Top 6 GPD pocket 2017 | GDP Win Gaming Portable Devices Reviewed by 1000’s | Handheld Game Console

hello products are shown in no particular order to know more links in the description below zip back and enjoy number one on list Nvidia shield portable customer rating 4.5 315 hey this is a my employee games today I want to tell my man games movies and all these technologies and allows you to enjoy ggx quality gaming on your Nvidia shield game stream will allow you to play your favorite game stream directly from your GeForce GTX Power PC first you can gain stream within your home say you’ve been playing on a GeForce GTX powered PC you can seamlessly stream your game play action to your shield portable anywhere in the house that means all the same high performance GTX class gaming in the palm of your hand and then if you want to play with your shield on the big screen you can in console mode game stream your shield content directly to your big-screen TV using a Bluetooth controller all from the comfort of your living room with Nvidia shield you can take your PC games on the go so say you’ve been enjoying your GeForce GTX PC gaming experience at home with the Wi-Fi or another internet connection like a hotspot feather or MiFi you can stream your favorite PC titles to your shield so as you can see Nvidia shield with game stream gives you a ton of unique ways to enjoy smooth stunning low latency GeForce GTX game you number two GPD when gamepad handheld game console video game player customer rating for operating system is Windows 10 home the processor is intel atom x7 rom splash rams 4 gigabytes / 64 gigabytes TF card of expansion to 128 gigabytes wireless support screen resolution 720p number three droid box play on red GPB customer rating four point seven game center support Android gravity and touch games multi point capacitive touchscreen screen five in charge screen 720p key mapping 1080p professional HDMI output screen TV professional game button control number four Nvidia shield k1 8-inch tablets black customer rating four point one more ways to game with android games and GE for snail cloud gaming service powered by the NVIDIA Tegra k1 processor featuring the 192 core NVIDIA Kepler GPU and 2.2 gigahertz quad-core CPU micro SD slot up to 128 gigabytes number-5 GPD pocket 7.0 um pc/laptop Xubuntu or wind NOS new on market gain tab Digital introduces our 7-inch PC that fits in your pocket eight gigabytes RAM and 128 gigabytes ROM GPD pocket is the leader and practitioner for the next generation of laptop pockets exquisite and small appearance can be comparable to the MacBook Air with the same configuration four gigabytes / 128 gigabytes pocket uses active cooling design which means that the performance will be far beyond the Microsoft Surface 3 while the weight is much lighter than the latter number six I tagged a 9700 one times seven-inch 12-core HD customer rating 3.1 android game gaming tablet pc gamepad android 4.2 jellybean quad-core RK 3000 188 cpu handheld game console capacitive touchscreen it is a gamepad with four d-pad buttons two s joysticks and four buttons support 1080p HD video play built in many HDMI ports it can be a PS gamepad when you connect it with your Smart TV hey there thanks for watching this video click here for watch more and please subscribe to our channel it’s easy with the subscription button it’s down there somewhere don’t wait for me to ask you again go ahead and subscribe I promise you won’t regret it


  1. The shield portable is discontinued and the gpd win has a new version coming out. And that's just the ones I give a fuck about there's something wrong with all these devices that your not saying.

  2. Game Streaming from your own pc is the most retarded idea ever. Screen mirroring should not be new news.

  3. wish I was rich and buy all three of these great portable consoles. Nvidia Shield Portable, GPD XD and other device as well.

  4. I like the shield portable for gaming and am waiting the pocket for productivity apps and some wireless auditing.

  5. A new GPD XD is coming out soon called the GPD XDS, it has a new processor and is an upgrade over the old unit. This is mainly because the producer of the old processor is no longer making it anymore.

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