Warren SURGES to 2nd Place, FIRST Place in Betting Markets

There’s something super interesting happening
in the 2020 Democratic primary.
I alluded to it in the last segment.
Elizabeth Warren has sort of quietly and steadily
surged into second place in the 2020 Democratic
primary polling and maybe just as interestingly
is now tied for first place in what are called
the prediction markets for the 2020 Democratic
I’ll get to that.
This came up yesterday during my twitch live
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Ask people who do you support prediction markets?
Ask people who do you believe will win regardless
of who you support.
And often those are more accurate.
So first, let’s look at the polling I told
you months ago.
Elizabeth Warren is not doing anything flashy
but she is slowly but surely gaining about
one-to-one and a half points per month in
polling and she’s doing it not with debate,
kill shot attempts or ad hominems.
She’s doing it with policy and talking to
voters including in red parts of the country.
She put out last week a detailed internet
public option policy.
She put out a detailed healthcare policy education
policy I just outlined for you her gun safety
regulation policy and she has just continued
to plug away and pick up about a point to
a point and a half per month and she is now
more solidly entering second place.
As you can see on screen, if you’re watching
Joe Biden is still in first place, but as
dropped a bit in the last week, Elizabeth
Warren is now up to 18% with Bernie Sanders
behind her at 16.8 it’s still very close.
Some would argue within the margin of error,
although when you average polls, the margin
of error calculation becomes a little different.
But the trend has been Bernie steady Joe falling
Elizabeth Warren slowly but surely climbing
now, just as interestingly, Elizabeth Warren
has tied to Joe Biden for Perth first place
in the prediction markets right now, if you
go to the website, predicted the money is
even on Biden versus Warren.
Now, there are some other questions here because
some of these other numbers don’t make much
You’ll see that in this particular prediction
market, uh, Andrew Yang seems a bit high given
where he’s polling Tulsi Gabard seems a bit
high given where she’s polling.
She may not even make the third debate.
Kamala Harris is also probably too high.
Bernie may be too low, but Elizabeth Warren
clearly has momentum and the prediction markets
are seeing it.
In fact, yesterday Elizabeth Warren was ahead
of Biden solely in first place.
Now she’s back into a tie with Biden in the
prediction markets.
Imagine what kind of a relief it would be
to the world if we had Elizabeth Warren or
a Bernie Sanders as president of the United
I don’t think right-wingers realize this,
or if they do, they certainly don’t care.
Even if right-wingers are against some of
the policies of Warren and Sanders, nationalized
healthcare, single payer, some version of
it, not Cajun kids or whatever.
Do they understand, do you think that the
United States around the world would be reinvigorated
drastically in terms of our reputation?
If Trump were to be replaced by someone like
Warren or Sanders, I know that they do all
the talking points and we will never be a
socialist country.
Get these Socialists Outta here.
They of course have no clue what socialism
even is.
I understand that they say all of that stuff,
but do you think they realize that the United
States is suffering such a reputational deficit
and alliance deficit right now?
Uh, I don’t know if they do and if they do
realize that.
I think a lot of the trumpets think if other
countries dislike us, it’s probably because
we’re doing great things for ourselves.
I mean, they participate in this bizarre,
childish sort of zero sum mentality.
And one thing that’s appealing about Warren
relative to Biden and Bernie and Trump, which
may actually be to her advantage if she ultimately
is the nominee, uh, is that she is quite a
bit younger than Biden and Bernie and Trump.
And that is an issue that is coming up more
and more.
Let me know what you think number one about
Elizabeth Warren’s trajectory here.
Number two, about looking at prediction markets
versus, or in addition to, uh, election polls.
Let me know what you think about Warren’s
age relative to some of these other front
runners and Donald Trump.
Uh, and we’ll do, we’ll continue to do a follow
up and track this information.
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We’ll be right back.


  1. It's intentional to get the progressive vote split so they can pull a fast one with the second vote at the primary.

  2. David's the same dude who isnt reporting on all the progressive Dems running for office. Some are taking on Mitch McConnell,Pelosi and others. But let's keep shitting out videos about Warren. Thanks bud

  3. One of the problems with Bernie is that he has max name id with this being back to back runs. Warren still can grow especially if/when Kamala and Pete drop out

  4. No good. Very Bad. Pocahontas will surely lose to Trump. Also RCP won’t include Reuter’s recent Poll with Bernie in 1st Bc internal data is not released

  5. I believe that Warren would be the ultimate President. I just hope that if she wins the primary, she's willing to get dirty in the general to fight the pig in the mud….

  6. Its beyond obvious someone is buying david out. He is basically a corporate shill now. Bye david. Hope that soros cash feels good.

  7. Annoying. She first said 2016 was rigged. Than went back on it when the political winds changed.
    NO HALF MEASURE BS. I can’t trust her, she’s an insider.

  8. Bernie and Warren are going to tag team their way to the front, one of them will have to drop out before the first ballot at the convention.

    Otherwise, Biden will kill them on the second ballot That's where superdelegates come back in agai

  9. People thinking Bernie can't win is directly tied to the constant bsing by the media. The media deceivingly painting him as unelectable, when he is clearly the most electable candidate NATIONALLY, is harmful for Bernie in the primaries. Biden might be able to win a dem primary, but he's likely to lose a national election. Bernie would win.

  10. It's bc MSM has been pushing Warren here and there, and smearing Bernie non-stop. They're hedging their bets. If they can't get a corporatist like Biden or Harris in, they'll settle for Warren. Call me paranoid. But the fact that MSM is willing to push Liz over Bernie makes me not trust her. Bernie 2020!

  11. David, you seem to stirring the pot lately. Do you need to be controversial because your channel is bleeding revenue, or are you just losing love for Sanders?

  12. As a Libertarian and someone who abhors left wing populists like Warren… I noticed myself drawing a sigh of relief over the mere thought of Warren beating Trump and dethroning that stupid bitch.

  13. It's too soon, but both Warren & Sanders are the "anti-Trump" sort of like a smart cat is the opposite of a mad dog. In lieu of that, I've asked Princess Elizabeth to bait Trump with the following trap: she's to start calling Trump, "Mulligan Man". I think that will elicit a Trumpian response like, "I never take a mulligan. I'm the greatest of the rich guy golfers." Her response should be, "I'm thinking you need a mulligan for your first two years in the White House because it's been shank after shank." I dreamed that up because Trump will bring back the "Pocahontas Bullshit", so I want Elizabeth to have a dig that will remind the country that Trump is as big a golf cheat as he is a flop as a president.

  14. Either Elizabeth Warren (more hopeful about positive, pragmatic change under her Adminstration) or Bernie Sanders would inspire hope for sanity, which has been completely lost among the the devout and the willfully shallow; That's 2/3 of USA citizens.

    Sorry, I know it's a Trump talking point, which is the pot calling the kettle… Cognative decline is just a tragic biological reality.

    Biden isn't up to meeting the challenges as President for 4 LONG YEARS. As an advisor, cabinet member? SURE!

    PEOPLE quit pretending the ideas of the next President DICTATE policy. They don't. Inspiring words, not lived up to? Kinda the Moto of the USA. (if you don't understand that, you never read a history book, or likely any books of substance)

  15. Warren fans would vote for Bernie, but Bernie fans won't vote for Warren. If Bernie doesn't get the nomination, we get four more years of Trump. They are as fanatical as Trumpists, and they will stay home if they don't get their way.

  16. Still don't get why when it comes to women you'll have to talk about age… If the field was all men age wouldn't be a thought…

    Warren is a person who puts her nose to the grindstone and just keeps forging ahead… Doesn't listen to the pundits, doesn't bother with petty bs, I don't hear those that are supporting her whining about her not getting enough media time.. Kinda good that she Isn't because that means that she isn't being distracted.. She is just moving ahead and doing her best to be heard…

  17. Screw Warren. It's Bernie or nothing. If they put anybody else besides Bernie I'm just gonna give my vote to the fascist Trump and watch this whole shithouse go down in flames.

  18. Eventually, either Warren or Sanders will have to resign and endorse the other. We really don't need to have a drawn-out conflict between the two that goes all the way to the primaries. Unfortunately, I do not see how or when that's going to happen. It should happen sooner rather than later though. Nothing good can come of splitting the progressive vote like this. We'd just get Biden.

  19. So wait, prediction polls are more accurate, but you don't think Yang should be that high because of the way he is polling in other polls? That seems like a contradiction.

  20. You cant be serious david… you know this polling is bullshit. They're pushing warren bc they know joe was too much of a lame horse to push through

  21. Unpopular opinion:
    Sanders Warren 2020 is ideal. Warren Sanders 2020 is pragmatic.
    While most of us would follow Bernie into a Warren ticket, only half of Warrens voters would follow her. Warren is gaining momentum, while Bernie is stagnant. He's going to have a tougher time now that he's not uniting the Anti-Clinton vote. Sadly, the DNC robbed him of his only chance. At least this way he can get into the White House, and we get a completely progressive ticket.

  22. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Trumps dumbass just call her Pocahontas non-stop and she was air boxing her way to fight it off? ???
    Mean while trump tries attacking Bernie and nothing sticks…literally nothing.

  23. Warren didnt back bernie in 2016 and was thinking of being hillary's VP. She also would be open to taking corporate money in general election if she wins primaries. Watch TYT interview with her

  24. Yea, Warren. She's full of ideas and she's strong enough to go toe-toe with Trump's manipulative debate techniques.

  25. I like Bernie, too. He started this ball rolling when everyone else was afraid to touch the subjects. Neither are political Socialists but Capitalists with a humanistic bent. They are both for private ownership of businesses but think businesses should be on a parity with the social good. If caring about the working, everyday joe and consumers and the American people and their future is bad, then America has lost its way.

  26. Best kept secret,She truly is for All American people,She is brilliant,truly salt of the earth individual,President Warren-V.P.B.Sanders,20/20 dream ticket.

  27. Don't trust her, she WILL NOT FIGHT FOR MEDICARE 4 ALL, she would be better than tRump, but who wouldn't be

  28. I think the betting poles are more interesting because they show who people believe will win, not necessarily who their first choice is. This is important considering so many people will do anything to get trump out and will settle w not voting for their first choice

  29. Elizabeth 0.009 per cent indigenous Warren 2nd. Then 2nd Bernie bones socialist Marxism Sanders vs Joe the paedo Biden. White superior legend DJT destroying Democratic cult sadistic party

  30. How the hell is Biden even in the top 5? It's like I'm looking at an entirely different candidate to everyone else.

  31. She's great her policies are very detailed educated and sensible. She's politically educated knows how to be firm and direct but would be a breath of fresh air to the world.We need someone that projects intelligence integrity and empathy and she's perfect for all of them.

  32. I cringe at the thought of Warren vs Trump. She's lose horrible because she's way too into political stratgey and let's him get to her. If Warren wins that pretty much a win for Trump

  33. So David Biden’s small fall is also within the margin of error. Why do you disregard it for one but not the other? I think the polls in regard to Sanders are accurate. And she won’t choose Sanders as her running mate if she is the nominee – she will go for a young moderate.

  34. Bernie went on Fox News. Warren didn't.
    Bernie didn't waffle on Medicare for all. Warren did.
    Remember that people.
    A lot of those polls are MSM polls, land line polls, and nearly all previous voter polls. I'm skeptical of those numbers.

  35. My parents are hard core trumpist. They Think the world LOVES us. Honestly. And anyone who says otherwise is a lying jealous "libtard" (their words.

    They really think reoprts that we a a world wide joke are full out lies

  36. Look online at the happiest country's in the world today. Socialist country's always have the happiest population (people). So why are does the Republican party hate the idea so much? I don't know but I think it's because the super rich will loose a lot of there money??

  37. I don't know exactly why but I'm somehow less comfortable with Warren than I am Bernie. I feel like Bernie has been fighting this battle so long and he's been consistent for so decades. I worry that Warren might not fight as hard maybe? I dunno. I'm hoping for Bernie.

  38. Polls are absolute nonsense. They are probably just looking to stir up the same drama they did with Hilllary and Trump but with Warren this time. Not as much potential drama if you were to have 2 white men running against eachother. Not good for ratings.

  39. It's clear to me that cult-followers of figures like Trump often simply don't care much about how the world sees their country or anything. It's the libtards/leftists/communists who disapprove, those like them approve, so that's what matter. They ultimately hope for Trump-like leaders to win all around the world and for a trumpist-like popular consensus eventually arising. Genuinely living under the illusion that Trump or a Trump-like president is the best ever in history, actually changing the course of history for better.

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