What Is Paint In Pubg | How To Buy Paint Using BP In Pubg Mobile

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In this video we will talk about the paint canisters in pubg mobile
Also i will tell you how to buy this paint, and how you can buy this paint with help of BP
As far as i believe most of you would already be aware how to buy this paint with the help of silver fragments and UC
You can see i have 19 paint bottles as of now, lets see where can we use it
You can see the blood and bones M16A4 here and how to upgrade this gun and what features you will get
If you already know about this, then you can skip to later part in the video and see how to buy paint with BP
These guns are updated in every new season of pubg mobile and as you can see we have UZI for season 7
In the last season we had The fool M416, prior to that the Glacier M416 and the first was M16A4 skin
Now first you get the gun skin, then there is something known as kill effect
Whenever you kill anyone, there is a green smoke which comes out of the crate, but if you upgrade this then you would get a different kill effect than other people
You upgrade it even further and which would give you a better skin than before
You also get a special kill message, so when you check the kill feed, you will see people killed by you are shown in a different colour
In the right bottom you can see paint and material for upgrading the gun
These things are required for you to be able to upgrade these guns
First you gotta unlock the gun skin and then only you can get all this
So now let me show you guys where you can find this paint and how to buy it
So you can see you have to use 100 silver fragments or 40 UC for one can of paint
As you can see this is really expensive, as you first have to get the gun skin and then get all this as well
Now let me show you how to buy this with BP
You have to go to your RP menu
In the redeem section you can see that paint bottles are available for 8000 BP coins only but you just have to unlock 30 RP
We all have a lot of BP guys, even if you spend it you will get a lot of it without any issues whatsoever
I think this is best way for people who have to upgrade their guns and they find a way to upgrade these guns
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