Unibet Online Casino PA: Why It’s The Best Online in Pennsylvania

what’s going on bettors? I’m Kyle Scott
of crossingbroad.com and this is usually a sports betting channel but
today we want to talk about Unibets new online casino in Pennsylvania. It now
tops our list of best online casinos in the state why well they got a ton of
action it’s easy to play easy to deposit and they have a great signup bonus that
signup bonus by the way you can get $10 free with no deposit just to check it
out if you go to crossingbroad.com/ub that will activate the promo I’ll ask
your promo code you don’t need it just go to that link they’ll also match your
first deposit up to $500 which is one of the best offers we’ve seen in PA so
let’s talk about why we like you know bet so much these are some of their
table games here this is their video poker they have a ton of online slots
they all do really Univ at sugarhouse Parks Hollywood Casino there’s these
third-party operators they create a lot of the slot game same reason when you
walk into a casino you might see the same slots in parks that you see in
Harrah’s use the same vendors that’s the case for the online casino so we don’t
see a whole lot of differentiation among the slots it really is a preference
thing some have the same game some have unique games it really comes down to
preference the end of the day they are slot machines I know there’s a huge
difference there I’m not much of a slots guy myself where I find differentiation
is in the table games and especially as things are rolling out in Pennsylvania
we haven’t seen the best online table game selection yoona bet has it so far
though they had a tons of different types of blackjack gets small medium
high stakes they get these exclusive games from Diamond series they got the
IGT blackjack games which are in a few apps 8 different versions of roulette
european-style French style American style you name it right they got it you
know small variations on each of the games there and then of course they have
video poker they do not have online poker yet though Poker Stars is live if
you want to sign up for Poker Stars you can actually go to crossing Broadcom /fb
for Fox bet they are partnering with Fox bet shared wallet but your no bet does
have video poker you could play jacks or
better deuces wild and regular game King poker they also have a jackpot game
called jackpot Shores which is kind of fun it’s exclusive to you Nevada it’s
progressive style slot with big jackpot payouts it’s got sort of an old-school
California beach vibe it’s fun to play and it is unique to you no bet so for
those reasons we like the offering the Univ at has additionally of the online
casino is live in Pennsylvania Yuna bet is the only one that is not actually a
casino itself there are a popular European brand online casino and sports
book to launch in Pennsylvania they had a partner with Mohegan Sun use their
gaming license there’s only about a dozen gaming license in the state
everybody else sugarhouse parks Hollywood they are all actual casinos
Yuna bet while they’re not a local casino brand they are a big online
gaming brand which means their technology and a lot of cases is better
the app is more intuitive user friendly they’ve had a chance to work the kinks
out overseas they know what the customer wants so we like Yuna bet it’s easy to
use and load up easy to deposit six different deposit options online banking
credit card PayPal pain ear me online banking is the best if you have a
major bank they have a smaller bank you could try a check
there’s your routing and checking number debit and credit cards sometimes don’t
get approved for any gambling app that is bank dependant that is not based on
the site in terms of the app Yuna bet is available on Android as a direct
download again and go to Crossing Broadcom / ub you can sign up get your
free $10 bet and get a link to download the app there is no iOS app none of the
PA online gambling apps have an iOS app yet that is because all of these
third-party games are built into the app and Apple has a restriction they want
these online casinos to kind of code their apps natively for iOS and a lot of
these are web apps that are not the technical reason that everyone in the
industry is working on you can play on iOS however you just load up your mobile
browser it may ask you to download another app that could confirm that your
location is in the state of Pennsylvania yeah I know that seems obvious since
your phone is a GPS they require a separate app to do
it’s a workaround that you just have to deal with if you’re on iOS other than
that it works perfectly through the mobile web on iOS so all of it can be
obtained by going the crossing Broadcom /ub
so those are the reasons we like Unibet looks good tons of offerings deposit
options and they have the best bonus $10 free no restrictions whatever you’re
just putting your information don’t have to deposit anything you get ten bucks in
your account to try out then they’ll match your first deposit up to five
hundred dollars so again get it crossing Broadcom /ub
yuna bet our new top online casino in pennsylvania alright so if you like what
you see here make sure you leave a like down below if you want us to talk about
something leave a comment have a question we’ll try and answer it we do
cover a lot of sports betting on this channel but also online casinos much
more coming on online poker and online casino games in Pennsylvania so do you
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thanks for watching

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