Which SNES Nintendo Switch Online Games are worth playing?

– Nintendo dropped a bombshell this week. All of the SNES games for
Nintendo Switch Online, we all knew it was coming, but we never got any official
word from Nintendo until now. They released it the day
after they announced it. There are 20 games here, and
they are all completely free with your current Nintendo
Switch Online subscription. So, if you have Nintendo Switch Online, you should definitely
take advantage of this. And I’m going to tell you
which ones are worth your time, and which ones you can skip entirely. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Forget
everything you think you know about mobile gaming. One of the most ambitious
RPG projects of 2019 has just been released. (upbeat music) – And take that! It’s “RAID: Shadow Legends”,
you’ve heard of it before. I’m not actually in the game,
this is just a green screen. I tricked you. I got you. But it’s a very immersive experience, “RAID” shouldn’t be compared
to other mobile games, it fits right in with the
biggest PC and console titles, but it’s mobile, and it’s totally free. It’s got a full-fledged
storyline, great 3D graphics, big old boss fights, player
versus player battles, and hundreds of champions
to collect and customize. I’ve been rocking this guy
with his big old sword, look at that thing. “RAID” has almost 300,000 reviews, and they’re almost perfect
score on the Play Store. The player base is growing every day and they already have
plans to expand the game over the next six months. Like a new faction, a tag team arena and a new clan boss for you
to take on with your friends. So, go check out the
video in the description. Click on the special links
and you will get 50,000 silver and a free epic champion as
part of the New Player program to start your journey. I’ll see you on the Battlefield, ah! It’s not, it’s still not real. This app is officially called Super Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online. They should have just called it SNES Games and made it like a folder or something. Anyway, if you have a paid
Nintendo Switch Online subscription, all you have
to do is go to the eShop, and download the free app. The app does a phenomenal
job of emulation, everything looks and plays fantastic. If you’re a fan of that crisp,
high resolution pixel look like I am, you’ll love the way these look. There are some things you can change. For example, you can squish
the screen to Pixel Perfect or you can add a CRT filter. You should probably just leave it at four by three standard though, unless you like the CRT look. The CRT filter is actually
pretty convincing. It even does a good job of
emulating chromatic aberrations. I think this might be
the best official way to play these games, maybe even the best way
to play them, period, if you don’t wanna fiddle around with hundreds of dollars
worth of equipment to get your original
hardware to look this good. The multiplayer for this
app is also pretty great. I haven’t noticed any slow
down, but I’m also only playing with other people who have
really great connections. I’ve heard that if you’re
playing with somebody who does not have a good connection, even if you are the host,
the both of you will stutter just like in “Mario Maker,” which is dumb! Especially, if this app is supposed to be the flagship title for your service. It’s in the name after all,
Nintendo Switch Online. It’s important to keep
in mind that these games are not like modern games. When you connect with someone
else to play these games, they’re being added as the second player as if you’re sitting right next to them. You gotta go down, get down. – [Man] I can’t. Ah, you did it again.
– Oh, sorry. (laughs) I keep thinking this is like an internet game.
– That I’m like independently. – Not like you’re next, well, I have to pretend
like you’re next to me. – [Man] Yeah (laughs). – Since I know people are gonna ask. I played all of these games
with the 8BitDo SN30 Pro+. When the Official Nintendo SNES controller comes out for the Nintendo Switch, I will definitely be giving that a shot. I think the 8BitDo controllers might be a better deal though, because you get the thumb sticks, you get better shoulder buttons and you get an actual Home button. It doesn’t look like the
Official Nintendo SNES controller has a Home button at all. They might claim that their
SNES controller won’t work with other games outside
of the Switch Online apps, but history has told us otherwise. We’ll find out when it
officially comes out later in the month. So, subscribe to see that video. All right, now we can
finally get to the games, I know that your time is valuable, so I’ll go over all of the games that I think you should
definitely play first, and then, we’ll get into
some of the weird ones that you might wanna skip. I’ll say right now, none
of the SNES games are bad. A lot of NES games are bad, but none of the SNES games are bad. Of course, there are some that are just better than others though. I’ve never heard of this game
before, but “Demons Quest” is actually a really
good platforming shooter, disguised as some weird
looking dungeon crawler. When the game starts off
right out of the gate, it seems like it’s gonna
be a difficult time, but once you get the hang of flying and actually aim for the
head, it’s not so bad. It’s actually pretty simple. And flying, leads to some
interesting platforming mechanics. Some levels, you can just fly right over. After the first level of the game, it opens up to this Mode 7 overworld where you can choose your next level. I could have done without this. I’m more for a linear experience, but maybe you’d be into it, I don’t know. This is worth dabbling in though. It’s a good game that I otherwise
would have never heard of. “Mario Kart” might be a good party game, but “F-Zero” is an objectively
better racing game. ♪ F-Zero ♪ (upbeat music) It’s very simple to play. It’s all about speed, and the
tracks are very well designed. It’s also a much better looking game, making great use of Mode 7 rendering. It is way harder though. If you want a casual game to sit down with and chill with your friends,
this probably isn’t it. But if you want a challenging racer, this is something you should check out. Also, if you wanna know where our boy, Captain Falcon came
from, because those games are hard to find these days,
you know what I’m saying? “Star Fox” looks like a
game that someone would play in a movie that is set in the early 90s. It has actual 3D graphics, And it looks like it runs
at about 12 frames a second. “Star Fox 64” is essentially
a remake of this game. So, if you’ve played that, you’ll see a lot of the same stuff here. It’s got the core mechanics
that makes “Star Fox” great, and they feel perfectly fine
here on this inferior hardware. And you haven’t played this game or maybe you just main
“Fox” and “Smash Bros.,” you should definitely play
through this at least once. It’s a very short game and
pretty easy to get through. It’s just a shame the previously
dead, recently released “Star Fox 2” isn’t on Switch
Online, but maybe someday. “Kirby’s Dream Land 3” is
a fantastic “Kirby” game with a great pastel-like art style. Now, you might think that that’s Hamtaro, but his name is actually Rick the Hamster. This is a very creative game, but all creativity came
to a screeching halt when it came time to name that hamster. “Kirby” games are notoriously easy. This one isn’t that easy,
but it’s a chill time. It has multiplayer too,
which is probably very fun, especially, if you’re
playing with a small child. But the real best “Kirby” game on here, is “Kirby’s Dream Course.” And between NES and SNES games,
this might be my favorite multiplayer experience on
Nintendo Switch Online, period. If we’re just talking
about all the retro games. It’s just so much fun. If you don’t believe me, just watch the Game Grumps play through of it, or our play through on the VODS channel. – [Man] Ricochet off
the back of the thing. – That’s what I wanna do. – No, I mean ricochet–
– Come on baby! Yeah! Get some. (laughing) It’s just a golf game,
but with a “Kirby” flare. The goal in the multiplayer
is about getting as many stars as possible
before reaching the hole. So, it’s not really about
getting the best stroke count, it’s more about getting the most stars, and maybe sabotaging your opponent. The single player is great too, if you have no friends
and like golf games. It’s definitely worth giving a shot. Probably one of the top five
games in this whole collection, if we’re being honest. A lot of people placed
“Super Metroid” as number one on the Best Metroid Game of All Time list. I’ve never played it, but it’s
definitely worth checking out even if you’re just a Nintendo fan, and not necessarily a “Metroid” fan. The game starts and immediately
right out of the gate all hell breaks loose. Just like many SNES games, it iterates on its eight bit predecessor, fine tuning the formula that
already worked so well before. This is where the popularity of that 2D exploration format really comes from. I’m talking about the Metroidvania style. Anyway, if you’re a fan of the genre and haven’t played this game, then what the hell are
you doing with yourself? Like if you’re over there
playing “Axiom Verge” and not “Super Metroid,”
you have a problem. Now, I don’t think this is
exactly what people wanted as a sequel for “Super Mario World.” Sure, the inclusion of
playing as Yoshi was cool, but it was like a nice little treat. I don’t think we needed
a whole game out of it. But “Yoshi’s Island” is an
amazing game nonetheless. It’s a very strange “Mario” game. You play as Yoshi and when you get hit, Baby Mario flies off your back and you have to chase him down
before the timer runs out. It’s a lot like playing
“Sonic” with just one ring. Or like playing “Death
Stranding,” I guess. (gentle music as baby faintly voices) – [Man] (laughs) Someone’s happy. – Of course, Yoshi has
other cool abilities. He can eat enemies like he usually can, he can turn them into
eggs which can be thrown, and he can turn into a helicopter
which is perfectly normal, there’s nothing weird about that. It’s definitely one of the most
beautiful games on the SNES. The colored pencil arts style, and the mix of 2D and 3D
elements works really well here. It also came out very late
in the SNES lifecycle, so they knew what they
were doing by this point. Weird quirks aside, it plays
a lot like a “Mario” game, if you were just on Yoshi the whole time, and it definitely has the Nintendo polish of a mainline “Mario” game,
it’s worth checking out. So, I’m not that big of a “Zelda” fan. I’ve said for years that
“A Link to the Past” was the best “Zelda” game. The only game that got
me to stop saying that was “Breath of the Wild.” Granted, I haven’t played
any of the Game Boy games, so that might change my mind. But “A Link to the Past” to me, is the most definitive
2D “Zelda” experience. The original “Legend of Zelda” for the NES is ugly and confusing. I know that having no clear direction is a big part of “Zelda” games, and people like that for
some reason, not this guy. “A Link to the Past” is way
easier to find your way around. I guess the map and environments are a little more fleshed out, so it’s easy to see where you’ve been or what needs more exploring. Plus, the combat is fantastic. If you’re hyped for “Link’s Awakening,” “A Link to the Past” might
be a good substitute for now. The combat in both is very similar. If you’re a “Zelda” fan, and you’ve never played “A
Link to the Past” before, I think you’re not really a “Zelda” fan, but you need to check this game out. It has a lot in it that has gotten adapted in your favorite “Zelda” games. If you’re only going to
play one game on this list, then it should be “Super Mario World.” It is probably the most
feature-dense 2D “Mario” game outside of “Mario Maker.” The idea of multiple paths
from previous “Mario” games gets taken into a new level in this one. The levels themselves have
multiple ways to beat them. Those will take you on a
different path in the Overworld. It’s been a long time
since I played through it. I never had a Super Nintendo growing up. I beat this later in
life through an emulator. I was playing through it
with help from Twitch chat, who can be helpful when they want to. This is what, I’m playing a game, and this is what you look
like, you just look like that. You just look like that. But then when you’re
(beep) keel over here, then you look legit. Look at that, then I’m
like oh, okay, all right, this is a person I need
to pay attention to. You see what I’m saying? Picking up what I’m putting down? But that’s only sometimes. After playing so much “Mario Maker,” “Super Mario World” feels so weird. “Mario Maker” uses the physics
from “New Super Mario Bros.” for all game types, besides “3D World.” So, playing the “Super
Mario World” game type does not feel like playing
actual “Super Mario World.” You can stop on a dime in the air. The jumping arc feels weird, not to mention, the screen is shorter. But the same goes for
“Super Mario Bros. One” and “Three” on NES, those
feel super different. I guess I’m just more
used to those physics because I played those way more. So, if you played a lot of
“Super Mario World” growing up, you’ll be fine. If you played a lot of “Mario Maker”, and are jumping into
“World” for the first time, expect a small adjustment period. (upbeat music) They could do that (laughs). Otherwise, “Super Mario World”
is the game that has aged the best on the Super Nintendo. It’s the most fun you can have here, and probably one that
you need to try the most. Although I’m biased, I’m the Mario guy. What do you want me to do, not say that it’s the best one on my list? Make your own list. “Mario Kart” looks like (beep) ass. Look at how ugly these characters are. Why is the Koopa Brown? Why is Yoshi fat? People have said that this
game hasn’t really aged well, and I agree with them a little bit. It’s not impossible to control, it’s definitely harder than
modern “Mario Kart” games. It’s cool to see where
the series all started. To be honest, not much has changed. It still has the iconic items. Even the drift is there,
it just feels really weird. Otherwise, I don’t think it’s all that necessary to check out. Maybe if you just wanna play
some multiplayer with a friend, but probably just stick to new
“Mario Kart” if you haven’t. Known in Japan as “Caveman Combat 3: “The Protagonists Are Joe & Mac Again” “Joe & Mac 2” is a pretty
decent-sized scrolling platformer. I’d imagine the multiplayer
is pretty solid, since it’s just the
same game with a buddy. As far as platformers go,
this has aged very well. It also looks really solid. I would recommend giving this a shot, and maybe trying it out with a friend. I would try this out over the beat ’em ups since the platforming elements make it a little more interesting. If you’re playing by yourself,
it’s an above average pick. There’s other games that you
should spend your time on, but this is still good nonetheless. “Brawl Brothers” is a pretty
good generic beat ’em up. The multiplayer is probably
good to play with somebody else, but otherwise, it’s just
a generic beat ’em up. “Pilotwings”, isn’t that great? I know the N64 version
is praised by people who grew up with it, but the
SNES version is just all right. Maybe it hasn’t aged well, but I’d say you can probably
skip right over this one. This is a game that got
a weird amount of praise from people after hearing
about its inclusion in the Nintendo Switch Online collection. “Stunt Race FX” makes
use of the Super FX chip to worse effect than “Star Fox.” This game runs at an
even lower frame rate. The racing mode isn’t that great, but the stunt mode is pretty good. That weird border you
see is probably there so that the game doesn’t have
to render the entire screen, which is a shame,
because it’s pretty ugly. All in all, this game is pretty okay. Just “Super Tennis,” also,
absolutely, “Super Soccer.” “Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts”
is just as impossible as its NES predecessor. Don’t play this, if you’re
not up for the challenge. With the inclusion of the Rewind feature, it’s a little easier, but if you use that
you’re a big old bitch. If you don’t know if
this is the type of game that you wanna play, then it’s
probably not the type of game that you wanna play. If you do know that
this is the type of game that you wanna play, then why do you even need me to tell you. “Super Puyo Puyo 2” is an interesting one. I’m surprised they put
a Japanese ROM on here with no translation whatsoever. But aside from all of the cutesy graphics, it’s just a “Puyo Puyo Tetris” game. You can mash through the
menus without a problem. If you’ve played “Puyo Puyo” before, you kinda get the gist. It’s a good game, but you
could probably skip this one. I was not excited to play this game. “Breath of Fire” is a turn-based RPG. This is not my type of game. So, if you wanna hear if
“Breath of Fire” is good or not, maybe ask someone else. Yeah, that’s how I got out of bed too. It takes way too long to even start this. I recently learned that this
is not in the same series as the “Earth Defense Force”
games that we already have. “Super E.D.F.: Earth Defense Force,” this is a completely separate thing. Whereas those other ones
are first person shooters, this is a bullet hole shooter. It’s very hard. It’s a, well, it’s certainly
part of the list, isn’t it? The only game that the Super
Famicom version of this app has that the American version does not, is “Super Family Tetris.” It looks and plays pretty much
identically to “Super Tetris” so (beep) this game too. But it’s good to have
the Super Famicom app downloaded as well, just
in case Japan gets a game in the future that we don’t get. For example, they might get
games like “Fire Emblem” or “Legends of the Mystical
Ninja” before we do. It’s very easy to make a
Japanese Nintendo account. And after you do that, all you have to do is log on to the eShop and press Download. So, we covered everything
about the Super Nintendo Entertainment System –
Nintendo Switch Online app. Hopefully, now you have
a better understanding of which one of these games
you should definitely try, and the ones that you should maybe avoid or only play if you have the
time, or they interest you. If you have the time,
I think you should give all of these games a try. You’re paying for them anyway
with your subscription. I’ll note that Nintendo
said that new SNES games will not be coming to this
app on a regular schedule. So, that means they’re
probably not gonna come on a monthly basis. I’d expect them to be
less frequent than that. They’re not gonna flood
in like the NES games did. But hopefully, we’ll still see some games like “Super Mario RPG,” or
maybe even “Turtles in Time.” I know licensed games might be a problem, but I still have my fingers
crossed for something like that. The best game on the Super
Nintendo was “Mega Man X,” but that we already have on the Switch via the “Mega Man X” collection. So, I wouldn’t hold my
breath for that one. But anyway, what do you guys think about all of these Super Nintendo
Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online games? What do you think of that name? What are some of your favorites? Of course you’re gonna tell me the ones that you think are better than I thought that they were. Does that even make
sense, what I just said? Anyway, you can leave your
thoughts in the comments below. You can add me on Twitter. Any and all of these other
social media garbage. Also, let me know what you’d
like to see come in the future on the Super Nintendo
Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online app. Of course, we got new videos
and live streams all the time. Our schedule is usually in
a pin tweet over on Twitter. We’ve got Wulff Den Live
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  16. Subscribed. Because I need to be told stuff in a funny entertaining way, I just bought a switch, and I'm a Mario/nes guy. Keep up the good work!

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