tonight seems like done ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) these guy was shot by shot gun where is your teammate? halo? i believe that his teammates are in the airport, cause they get back i feel like not only one of them. is a team they din’t get back to shot me not interesting are u guys hungry? why i didn’t take this down i forgot it thank you everyone for the gift open the microphone is just okay just the people nearby can only listen to your voice not all of the people in this map can hear is okay. and when i fight with others…i will not say i wanna go up i will don’t talk no teammate they block the bridge? killed him ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) thank you ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) someone in the next house? see u he get burn there’s someone upstairs i don’t understand ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) thank you for u guys’ subscribe ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) bro, we got 7 million subscription i still remember when i was young i said if i got 10 million subscription, i wanna give out BMW shit!! day by day is getting closer and closer. i’m a little scared king of sniper. so powerful is the real king of sniper the generation king of sniper, BuQiuRen wow! amazing wow! after i got the m24 king of sniper get this gun invincible i can’t remember what is that words haha [ he is singing ] how’s that? do i hit your point? deep feeling right? my beautiful singing lyrics [ he is singing ] change the car then let’s go is that guy do the sticker business? do the sticker business? i realize that this guy is really help someone to do the sticker pretending i can’t see him but actually killing him hahahaha never thought of that, bro turn back give him some face, okay i can only fight the happiness from u cause i can’t find it from my teammate where is the people that shot on me? down there? 2 person left have a guess, how many people can i kill in this match? where are them? where are them? do u believe that? Huya, BuQiuRen starts to fish play in the bronze match bronze V report him, this anchor is fishing others anchor no more jobs cause he is so dedicated ps: ( he thanks to the people who send him the gift ) how’s that? am i scared he enough? wow! so powerful. king of the sniper wow! king of sniper so amazing, one m24 and AWM the whole journey never shot once of it king of sniper pick a sniper shaken the enemy away so powerful king of sniper take the sniper



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