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Old Generation Fans
Is this what we call a Team?
What we had in older times was really a team
Kapil Dev, wow, Sunil Gawaskar, what class man
Look at these new cricketers with tattoos all over the body
Look, if the ball is outside the off stump
Then don’t hit it towards mid wicket
Play a square cut
You can find so many in this category these days
Bro, why isn’t Virat running between the wickets?
Because he hit a SIX
Still he should run, right?
[email protected]#$ WTF you doin bro
[email protected]##$% Take a catch [email protected]#
[email protected]#@#$ Kohli, what a catch!
[email protected]!$% WE WON
Lose or win, he never badmouths
Shit, we lost
Its fine doe, we’ll win next game
Even if you win, he never says anything good for the team
You won because of LUCK
Dhoni should do this…
Dhoni should do that…
Bro what you doin here
Today’s India vs Pakistan dude
But bro, you don’t watch cricket?
This is not a match, this is WARRR
Its dumbfucks like you
(praying for india to win)
*Crying* WE LOST
*Crying* WE WON
*crying* Virat Kohli scored a 100
*crying* Sachin came to see the match

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