Top 10 Best PS4 Fighting Games | PlayStation 4 Fighting

10: Ultra Street Fighter IV While Street Fighter 4 was good enough, this
ultra version is a welcome upgrade packed with new characters, features, and everything
nice. Despite its many improvements, Ultra Street
Fighter stays true to the franchise, bringing you a game that’s both new and familiar. Especially with the introduction of characters
like Rolento, Elena, and Decapre who appeared in the Street Fighter x Tekken crossover. Other than getting to choose your fighter’s
editions, Ultra also introduced the Ultra Combo Double which allows you to select both
of your Ultra Combos instead choosing between them. Plus, you can score more invincibility hits
with the new focus move, and delay your wakeup time. It may have had to overcome a few glitches
and bugs, but it’s become one of the best fighting games of the generation, and it just keeps getting better with a PlayScore of 8.08. Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition This superhero powerplay makes a debut to
the PlayStation 4. While the original made some explosive impressions
to the previous generation of consoles, this Ultimate Edition packs a mean big punch with
all the available DLC’s and enhanced visuals for that sweet superhero brawl. It’s a deep and satisfying fighting game
that collects all the comic book tropes into one digital appearance. Define your battles by pitting Batman and
Superman or The Flash and Wonder Woman together. Watch them wreak havoc in its dynamic and
interactive environment. There’s not much of a difference compared
to the original version, but this is the definitive Injustice game if you want the glory of high
quality visuals and access to all the DLC’s. Or you could reserve your energy for its sequel. It has a PlayScore of 8.20 Dragonball Xenoverse 2 Travel through time and help the Dragonball
universe retain their history’s integrity. This RPG fighting game will let you relive
the anime’s best moments in an expanded 3D world. Create your character from an array different
races, each with their quests and transformations. Travel back to iconic locations, and fight
historic battles. High-flying action will have to be unlocked
this time, though. But, combat is as fun as ever with its buttery
smooth graphics. There’s more to see in this world with new
characters, better boss fights and a hub that’s seven times bigger than the original. While it’s a fitting service to fans of the
series, it’s not without a few rough edges. Critics have cited its repetitive combat and
lack of original content. Nonetheless, it receives a PlayScore of 8.35. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 After a decade, the ultimate crossover between
these giants meet its third entry to the gaming industry. Get to know the legendary heroes and villains from the depths of Marvel’s long-running comic book industry and watch them take on
a fast-paced battle with CAPCOM’s iconic characters. Combat remains the same just like the original. Battle between opponents in multi-faceted
maps and unleash a flurry of moves to take down your opponent. It’s tagging system adds more heroes to
your fray. Just like any game ported to the modern consoles,
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 boasts new changes to fit the PlayStation 4 such as visual upgrades,
redesigned menu, maps and new characters that increase the fun factor of this entry. This includes Doctor Strange, Rocket Raccoon,
Nemesis and more. Totalling to up to 50 characters! Just recently, this game is now playable on
Steam and Xbox One! It has a PlayScore of 8.58 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 2016 was a moment worth remembering when you’re
talking about Naruto. The long-running Manga and Anime had reached
its end and the next wave of Ninjas are awaiting their cues for new spin-offs. This game from CyberConnect2 makes up the
foundation of the franchise. From beginning to end. Take on an epic ninja-battle and select from
a memorable cast of characters from the Naruto series including their own offsprings! Unleash powerful jutsus and charge your chakras
for that sweet ultimate attack. Its 3D arena makes kicking and punching feel
alive and intense. Follow the game’s 6-hour story mode and
relive the glory days of Masashi Kishimoto’s famous Manga. It has a PlayScore of 8.61 The King of Fighters XIV From 2D sprites, the King of Fighters series
explores badass fighting in the third dimension, complete with a graphical overhaul that’s
brimming with new textures. A little unfaithful to their roots, but it
seems the franchise is reaping the fruits of this bold venture. Perform high-flying kicks and dizzying jabs
in 19 stages with over 50 characters. While it’s not exactly easy to pick up, a
few hours of learning the ropes will feel nothing with the game’s expansive content
that you’ll keep coming back for. Combining new and old mechanics, harass your
opponents using its improved EX mode, and humiliate them with last minute blocks. It’s a not a perfect fighting game, but this
game gets very close with a PlayScore of 8.7. BlazBlue: Central Fiction The BlazBlue franchise has enjoyed a memorable
run, and Central Fiction could not be a more fitting finale to this well-loved series. Bask in the games complex storyline that adds
another layer to its enjoyable gameplay. If the story’s a little loaded for you, which
might be true for most first-timers, you could always skip ahead to the fighting. Eat through health bars using the games drive
system that improves tactical combat. It’s responsive and fluid, which complements
its incredible art style and visuals. Overall, it’s a captivating fighting game
that fans of the genre should definitely check out. It may be the end for its story arc, but we’re
still hoping for more in the coming years. The wheel of fate has to keep turning. It has a PlayScore of 8.74. Mortal Kombat X The fatality continues with NetherRealms Studios’
sequel to the rebooted Mortal Kombat game. Embrace the thrill of gory kills, brutal decapitations
and insane amount of mature content to let players feel the depth of Mortal Kombat as
it always has been. Gameplay is similar just like its original,
players go toe-to-toe in a fight to the death. Choose from a wide variety of characters with
their own unique moves and utilize the game’s Energy Meter for juicy X-Ray attacks. Aside from the 1v1 fighting, the game includes
a story mode, ranked matches for online play, King of the Hill, Survival, Test your Luck
and a whole new “Living Towers” Mode that takes unpredictability to a whole new level. The game finishes with a PlayScore of 8.79 Skullgirls 2nd Encore After a series of tough development issues
and re-releases, 2nd Encore marks the return of the Skull Heart and its corruption to one
girl trying to mess things up. This game is a gorgeous blend of good animation
and fast-paced combat. The combat is inspired from the classic Marvel
vs. Capcom 2, making the use of its fluid and blazing combat with a support system to
hype up the battlefield. The game has a limited roster and an almost
all-female cast which spiked criticisms from various game reviewers. Nonetheless, the game is a success with its
fun combat and additional modes to add more replay value. The game has a crossplatform feature to play
with your other friends who own any Sony system. It’s also available on the PS Vita. This game has a PlayScore of 8.87 Here are the runners-up before we reveal the
number 1: EA Sports UFC 2 Play as premier fighters from the most realistic MMA game yet Step in to the ring and show off your skills of graffles, tackles and take downs It’s a knockout with a Playscore of 8.01. JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of heaven Hiruhiko Araki successful manga takes on the console road with nimble steps Reunite with ancestors and form tag teams in a brawl that defies the laws of time and space. It has a Playscore of 7.95 Dead or alive 5: Last Round Experience the joys of fighting with improve visuals and high resolution. Using the soft engine characters are softer, bouncier and more realistic which adds to the game vivid personality. It has a Playscore of 7.93. WWE 2k16 Play over 100 unique wrestlers from WWE history from divas and superstars alike. Climb the ropes and tackle oponents and make your way to the hall of fame. It has a Playscore of 7.84. One Piece: Burning Blood Step into the shoes of strawhat crew and go grande mano a mano with the new world badass foes. Use your devil fruit abilities and relish in its signature action and comedy. It has a Playscore of 7.80. Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- When it comes to fighting games, Guilty Gear
doesn’t disappoint everyone with its beautiful cell-animated visuals and a combat that dazzles
the eyes. Arc System Works’ latest addition to the
Guilty Gear franchise. It’s the most beautiful Guilty Gear game
to ever release on console. Meet your favorite Guilty Gear characters
in smooth 1080 pixels and 60 frames per second. Sol, Ky, and the rest of the party are back
with slick new animations and unforgettable personalities. And also amazing instakills. Xrd Revelator comes with a total of 23 playable
characters, ranging from the cool ones to the odd. Faust. Since 1998, its combat remains fast and frenetic
as ever. Unleash your characters blazing moves in a
gorgeous arena. Play with other players in Ranked Mode to
take over the leaderboards because this game has a PlayScore of 8.94 and it’s the best PS4 Fighting Game to date.


  1. Keep it real.. DOA Baby… MKxl and Tekken7 also just straight sick.. an my no 4 and 5 games would have to be Injustice 2 and Super Street Fighter5. honorable mention UFC… and yes I know this is not all ps4 this is just my list of top beatemup's

  2. I LOVE skullgirls! That game got me into fighters! Happy but surprised to see it at number 2 didn't realize it was the well received by people.

  3. Wow. Was getting nervous when I didn't see a GG game on the list. Wasn't expecting the correct decision to put it at number 1. Glad I'm already a subscriber. BTW Rev 2 is even better!

  4. can i have the link for wwe 2k16/2k17/2k18 n sport UFC2??
    does they have the new release?? if have, those link also can

  5. i have nothing against anime but i dunno why about guilty gear, blazblue and skull girl, those series felt all flashy but less grounded. there's more better 'anime' fighting games like persona 4 arena. even though ggxr have more modes, i prefer more grounded gameplay mechanic fighting games like street fighter and kof, especially kof. those netherrealm games like mortal kombat, and injustice series i play just story mode and then that's it, i get back to kof.
    oh and how the hell we forgot tekken. i love that better than doa or virtua fighter. its the best 3d fighting game series. yeah i played most fighting games but the one i get back to, again and again are kof series and tekken series.

  6. Naruto is so underrated. great mechanics, fast paced gameplay, and beautiful graphics and transformations 💯

  7. Notice how a lot of these games were originally released on the PS3 and XBOX360. Goes to show that fighting games on the PS4 are on the decline. After a strong resurgence on the PS3 and XBOX360 they're now in a sharp decline. Especially after changing to the free to play model(except they're not free to play) heavy with dlc and micro- transactions, and loot boxes. Short on large character rosters, single player content, and production value. Yikes! The future looks dim.

  8. It's a shame Guilty gear isn't more popular I never played the old ones but the Xrd series is easily one of the best fighting games I have played my whole life.

  9. “Critics are big on Skullgirls almost only women roster”

  10. Whoever made this list needs to get their head examined!

    SFIV is on this list but not SFV?! What a bunch of bullshit! SFIV will never stand the test of time, while SFV trumps it in every way possible! It's one of the best installments of SF thanks to its awesome gameplay and foundations! SFIV while fun to play, is ugly and boring, and that is what kills it. SFV is much better in characters, gameplay, and mechanics!

    You people need to shut the fuck up and get over yourselves!

  11. Rolento and Elena weren't "introduced" in SF4. Rolento was first in the Alpha games and Elena is from 3. Research, my dude.

  12. The ultimate marvel vs capcom is a ps3 port. those characters were in ps3 too. only the graphics got an upgrade and nothing else

  13. I like Arc System Works fighting games, but their fans can be some of the most obnoxious and cringy weeabos you can find. Whenever I see them comparing an arc system works fighting game with one that isn't made by ASW, the latter is almost always a fighting game thats considered low hanging fruit of the genre (Street Fighter 5 and MvCi for example, or pretty much all capcom fighters). But when it comes to SNK fighters, suddenly having preferences and different opinions is OK with them.

    These people are on the same level of cringe as indie game fans, if not lower. I have no problem with anyone loving these kind of games, but please don't act like an obnoxious weeabo over them, especially in front of other people. 😑

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