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TEAM247 INFORMATICS Uncle, where shall we land now? No giving up this time! Let’s go! Time for some bloodshed! Let’s go! Will find them, kill them, and win! Help, help, help. Are you kidding me? Let’s land in Pochinki.
No more thinking. Well said, bro. We have to pierce the hearts
of the enemies with bullets. Let’s go. My bad. We played it a thousand times,
but we never had Chicken Dinner! Let’s go! Uncle, don’t be in a hurry.
Wait for a while. Now don’t press “Let’s go!” every time. That doesn’t help,
show your skill in killing enemies. Have to shoot the enemy at point blank. Let’s go! One more enemy. Die, you stupid! Die! Die! He’s dead! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Chandu, the vehicle isn’t starting,
push it. Did you find a gun? Got a pistol. Need some energy drink? Had it already. On high? Let’s go! Let’s go! Guys, why are you shooting me? We are a team. Let’s go. Our uncle, bro. Uncle, we’ve got the guns. Let’s go. 35 kills! Uncle, have to win Chicken Dinner! Enemies ahead! Enemies ahead! Uncle, I’m out of ammo. What the hell. Got them. Chandu, what happened? Hey, wake up. This is the reason I’m afraid of this game. Chandu, now you’ve left us in between. #2 player, where are you? Hurry up. Team, they’re out of ammo! Let’s attack. Got them! Chicken Dinner is sure for us! Guys, don’t kill me. I beg you, please. Guys, get ready for Chicken Dinner. -We four as a team rock, guys.
-All right. Guys, I’m very new to this PUBG game, don’t kill me, please. #2, where are you? Uncle! They are dead. All dead. Burned down to ashes! Son-in-law, thank you. Who is that? Who shot me? I’m dead now. Oh, shit. Anji Uncle is dead. #1, where are you? #2… Come, come here. We are the only survivors. Let’s go! Bro… Blue Zone! [Gangavva] Hey, Anil!
Stop that gaming nuisance! Brother, revive! Revive? My foot. Granny is yelling like hell,
I can’t concentrate. -[Gangavva] Anil!
-Why is she calling me now? Brother! [Gangavva] Anil! -Goddammit!
-Come soon! Don’t you want to have lunch? What again? You and your bloody game! -What’s the urgency?
-Eat some food! -Bro, I’ll be back.
-Let’s go! -Take the phone.
-You and your stupid game! What did you cook? Cooked dirt and ash. #2, run! Run, run! They will kill us! Run, run! Run, damn it! What’s wrong with him? Run. Oh, my god, they shot us. Is he possessed or what? He’s really scaring me. Chandu, we won. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. This boy is chanting “chicken”
in his dreams. Don’t know what sort of trouble he’s into. I’ll make chicken for him tomorrow. I’m scared about his condition and I have no idea how to solve it. God, help me. -What happened, bro?
-I won, man. Really? -Winner Winner!
-Chicken Dinner! -Winner Winner!
-Chicken Dinner! Winner Winner! -You should throw us a party.
-Anil! You are on the phone all day
and you dream all night! Why are you here? Let me play, please. Enough is enough now.
Give me your phone! One more game, please. I thought you were possessed
and I prepared chicken. Looks like mobile is the actual reason! -You made chicken?
-Yes. Awesome, she made chicken curry. It’s all because of you people. You idiots gather here
and pastime playing games, and my kid’s not caring my words. Granny, don’t make a ruckus of it. What do you know about PUBG? I am an amazing cook
and I make delicious recipes, this is no rocket science for me. OMG, it’s not some snack, it’s a game.
PUBG game! I played so many of these
in my childhood. You think I can’t?
Now watch me play the PUBG game! Let’s go! -Guys, are you ready?
-[all] Yes. Let’s go! [both] Good shot! There are some dried branches here. There’s a lot of them. Will be useful for me and my son. What are you doing here? I’m gathering some firewood. Stop kidding, we’re in the game. Leave them and pick some guns. If someone sees us, we’re dead. Who on earth will shoot me? Let him come,
will beat him with broom to death. I’ll show you guys the way to hell. How the hell she’s using chili powder
in PUBG? It’s indigenous chili powder. Gotcha! Walk faster! Why do you poke me always? Granny, enemies ahead! OMG. Gotcha. Dammit. This enemy has some real guts. Out of ammo, guys. Let’s settle this. Stop that mockery. You are a dead case now. Gotcha!
I will rip you into pieces. Die now! Hey, Chandu. I won! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! You’re extraordinary, granny. PUBG game is like
cooking a snack for you. Great. Never underestimate Gangavva! Want to play again? Let’s go! Let’s go! Go! Friends, thanks for watching this video. Even though we had
a little knowledge about PUBG, we learned it
and made this video on your request. Gangavva, what say? They made me run a lot.
You must give 50,000 likes. Last time we asked you 20,000
and got 30,000 likes. Now, Gangavva is asking for 50,000 likes,
so it’s up to you. We are new to graphics too,
but we did try some in this. Excuse us if you find it bad. Finally, do… like the video, share,
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  3. ""PBg game lo karappodi ekkadidhiraa " malli kattelu nice thought super comedy……. dhinikosam kashtapadda mi andhariki hatsaff…

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  5. Yenno short films choosanu gaani mee page shortfilms lo Anni untai creativity,hardwork,story and screenplay kooda untai and ee videolo grafics kooda superga unnai……………. Try in movies also.

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