Top 7 Tips and Tricks for Bootcamp in PUBG MOBILE

What is going on guys, welcome back to another
So as you guys know, bootcamp is one of those
locations in pubg where you can find good
loot and get a bunch of early kills based
on how good you are.
These places would be filled with players
for you to kill so play wise and make use
of it.
Every experianced players who are playing
in Sanhok would be landing on bootcamp.
So it may not be easy to survive here.
Whenever i play on Sanhok, i only land at
I wont say that I survive bootcamp every single
time, but with my experiance, Im gonna suggest
you some tips and tricks so that hopefully
it would help you survive the bootcamp with
much better kills.
But before getting onto those tricks, I would
like to introduce you to an app that I guess
you would like for sure.
So its called MiniJoy and when you launch
it, this would be what the app looks like.
Its got many features but Im just gonna focus
only on its primary features.
The main purpose of the app is to play some
mini casual game with random players for joy
coins or real cash.
When you launch for the first time, they would
give you some joy coins to help you start
with the app.
For now, im gonna play for joy coins.
You can either play with 6 joy coins and win
10 or play with 60 to win 100 and
so on.
Choose one and you could play random games
with random players across the country.
The games would be random as well.
You can goto training section if you wanna
train how to play every games on this app
so you dont have to struggle while in match.
Also, you can play with real cash instead
of joy coins if you wanna earn something out
of your time besides playing games.
You can goto your profile to see how much
joy coins and cash you have in the app.
Just note that every 1000 joy coins can be
redeemed for 1 rupee and once you have 100
rupee in your account, you can withdraw it
to your paytm account.
Once you have earned enough cash, you can
withdraw it from the wallet.
All you need is to link your paytm number
with this app.
Then withdrawing the balance is as easy as
a couple of taps and only takes about 10 seconds.
Also, if you wanna earn some serious money
you could earn it by referring this app to
your friends.
You can earn upto 10 rupees per user if they
join the app using your referral code based
on these steps.
Mine is 2884R9.
Use it when you install this app for the first
So hope you guys check it out.
The links are in the description down below.
Make sure to use my referal code.
So with that being said, lets get to the tips
and tricks I mentioned before so that it would
help you guys to survive bootcamp with a bunch
of kills into your account.
Btw just note that most of these trick is
shown in custom match to save my time and
also to give you guys a perfect idea on how
such tricks can be performed.

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