Update button not showing(appearing) || PUBG Mobile || 4 Methods || Play Store || Android

I know you’ve faced the same problem and then only you’re watching my video [MUSIC] Hey watsup gamers! how are you guys? So, Today I will tell you the method to solve one problem Which has been faced by some PUBG Mobile holders And even I have faced the same thing In this particular problem , what happens is that when you owe to update PUBG in playstore Which is the new update[MIRAMAR] The update button wont appear there in Play Store Only uninstall and open button appear there So, in this video I’ve shown you the 4 best methods to solve this problem Out of 4 atleast one will work in yor device So, basically its not the problem of your mobile phone Its the problem of Google Play servers Dont worry , The steps to solve this are very easy So, Watch the video till it ends So, if you like my video – make sure to hit the like button and share this video and please subscribe and turn on bell notification Share it with your friends . So that they can also solve this problem So, Lets begin with the tutorial 1 The four tricks wont harm your mobile. So dont bother The first method is To reboot your phone and open the Play store Reboot means to switch off and then on the device From this trick your problem may be solved Its very easy and short method. Try it once So if it didn’t work try the next method Lets head to next method In this method you have to close all the recent tabs And then open the Play store and search PUBG mobile So if you see the update button then its OK. But if you not try the next one So, The next method needs active internet connection thIf it’s 4g or Fast wi-fi its good Although its completely worth it But its a bit lengthy process and even I tried it , it worked for me The third method is to.. Delete the PUBG game [optional] So if you dont believe me, don’t delete it This step is mandatory Now you have to head to the phone settings and head there to Applications And there click on all applications Search for Google Play store there Open it After it opens Click on ‘Uninstall Updates’ After pressing Ok twice The deleted play store updates will start downloading automatically Your internet connection must be on here Good speed of internet is always good After the download completes , Open play store Search for PUBG mobile and the update button might appear It will not appear at the first time , so try second time If it wont appear try closing Play store from recent tabs and re-search for game This trick works absolutely and your game will start updating So lets head to next and last method Guys you must perform this method only when the last three tricks wont work The 4th method is to delete the game completely from your device After this you have to download the game through other resources like Website and application downloader Many websites provide you the game’s english version And you can easily download and install and play the game To install the game first install application And then move the obb folder to Android/obb Its as easy as that It works very truly but you need 2 gb at least [internet data] And if you are looking for best website to download this game i’ve given it in description So link is in description If you liked this video please make sure to hit the like button and share this video and subscribe Hope to see you in the next one. Till than BE SAFE, BE GAMER AND JAI HIND VANDE MATARAM

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