Top 3 Best Control Layouts for God Like Speed in PUBG MOBILE

Hello whatsup guys, welcome back to another
pubg video. In this video, Im gonna show you 3 of the very best and effective control layouts
for you guys to try out. But before watching this video i gotta tell you guys that one
player’s control layout wont be the best for another player. It all depends on your comfort
and your ability. So thats why Im showing you guys 3 different control layouts so that
every smartphone players with every different play styles could make use of this video.
If you are new to this game or you are not getting expected results with your current
layout, then this video is just for you. Again, i gotta remind you guys that this is just
perfect for smartphones.. both android and iphones.If you are using iPads, you could
still use these layout but by making minor adjustments so that your fingers could reach
every button. By the way, just make sure to choose this first movement control option
to make best use of all the given layouts.. So the first Layout is popularly called as
Two Thumb Layout or Coffins Layout bcoz this layout is used by a youtuber known by that
name. He is my favourite pubg player ever. He is so skilled than most of the other pubg
mobile youtubers. This layout basically requires only 2 thumbs for all the buttons. While setting
up the controls, you just have to drag all the buttons to the right bottom of the screen
so that your right thumb can reach all of them. Leave nothing on the left side bcoz
your left thumb should be always on the movement pad. Only a single fire button would be needed
in this layout so, you could just hide this secondary button and move it out of the way.
By the way, just try to increase the size of the buttons so that you wont be missing
them. After all, you just have a single thumb to use them all. If you are just used to the
default controls, then this would be the best for you but you would be needing higher reflexes
to make full use of this. Now, just like Im doing here, train yourself from the training
camp before going on to the actual fight. This is a layout used by most of the youtubers
especially Powerbang Gaming. By most youtubers, I didnt mean anyone who uses iPAD. The main
purpose of this layout is ofcourse to make use of both the fire button at the same time.
You wont be needing larger button size in this layout bcoz this is already kind of a
messed up layout. Again, just push both the fire buttons into middle and keep other necessary
buttons near it. This is a multiple finger layout unlike the first. When u r running
or moving, you could use the right fire button and when u are scoping or aiming a moving
target, just use the left fire button. So in short, make use of both the fire buttons.
Also, drag the weapon slots to top right corner so that ur index finger could swap the weapons
without much effort. Keep the player detail tab smaller and adjust the mini-map as u want.
The smaller the better. You can use this layout with either in 4 claw finger style or even
with 3 fingers depending on ur preference. This layout gives you a lot of option and
definitely makes you much faster. Now this is what I could confidently say as
the best control layout ever. Claw controls can be used for any shooting game that has
ever been made for mobile devices. The purpose of it is to play a given game just like you
play it in pc. You would literally be using atleast 3 to 4 buttons at once. Or atleast
you would be able to. Its upon you to use them. The layout can be customised as per
your need but make sure that both the fire buttons go upto the top left corner of the
screen. Use your left index finger to tap on them. Increase their size, so that there
would be no chance that you are gonna miss them. Now, increase the size of peek buttons
and keep them to the left side. Also, make sure to increase the scope button as well
and keep it in the right side of the screen. So thats all the necessary parts. You can
then do minor adjustments to make it perfect you. But Im gonna leave them untouched bcoz
other buttons are already perfect in their position. I would minimise the transparency
of each button to keep the screen clear. By the way, if you are more comfortable with
the right side, you can just shift the fire buttons to the right side but must also shift
the scope button to left. The basic rule of this control is that both fire button and
scope buttons should be at opposite sides and you must use your index finger to tap
on them. Only then, you could get intended results. Well, if you really want, i could
upload a handcam video as well. But for now, just copy the layout and goto training camp
to make yourself familiar with the best control layout ever. So thats the best layouts you could make use of at the moment. Try them out and share your
opinion in the comments. I will see you guys in the next video and until then, peace outt..


  1. Bro I use Claw controls in both mini militia and Pubg mobile and please reply me on my previous comment of your previous video.

  2. You can use claw on ipad like me i use it in iPad air 2 for playing games like PUBG mini militia and fortnite so it is possible but with some tweets

  3. 5:35 just place the shoot button little lower and change the otjer buttons a little bit making no cons at all claw players like here👇👇

  4. mini militia 🎮 please😫🙏🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓🙏💓

  5. K just to be clear for diff phones u need to use diff claw for tabs u need to use 4 finger layout (just like claw) and for phones its totally diff

  6. amazing video bro……very helpful video….I like the most was CLAW CONTROL… cause it is very familiar for me as I use it in MINI MILITIA…GG😀😄👌👍

  7. Next vid free fire? 🙂 pls + I have tips for you in ff
    If you aiming try to move less the accuracy of he AR guns will be better. Try doing headshots.
    Bestngun in this game is Groza so for me the deadly duo is Groza +Shotgun.
    Run with melee weapons, that makes you faster.Hope to see you play FF like a pro, have a nice day

  8. Hey games and glance please reply to my comment I am a big fan of u please make a video on how u edit your videos please….

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  9. i always got good content…….but i have a complain for you why you stoped the shoutout 🙁

  10. I suggest 4 hands claw if you're really into getting better.
    Edit: also for me I think ipad is best for claw since your phone has a small screen. Because I put my Scope, Crouch, Prone, Jump, Leaning buttons, reload, etc. On top of my screen because not used to pressing buttons with my thumb while fighting someone one on one.

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