowly back away this time our milsim players encounter a competitor taking shots at someone in picado they decide to engage and with one 7.62 bullet to the head it’s all over they finish off the poor man that was pinned down and so our milsim players are on their way to find prime seats in the final play zone meanwhile back east we see our lubes still struggle they have no proper gear one of them still doesn’t even have pants and suddenly one of our noobs is getting shot at oh my the bullets are whizzing past but it seems absolutely oblivious to what is happening his friend races outside and notices they’re being shot at they quickly race to the car and find that madness unfolding all around them they haven’t realized that only 36 players remain and they are now getting shot from every direction our noobs are driving frantically to find safety but unfortunately perform an unplanned barrel roll all the commotions are noobs have caused have attracted the attention of the Triads and here we can see them closing in on their prey not often can the try-hards be seen lurking but more experienced try hards can be seen using tactics from time to time but suddenly a shot from a bar our milsim player takes down one of the tri hearts they took this vantage point 20 minutes ago and have been sitting on the same rock not moving a muscle any ordinary player would have lost their mind and of course have quite a sunburn but not the milsim player patience and Sun lotion are their virtue and they decided the try-hards could be a huge danger later in the game and with one final shot the milsim finishes off one of our two triads one important kill on the board for the Milson and a slightly darker tan while at it meanwhile our noobs have survived only our trihard the two milsim players and two other teams remain our noobs have been lurking around this tiny hamlet trying to use the cover and staying out of sight but they hear a strange rumbling in the south the two remaining teams are having a shootout just over the hill and the noobs curious nature led them straight towards enemy players but the biggest danger is of course the blue zone it’s closing in fast as the two noobs are running running for their lives the last surviving member of the gun fight is on their tail the noob turns around and takes one shot and oh my a direct hit and the noobs have made it into the top three together with the try-hard and the milsim but it appears the barrier has got them a dramatic and sad end to the innocent noobs as they lay dead in the sands of Miramar only the milsim and trihard remain the milsim have made it to the high ground and feel confident it could smell that turkey with gin and tonic but the trihard jumps up and gets the shot and just like that we have a 1v1 on our hands the gunfire continues shots are hitting from both parties and suddenly a dead man’s click for the trihard out of ammo now our milsim player is a man of honour he drops his weapons he faces the try-hard a bare-knuckle fight to the end it seems to be [Music] and so it ends our trihard crawls away as the milsim player takes aim and with one final shot a turkey dinner with a gin and tonic awaits the milsim what an adventure the world of pub G is truly a marvelous spectacle to behold but even in this place innocence and even sportsmanship can be found in the creatures inhabiting this world dear viewers thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed the premiere episode of pub Geographic if you did enjoy please support the series by having your Butler brushed the like button and ring a ting-a-ling-a-ling the bell to be notified when a new episode airs and as always take care dear [Music]

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