Tom the Brave – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 14

[cheering] – Woo-hoo!
– Yeah! This new triple-layer slide is the best
thing that’s ever been in this town! This makes the town three times better,
even if only two of the slides are usable. No one’s crazy enough
to try the ultra-high one. [thunderclap] [spooky screams] What are we waiting for? Last one down is a Can’t-Slide Cathy! Let’s see.
If I lean back and cross my arms, I should be able to overcome
wind resistance and… Whee! Uh, Tom. Why aren’t you sliding?
Don’t tell me you’re a Can’t-Slide Cathy! It’s my tooth. It really hurts! Aagh. [echoing] Ew!
You should go to the dentist. No! No dentists!
You know what? You’re right. I should slide!
It’ll help take my mind off the pain. Yep, already feeling bet– Owww! Agh! Ooh. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. [crash] [woman screams] [laughs] Nice technique! I want to try! -Are you okay, Tom?
-[Ginger laughing] I had a toothache.
Now I have a butt-ache, too. Okay, that’s it. -I am taking you to the dentist.
-[Ginger squealing] -[crash]
-[man screams] [Ginger] Worth it! ♪ Wa-oah! ♪ -[Angela] Tom!
-[Tom] Did we forget to turn off the oven? Should we check? Let’s check. No, no, no.
Don’t be afraid of the dentist. Look! -Ronnie from your Scout Boy troop is here.
-Hi, Scoutmaster Tom! Today’s the day the dentist pulls out
my last baby tooth. Little fella just won’t quit on his own! Uh huh? That’s great, Ronnie. Say, you’re not scared, are you? Ha-ha-ha! I’m not afraid of the dentist. Dentists call me Brave Tom,
the King of Courage Castle. -Impressed?
-Huh. This is a change from the nervous wreck
you were on the way over. Ha! Nervous? Ha! I was playing you, girl. I was just letting you see
my vulnerable side. I am as cool as a… bag of frozen… stuff. -Ha, yeah!
-[door opens] -Tom?
-Agh! Ronnie was here first!
He should go before me! No, he just likes to get here
a few hours early, to be safe. [sighs] Okay. Fine. Good. Because I am also ready for him. I will walk through the office
and I will… [drill whining] [Tom moaning] I will… I can’t do it!
[screams] -[screaming fades]
-[door slams] Where’ Brave Tom going? He’s probably going to be brave somewhere. [Hank] Tom, sounds like your real problem
is fear. What if I hypnotized you
into not being afraid of dentists? Hank, that would only work
if you were a hypnotist. -And you are not!
-Uh-uh. Hank is not, but the one you know
as Hank once traveled the world as the Great Hankarino, Master Hypnotist! Whoa. That’s a whole “master”
above regular hypnotist! Tom, maybe Hank really can help you! Uh… The mood is in the air,
the hypno-hat is on the head, and the Great Hankarino is in the house! Great. Just to warn you, though,
I am pretty strong-willed, so I may be a little tough to hypnotize. -Sleep!
-Yeah. Gotta be honest, I am not feeling it. Oooh! Sleeeeeeeeep! Like I said, I– Hear my words! You are no longer afraid. I am no longer afraid. You can go to the dentist
because you are fearless. I can go to the dentist
because I am… fearless. Woo-hoo! Hankarino’s still got it! What do you think about that, guys?
Guys? Huh? Tom is fearless. Tom can go to the dentist, no problem,
because he is fearless. Whoo. I’ve got to dial down
the ol’ hypnotic power. Dentist’s office, take two! Let’s get this tooth pain fixed! -[laughs] Look at that scaredy-cat.
-[Angela] Wow! You really aren’t afraid.
Nope! This is gonna be cake. Which I will be able to eat after this. Ronnie Bergstedt,
the dentist is ready to see you. -Can you take me first?
-Okay. Come in. -Yes!
-Ronnie, we’ll try again tomorrow. I guess that’s fair. Good luck, Tom! Don’t need it, buddy!
‘Cause this is gonna be awesome! -[moaning]
-Oh, no. Just kidding. Ha! That was great! The dentist could have finished
an hour ago, but I figured, why not check all my other teeth, too,
you know, since I’m here? Ha-ha. Would the lovely lady like a lollipop? Aww. Where’d you get this? They have a secret drawer
that’s only for their bravest patients. Wait. We should celebrate my fixed mouth! Do you want to go see that new movie,
Fright Blood Knife 7? Uh, not really.
That’s like the scariest movie ever made. Well, then, I’ve got to see it! Woo! Ha-ha! Wooo! Here I am up on the roof! It’s just like a floor,
but it’s a lot more fun! Ha-ha! Tom, that’s very dangerous!
You should not do that! More like I should do this! Today and every day after! Ha-ha! -[Angela] Oh, look!
-Tom, no! This is bad. Tom’s been like this all day.
He even rode on the bus. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. City buses are a cost-effective way
to travel. Plus, they reduce traffic. No, he climbed on top of a bus
and rode it! Woo! Tell me you guys saw that! Yes. It was terrifying! You’re going to hurt yourself
if you don’t stop acting like this! Stop? No way! I’m just getting started! Now, step aside, amigos.
I have some thrills to seek. All right, guys. I’m about
to head down this new park slide. Not the little one. Not the medium one. [shouting] The double-black-diamond
ridiculously big one, y’all! [Tom] Ha-ha-ha! Don’t do it, Tom!
The big slide is just for show! [chuckles] I’m glad you’re here to watch
me go down this – on a skateboard! Blindfolded! While wearing a helmet. Phew! On my butt! Oh, no.
Hank, you have got to do something! Yes. The Great Hankarino began this, and the Great Hankarino must end this. [panting] [wind whistling] -One…
-Huh? Two… Three! -Huh? Hank!
-All right, Tom. It’s time for me to de-hypnotize you! -Uh, Hank…
-Sleep! Sleeeeeeeeep! Fear is not always bad. Sleeep! A little dollop of fear can keep you
from doing really stupid stuff! Fear can… Fear can… -Fear can get out of here, man!
-Oh no! Tom’s not letting me form a hypno-nection! I’m going to be brave
for the rest of my life! -Curse these useless hypno-fingers!
-[Angela] Tom! You’re not going to have a rest
of your life if you don’t stop this! Tom, no! Noooo! Yeah! Aagh! [crash] [beeping] [Tom moaning] [beep, beep] [beeeeep] Ah. I’m going to miss him so much. Poor Tom! He was my best friend. [voice breaking] But…
Tom is coming back soon, right? And we’ll all laugh about this
when he does, right? No, Ginger.
I’m afraid it’s just Ben Enterprises now. Because Tom is, uh… Tom is dead. [gasps] Dead? No, no, no… I can’t be dead! -All that was left of him was his helmet.
-[Tom] What? Guys, I’m right here. Look at me! Look at me! [Angela] He was too fearless
for this world. And now he’s… gone! [sobs] It’s all because I hypnotized
the fear out of him! I blame myself! I blame you too, Hank!
You and… and the toothache! -[both wail]
-This can’t be happening! I should have listened to my friends.
How could I have been so stupid? I don’t want to be brave any more.
I want to be afraid! I want to be afraid! I want to be afraid! I want to be afraid! Okay, Ben. That should do it. -[beep, beep]
-[Tom] Huh? -[laughing]
-[Ben] Well! -Did someone finally learn his lesson?
-[Tom] Ben! You can see me! [giggles] We can all see you.
You’re not really dead. Look! [laughs] Oh! I’m alive! I’ve got a second chance! [laughing] I’m alive! -[laughter]
-[Hank] Oh, yeah! We hypnotists have a saying – sometimes,
the patient has to unhypnotize themselves. Ugh. You saved me from me,
and I won’t forget it! From now on, I’m going to be
the biggest coward you know! No more risks, no more stunts, and definitely no more dentists!


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