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Hello everybody and welcome to my top 10 favorite pokemon games to start of this
i really wanna say that this is my
opinion on my favorite games and not you guys’s
but if you disagree with anything I’d
like to know your top 10
just leaving a comment below and we can
get stalled with my list now
number ten

Pokemon Yellow
to start of this list I’ve got a story for
you guys. when I was younger I used to have
next to no games for my GBA
Then, one day when I was on holiday I saw this one game I really wanted to have
I didn’t have the money to buy it though
so I sadly had to let it go
being the obviously disappointed child
that I was my parents bought me the game
when I wasn’t looking
Those sneaky bastards! I played that game so
damn much and I loved That Pikachu man!
I’m mean
don’t anymore but that’s another topic for another day
Fun part is, I was looking at pokemon red version
and my mom, not knoing anything about pokemon bought me the, better pokemon yellow version
number nine

Pokemon gold and silver
a couple you might now Jotho my favorite
Pokemon region
or, at least it used to be well anyways
as a kid I didn’t played first two
but my brother’s girlfriend did have a
crystal version and she would let me play
every now and then after quite a while
my parents bought me the game
to no surprise they bought me the wrong
game again they bought me pokemon gold
jeez my parents are really good at buying
the wrong games for me aren’t they? God dammit
Number eight
Pokemon leaf green and fire red. I’ll be
honest with you
I never played the original games until
two years ago I’ve actually never
out a legitimate copy of either one but
when I was done with my very fitst pokemon game
we’ll get to that later on to this list.
I wanted more
so I bought pokemon leaf green off of Ebay.
the main reason why a picked to remake over
the original version is obviously the
better graphics more content and
mostly sentimental value because
nostalgia but But at the end of the day this is my list isn’t it?
number seven
pokémon black and white but , but garbodor is a pie of trash!
Yeah shut up Muk is a pile of sluge
now let’s go on
Can you honestly say that any other pokemon game ever had a story this good?
it wasn’t just evil guys looking
to do evil stuff and take over the world
well at the end of the day it kinda was but
that’s not the point it! it made you wonder
about a way you’ve always looked at pokemon and used them
just for your own entertainment even
though they are just actually small pieces of data
game still touching how something this
innocent can be so morally wrong once you think about it
number six
Pokemon crystal version! this being the better
and final version of the gen 2 games should obviously be higher on the list than pokemon gold and silver!
the story behind the games is kinda lame
Years after I finished pokemon gold I got myself an emulator and played crystal.
and I bought the actual game from my
collection about a year ago
that’s it not really an
interesting story now, is it
Number 5
Pokemon emerald
this be my very first pokemon game it’s
pretty much only reason that made it
onto the list
for it’s time it was amazing and innovative but
it hasn’t aged very well
the double battles were good thing but
day led to triple battles
and then rotation battles
okay now we’re off topic!
Number 4!
Pokemon Diamond and pearl!
being first pokemon installments on the Nintendo
DS these games will bound to be good!
the graphical updates
with big heads…
The split of physical and special moves like we know it today
and many, many more things also it’s
probably game which i sunk the most
house into
I played the japanese pokemon diamond version, the amirican pokemon diamond version
with foreign contrary pokemon pearl
version I’m both versions
European having played all those games
that’s a few hundred
hours of my , gone, into pokemon
I’m not sad about it not one bit. because I love that game so much
number three
pokemon platinum this is an easy one
It’s pokemon diamond and pearl, but better! no, litterally
that’s all I know it’s kinda anti climactic
it but it’s really
everything there is to it
Ok I’ll give you guys something. Giratina’s origin form and shaymin’s sky form looked amazing
even though, in pokemon platinum. shaymin’s sky form looked like a bad
Photoshop Coro Coro scan I’ll never getover that!
Number two!
Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver!
Is it fair to put the remakes of gold and silver on this list
when gold sell themselves on this list
YES IT IS!! this game is more than just your average remake
its combination of the original gold and
silver games but with a little bit a of crystal mixed in too
then there’s also a lot of newly added content which wasn’t even there to begin with
in the original games
this game at the region I at enjoyed
playing the most the battle system which
worked perfectly from diamond and pearl. and the pokemon following you from pokemon
yellow its
all things in pokémon which will good
combined into one single game
unlike in pokemon yellow though, it’s not just that lame ass pikachu following you
no in pokémon heart gold and soul silver any and all pokemon
in the front of your party WILL follow you!
which is absolutely amazing
Pokemon X and Y! I mean what’s NOT to like about these games?!
I will admit that you friends, or rivals or.. I DON’T KNOW!
well whoever they are they are annoying
and lacking in character
but team flare really manages to pick up the story halfway through the game and
just like pokemon black on white team plasma
did they made you wonder
could to perhaps be wrought could we be
doing the wrong thing
I mean doing what they did was little
bit too much maybe but they had a point
you now
and then there was the whole three
thousand-year-old dude with floette
and such
I’m not going to lie I was crying a
little inside during that part
only inside though… man points over 9000
I don’t want to turn this into a X and Y
review but damn the 3d models look
I’m not just talking about pokemon! i’m
talking about everything!! the characters
in the over world. every single thing looks gorgeous in that game!
after more than 15 years we’ve
finally got 8 directional movement and
that’s not all
on roller skates you got free movement
I don’t know I’m excited about it I am
tough! I feel like I’m forgetting something
still even with mega evolutions I feel
like the is one
really important thing the I’m forgetting
here do you guys know what it..
Tank you guy all so much for watching my top 10 favorite pokemon games!
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