We Made the Buggy from PUBG Mobile! (Vikendi in Real Life!)

We’re bringing the buggy back to life ride or die alright so we are bringing the buggy back to life If you guys aren’t familiar there’s actually like 5, maybe 6 videos on it From about 3 or 4 years ago It’s actually one of the biggest projects that we started and did not finish Basically it just got too expensive and it’s been sitting outside. Right there But we’re going to try and change this into the buggy from PUBG mobile but first we need to get it off that trailer keep going, keep going So to turn this into the PUBG buggy I would cut off these side things Put the other seat in the back for sniping New coat of paint There’s probably a proper way to power the motor It’s like these battery trays were meant to hold these batteries Good? yup Uh oh Owen you gotta give us a little push There we go Hey guys before we transform this car into the PUBG Buggy I want to tell you a bit more about today’s sponsor PUBG mobile and it’s new update 10.0 In case you didn’t know I’ve been playing PUBG for years now, in fact it’s literally the only game I have on my gaming channel and now with PUBG mobile you get the same authentic PUBG feeling experience where ever you go on mobile It’s won numerous awards and has over 30 million daily active users That’s almost the entire population of Canada It’s intuitive to play with great customization of controls available Awesome graphics with rich detail and in game voice chat for coordinating with your squad The new 10.0 update includes a new winter map called Vikendi with exclusive vehicles like the snowmobile , winter storms to change gameplay awesome new costumes and a snow theme in the menu And don’t forget to check out our last PUBG video too, where we make the bulletproof frying pan Play today to help support our channel by using my link in the description below But finish watching the video first Now hang on a second, before we start ripping apart let’s outline what we’re trying to accomplish with this build First of all we have to get it working, the PUBG buggy in the game is gas powered But our’s is electric And while it would be fun to slap a big engine on it we just don’t have that much time It has the general shape of the buggy but we’re going to have to add a roll cage a new paint job and add a rear facing danger seat Finally we’re going to have to test it on snow for an authentic test drive for the new winter map, Vikendi and to stay true to the game we’re also going to have to try to drive it with the tires shot out One ticket to drift city Let’s get started Oh hi That’s pretty stable It’ll work Hey that’s even So why don’t you just tack the middle piece I’d say that’s good right there Welding time The metal tubing that we used is really rusty and we have to get that rust off so we can paint it When I do that it’s going to spit rust every where So what I’m going to do is I’m going to attach this to that It’s going to suck up the rust alright I need duct tape So we’re going to test it out now I think it’s working There we go 50 volts There we go Let’s finish the petals This has no reverse That’s a contactor from a fork lift Where’s the motor from? A forklift So it must be safe Forklifts are the safest vehicles known to man Can we wire the key into the battery So to make sure that nobody tries to drive away with the car we have a ignition key and it’s a redundant system which means both this limit switch and limit switch have to be triggered For the motor to run Which means if one of them welds itself shut the system will go no where Alright let’s get the wires plugged in and then the paint will be dry and install it and we’ll be done alright let’s mount it to the head So we’re literally working on the PUBG mobile video right now and low and behold we just got sent this package from PUBG mobile I have no idea what’s inside From your friends at PUBG mobile It’s the hat A PUBG mobile mug number 1 out of 100 I’ve totally gotten that a few times PUBG helmet keychain Got some PUBG sitckers Pretty nice hat So what I was just explaining is we are using an on and off contactor which may or may not be ready for the amount of current that we’re going to be running through it which means there’s a slim possibility that the contactor may weld itself shut which means the car is going to keep going until something stops it but we need to get this into the backyard so, we only have to go on the street for like 10ft so hopefully that’s alright ride or die we ready? we’re doing it! There’s the chain Let me guess it was the half link the sheered Too much power Ok so that didn’t work we had it wired with the contactor so it was either on or off Full power or no power The problem is the motor draws so much power and has so much torque it just snapped that chain So we’re going to need a speed controller If you remember from our old videos we used to have a 450 amp all tracks controller unfortunately that controller died and we couldn’t afford to replace it at the time that’s why the buggy was sitting out back for the last 3 years so let’s get a better speed controller we found a local company that makes controllers for performance golf carts Not the kind your grandpa drives, the kind that’s too fast to be legal in some jurisdictions We got a Navitas TSX 3.0 600 amp controller compared to our last one, is more powerful, more reliable and has built in Bluetooth with a mobile app Now we actually have a more detailed electronics diagram which you can check out using the link in the description below to visit our project on maker.io So let’s hook it up and take it for a rip Alright so big thank you to PUBG Mobile for sponsoring this build and since they just announced the new winter map called Vikendi We thought it would be interesting to see how this buggy preforms under winter conditions on snow I suspect it’s going to be pretty slippery so let’s see what happens oh you’re on Now one of my favorite parts about driving a buggy in PUBG is when your tires get shot out Let’s shoot out the tires Well let’s see how she drives Here we go And that’s what you call a hit and run Oh a frying pan Alright that was a lot of fun to drive just like in the game It was pretty terrifying driving on rims and being chased It’s quite the adrenaline rush if you’ve ever played We’re definitely going to have to update this buggy more and do some more driving videos in the country once the weather warms up Big thank you to PUBG mobile for making this video happen And make sure you try out PUBG mobile today using my link in the description below It’s the easiest way to help support our channel to ensure we can keep making awesome projects And don’t forget to check out our other PUBG videos on the gaming channel And of course our bullet proof frying pan thanks for watching


  1. So now finally pubg also join with green energy source. Hope we will find some battery in create or loot…..,,,z,

  2. You guys are nerds like me I like to take stuff apart and try to make stuff out of it I love you guys you guys are awesome

  3. Y'all need to talk to talk to go powersports. Or if y'all have any local go-kart companies. I'm sure they can send you everything you need to make it gas powered.

  4. it is from the pc game pubg first then pubg mobile came out and it was in there to to clarify because pc master race xD

  5. The hacksman I love your videos and I just subscribed today and please make a video of flash and I love your videos already thanks for all your hard work

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