TIROLTERBERG | Twents vloggen bij de Sallandse Heuvelrug

Hiya people!
Where are we? -Holterberg.
In the Holterberg. Today we would like to show you some of it, it’s beautiful, it’s August
and the heather’s in bloom. Right, we’re on the Holterberg.
Perhaps the Tyrolterberg… … because it is nearly 60 metres in height. You can almost feel ear pressure
from the altitude here. Lady Von Trapp is here as well. [Opening music The Sound of Music] There’s an even higher one,
which is King’s Hill. But that’s not where we are now, we’re
at the Sprengenberg at the moment. Look behind me for a minute.
Will you have a look at that. Beautiful! People have been living here for 5000 years already.
Not always the same ones, of course… So this is heathland, which means
it requires maintenance. And amongst other things, they use Scottish Highland cattle
for that. Can you hear it? So this area has been kept in shape by people
keeping flocks of sheep here. They need to scrape it off regularly, or else it will
turn into forest. And we certainly wouldn’t want that. It’s said that this place is inhabited by black grouse.
But the black grouse are struggling. they’re grousing over it… And then I don’t mean their sound,
but they’re just not doing that well. Now they’re importing original Holterberg grouses
from Sweden… Let’s hope it helps the animals, because
it is something quite unique. So this area is ideal for hiking…
I noticed a few people cycling just now. I’ve seen people on mountain bikes…
– Oh look what’s happening behind me… Our sun’s peeping through.
That’s just lovely. In the meantime, Gerieke von Trapp is crawling in the bushes.
And now I’ll stop whining. Gerieke: Good fry!
– Good fry! Take it easy, folks. Go Leontien!
(Dutch female racing cyclist)

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