[TiG] Tutorial: How to Play Halo Online Free [Updated Links]

This is Shane with That’s It Guys. Today I’m gonna be showing you how to
install Halo Online – the latest version.
So as you can see, the game is currently
running they have changed the interface
or this it’s still not perfect
especially compared to something on like
the Xbox or like even like a halo 5
Forge which is free on the Microsoft
Store right now but I’m going to show
you how to get this all set up so let’s
get this started
okay so the first thing you’re gonna
want to do is to download halo online so
to do this you should go to the halo
online subreddit you can find this by
going to Google or just following the
link that’s in the description below and
then the top link up here or they’re
pinned link is going to be the download
for their major update so they have a
couple of options to download this these
may change hopefully we will add like a
torrent or something to make it a little
bit easier because right now the Google
Drive is shut down so when you try to
download it it’s gonna give you this
error message so I used mega mega seemed
to work pretty well you could download
it it’s 1.8 3 gigabytes so it’s not too
big so that’s just gonna be dependant on
your internet that’ll just download for
you so once you have it downloaded
you’re gonna want to install the things
so let’s show you how to do that it’s
pretty straightforward ok what you’re
going to do is go to the folder where
you actually have the files downloaded
and you’re going to get the file l du
burrito underscore 0.6 exe and what
you’re going to want to do is run that
it’s a 7-zip it’s compressed folder and
then it’s gonna extract the files to
games / halo online so you hit extract
and it’s gonna go ahead and run through
that process that will give me an error
message right now cuz I already have
everything that will take a little while
and once you’re finished you should get
all of these files here – the LD Greedo
dot exe that’ll just be wherever you
have that so this is the file that
you’re going to be looking for El Dorado
or El Dorado in this case exe and what
I’m gonna show you is to just make a
shortcut for your desktop so you want to
click the file right click send to
desktop to create a shortcut and then
when you get it on the desktop you could
just rename it to halo online or
whatever you want so that’s for the
basics for getting the game installed as
a quick bonus I’m just gonna show you
how to add it to steam which I have not
done yet but I wouldn’t do for you guys
so what you want to do is open up steam
and press beams and add a non-steam game
to my library so click on that click
browse and that same folder where you
put El Dorado or el burrito you got to
go find that folder so in my case it’s
then the halo online folder and then you
want to go and select that program and
hit open and there you go so add
selected programs so now it’s not gonna
be in my favorites so now you could also
when you search al for El Dorado you can
right click and hit properties and then
let’s rename this to halo online and it
already has the halo icon so we’re just
gonna hit close it’s now renamed – hallo
so type in Halo and then I’m gonna right
click and hit add to favorites so it
shows up at the top so now in my
favorites list here is halo online this
has full controller support so if you
happen to have the valve link or the
steam link where you can you know
remotely play this in another room you
could actually launch this game from
there and it will work so good
ok play and the game should work now so
I’m going to show you a couple of tweaks
inside of the program now that you
actually have it installed so you’ll
notice this going to take a little
loads so I’ll pop back in when this is
finished okay it looks like I just had a
minor issue for getting it to launch but
it looks like it’s okay so I’m gonna
show you how to get some of the settings
on here so you’ll notice that like I
said the interface is a little bit off
you have to navigate with the arrow keys
the mouse does not work on this
particular screen and you can’t select
settings right so what you have to do
you have to press the HOME key on the
you know page up page down at home and
insert delete so press home and these
are some of the settings that you can
change you know of course the regular
game controls the actual controls
whether you want to use a keyboard or a
gamepad right here I would would suggest
one thing if you’re gonna be playing
with a mouse a keyboard set your
sensitivity up because I have it at 60
right now and it seems to be pretty
decent it stocks at like 25 that’s not
enough so everything in here is okay I
just adjusted all these up to about 60
but if you go under video you may have
some video issues so I would go through
some of these settings first off by
default they have borderless fullscreen
which means you can if you have multiple
monitors go between your screens and by
default it should actually pick the
graphic slowly for you but if you’re
having issues with your framerate I’m
getting 60 so that’s fine but if you’re
not getting 60 so you don’t have an or
video card you can go in here and you
can change your video settings
individually or you can just pick a
preset start and low and low clear way
the sound is all basically the same I
will say I dropped the this way I’m
gonna drop my master volume down to 60%
that should be good and then you make
sure you to sit apply now the last thing
that’s basically that the they’re just
there to play the actual game you would
just go into server browser wait for it
to load it’s gonna take a long time
because you know this is not not perfect
they’re working on a an external server
browser and there’s no matchmaking
either so you’re kind of a limit on how
you do that but no here you go here’s
the server list right now you can sort
by ping but you see it just clicked out
of there all right so I wanted to go
over some of the new things that they’ve
added to halo online first thing is
Forge so Forge is obviously awesome you
can go in and mess around with your
friends online and change things in the
map spawn things in basically create
your own map so that is awesome new
thing and the other new feature that
they’ve added is inviting your friends
how you do that so you know the older
versions you just go to the server
browser and you have to find you know
find the same match you know that you’re
hosting in the new Halo online you press
the HOME key on the keyboard and you’ll
notice in here discord rich presence by
default this turned on well when you are
the server host and you have this screen
up within discord and will show you real
quick even though it’s not working at
the moment with the host lobby
everything running when you’re in online
mode of course the plus sign right here
on discord will allow you to send an
invite now right now it’s just bringing
up the file a file thing but when you’re
actually online when this thing is
working you can hit that plus sign and
it’ll have halo and you can click that
and it’ll send an invite on your disk or
alternative course is a direct message
as well
so since that’s not working
unfortunately I can’t show you what that
looks like but if you’ve received a disk
or to invite where it has joined it will
show up just like that in your Lobby the
only thing you have to do is basically a
discord detects whether the game is
installed and the fact that the game is
installed it’ll allow you to hit join
and if you need to one thing I will tell
you real quick is if you needed to
refresh that invite in other words if
you’re on that screen and you X my close
the game out I have to do is switch
channels and go back into the minute
that Lobby and that joint option will be
there so unfortunately like I said I
couldn’t show you what that looks like
but its discord if you’re if you’ve used
discord it works you know really well so
that pretty much covers everything that
I can think of with in Halo online the
only other thing you could do is go into
the customization and all of this stuff
is pretty straightforward you know you
could change your name your service tag
change your armor your color is your
emblem which is pretty important your
emblem is like your icon which is what
I’ll show up in the multiplayer screen
so you could pick whatever you want this
is what it is by default for me so that
pretty much covers everything that I can
think of on here so if you guys have any
questions you know leave a comment below
I will have an article linked in the
description with any kind of updates and
stuff that goes along with this and I
will have all the download links and
everything in the description below so
thank you guys for watching and go have
fun playing Halo
gained the lead gained the lead

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