The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix

I remember hearing stories about Witchers.
Is it true what they say?
Elves were the original sorcerers
of the continent.

When humans and monsters arrived,
elves taught the humans
how to turn chaos into magic.

And then… the humans slaughtered them.
Chaos is the most dangerous thing
in this world.
But without control,
chaos will kill you.
So, that’s all life is to you?
Monsters and money?
It’s all it needs to be.
Something out there waits for you.
This child will be extraordinary.
Yennefer, imagine the most powerful woman
in the world.
Do you have what it takes?
Nilfgaard are here.
She’s why they came.
You can’t outrun destiny
just because you’re terrified of it.

It’s coming.
Find Geralt of Rivia.
I can’t do this without you.
No matter what you choose,
you’ll come out bloody.


  1. Geralt: on the way to Novigrad on an important and time sensitive task where lives are at stake.
    Some old bitch: "I can't find me fryin' pan!"
    Geralt: I must find this frying pan.

  2. they should not have used that kinda music should have been more medival and stuff it just has that generic trailer music

  3. They made the witch the fag pumped by steroids, and the dryads into wretched black women … Glory to the western tolerance!
    Another grandiose idea was spoiled by feminists and fighters for racial discrimination.

  4. The words they used reeked of toxic feministic smell all over it. Disgusting teaser. Not even worth a one month free trial.

    We don't need your heckling and screeching about toxic feministic agendas. Go back home.

  5. Can't wait for the show but guys you do realize the show is a prequel to the video games and to the book series right… That's what I noticed in the comments section a lot of people are confused..
    you could literally see early character development from the beginning all the way up to the end of the trailer… Ex The Witcher was asked does he only care about monsters and mone. towards the end of the trailer he was protecting humans right before him and yennefer teamed up at the end.
    Based on what The Witcher is wearing from the beginning to the end of the trailer this is an indication of early character development leading up to The Witcher that we know now. You could easily see that the young blonde teenager is in fact young Ciri. Here are some examples if you guys even pay attention.
    Some examples: Ex 0:47 he was asked does he only care about monsters and money. Basically he said that's what all that matters.. The Witcher that we know in the video games and in the middle of the book series, he cares about human life he cares about being the hero of the story regardless if a monster is involved or not. Hence prequel early Witcher character development…
    Ex 0:52 this child will be extraordinary.. clearly talking about Ciri
    remember we all know that she was raised by a king before she came to the Witcher home base… Something we experienced and learned in Witcher 3…
    Another ex 1:03 she asked yennifer do you have what it takes. Somebody would only say those words to somebody if they were being trained but as a apprentice. Ex Luke facing vader against Yoda advice
    1:08 Ciri is the young girl "that's why they came"… this could be foreshadowing that the wild Hunt might show up at the end of season 1 or at the start of season 2..
    1:19 literally her mother said find The Witcher!! Every example I gave you prove that she is Ciri before he trained her which is an indication that this TV show is a prequel.
    even after the scene you can tell The Witcher started to care more and more about human life because he was protecting humans right after the scene…
    if you put all this together and chronicle order it is proof that the show will be a prequel for early character development in The Witcher series…

  6. another example you can tell that this show is a prequel with early character development is because the Witcher doesn't have the scar across his eye

  7. lastly to extend to what I said that the show is a prequel with early character development remember in Witcher 3 they said how a Witcher in training only has one sword when a Witcher is fully trained they have two swords when they officially have the title as Witcher. Ex one of The Witcher 3 endings is you gave Ciri a master Witcher sword and then you tell her she is now a Witcher. you see just a little details from the trailer and from the thumbnail
    you can tell that this show is a prequel if you follow the Witcher game and booklore to the letter. I mean the biggest detail is she doesn't have the scar across his eye. That scar is iconic throughout the video games because we never learned how he got the scar.

  8. Дриады из Брокилона черные, Фрингилья Виго черная, Трисс цыганка, Вильгефорц индус. Вы там с головой дружите? Или по вашему канон уже не принимается?

  9. I was looking forward to seeing this, until I saw the trailer. Looks boring. Also I think Netflix needs to calm on the political messaging. Notice how the elf's (traditionally white are now all black) also how knowledge given from them (cultural appropriation) and then they were slaughtered in return. This all being narrated by a black guy to a teary eyed white girl.

  10. I wonder if these people commenting stuff related to the Witcher video games actually know that the show has pretty much nothing to do with the games and is based on the book which is basically a different thing

  11. henry cavill ne alaka? yennefer ne öyle abicim? netflix uyarlaması hakkaten berbat ötesiymiş ya. Umarım hikayede afallamazlar.

  12. Netflix it's not to late to give bows n arrows for the dryads, change hairstyles from afro to something suitable during medival times, during the battle need more blood n dirt.. CGI his eyes to make it more catlike..

  13. Gealt just tell yennefer Netflix ruined her 100 years old beauty with a movie

    And tell roach I said hi
    OK who is dandelion in the movie?

  14. Don't get your hopes up people. They are not referencing the game at all only the books. Which I think is completely stupid because the games are what made it such a huge success. The Author of the books hates CD Project Red and is actually trying to sue them over royalties. I just hope the series doesn't turn out to be a giant gallon of ass juice.

  15. I haven’t read the books but I’m a massive fan of the games. So I was just wondering what part does curiosity play in the books

  16. Change the actress Enifer and Triss like that Netflix to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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