Using the Internet : How to Rent Games Online

Hi, I’m Tod Amazeen. I’ve been an Internet
business consultant for fifteen years. I’m
going to show you how to rent games on-line.
There’s several websites where you can rent
games on-line such as Netflix, Blockbuster,, and there’s also GameFly,
which is my favorite site. So open your web
browser and go to game fly dot com. If you’re
already a member, click on log in. Enter your
e-mail address and your password, and click
on login. Once you’re in the site, you’ll
see that there are a number of different game
consoles that you can rent games for. For
example, let’s go to Wii by clicking on the
Wii button in the center of the screen. Once
you’re in the Wii section, you could either
browse by category, or you can search for
the specific game that you’re looking to rent.
Once you find the game that you want, click
on rent it. If you’re prompted to choose your
game system, you can select any one of these
options, and click on yes, I’m sure, and click
on continue. And now your game is added and
you’ve rented a game on-line. You’ve just
learned how to rent games on-line. I’m Tod

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