Tips Menang Solo Vs Squad 30fps PUBGM – PUBG Mobile #Episode2

hello good people, see me again as usual now i want play PUBG mobile again yesterday i play solo vs duo if i’m correct and now i want to try playing in solo vs squad mode i hope we can win the game no need any longer LET’S DO IT why there is naked people in front of me ?? Whoa, she have a bird hey where’s the bird ? why that bird didn’t fall off ? AMAZING what is this ? RAJPUT HITU where should i jump ? i’m afraid this place i do not like to land there because it’s dangerous when
you across the bridge there is a robber who waiting
to kill you so i must avoid that place ooops, can’t reach the LZ 500 meter remain it’s too far excuse me i like Bizon now OH MY GOD what is this ? there is a SKS i’m confused i didn’t need this now i have 2 snipers each of it have 30 ammunition i see a Buggy let’s go looting heula nah, i found a helmet 4x scope whoa a redzone i hear a footstep there’s a footstep this shotgun is not comfortable whoa, she have a MK Mutant of course i’ll take it where should i go now ?? i see a flare it’s near there’s a flare guys looting again finally, i found a drink let’s go then i become a caterpillar become a snake stop it right here wait… my head still be seen drinking because i’m exhausted come on, come on this noob can do this where is the supplydrop ? oh, he’s right there where is the safe zone now ? ohhh, i must go forward LET’S RUNNNNNN Sh*t, i hear AWM shot hide we must camouflage i can’t see anything it’s too dangerous too crowded oh yeah, he’s dead this MK is deadly OH MY GOD he had a good stuff where the f*ck are they ?? hide here aw man i’m hit oh, there he is
on the rooftop Hmm, EAT THAT EAT THAT BI*ch AW SNAP IT’S HURT KEEP RUNNING that car is going there he’s inside the house inside that house EAT THAT GRANADE lol 2 people remaining Come here you coward can’t go right there he’s hiding in the bush OH YEAH BABY I CAN WIN THIS GAME I WIN GUYS I CAN BELIEVE THIS LET MOCK HIM OH YEAHHH OH YEAHHHH OK GUYS THAT IS FOR PUBG VIDEOS TODAY FINALLY WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER SOLO VS SQUAD BABYYY FOR POTATO DEVICE USER LIKE ME CAN WIN THIS GAME BI*TCH sorry if my voice is kinda low because my throat hurt in the last day and because there is some
noise from outside if you like this video don’t forget to

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