1. Love your videos dog but to be fair if zhonyas is broken then Yi shouldn't be untargetable in his Q animation. If zhonyas is broken then according to that logic any skill with untargetable is broken

  2. We made Cowsep an English teacher for a day. As you will see, he's quite good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4MQ1zuPwOE

  3. U wrong, in VN server match if ur team or enemy team has Blizcrank, they always flash and Q if they go to enemy's Forrest like ur team

  4. i wait for your videos every day cowsep, yesterday you didn't upload video and I get excited when you upload it, I enjoy them too much … you are the best regards from Argentina

  5. I think that if you alpha someone who zhonyas while you're already mid-alpha, you should pop out immediately, I have died like 5+ times this week from being stuck in that alpha for what feels like forever on someone who used zhonya and being unable to meditate their zhonya/people around me.

    Shits annoying.

  6. Dear Cowsep,

    I just uploaded a Yi Penta that desperately needs your approval. Just a minute long clip. May I have the honour? 😊 Much love dude

  7. Llstylish: I am the face!
    Karasmai : I am the best kayn player in the world!
    Cowsep : I am the team!
    I AM DA DAAAWG !!!

  8. 1:25 If he didn't walk to j4 right away, and ignited him instantly (to proc conq and deal damage quicker while reducing his hp reg) he would've won this, most likely. Conq gives like 3 ad for 2 stacks and gives his healing a bit earlier, too.

  9. Cowsep! Its my birthday next week! Can I ask you a gift? Create a video of master yi in lol moba? Thanks! Hope you can see this😞😊

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