Wie man seine FANS hart LIEBT! | Ep. 3a | #BroadcastMyAss

So where are we going? Shut up and follow me! I like it when she’s bossy like this. So tsundere. Tsundere is an anime cliche, that contradicts reality. Cliche as in the shy asian, the dumb german or… the black girl with an afro? Exactly! Lazy writing… Are we – there yet? Yes! Tadaaa!! That… has always been there. That’s the founder monument of Karl the Cowboy. You can’t say cowboy anymore! You mean Indian. You can’t dress like them. Both! Ohhh… even in villages? Don’t think so. Boys! Huh? Check your phones! Maybe check Timmy’s. What?!! How can this be? Wow!! That’s super fast!! So my mom does honorary work for the town right? And she said, they want to further the information flow on the history of Dullsville with this hyper modern interactive hotspot! Apparently they forgot to lock the network and now we have a free highspeed hotspot! Nice, but… why? Cause the Internet is news to them! No, why did they build this thing in the first place? The year is almost over. They have to spend more money so they get more next year. That means they mindlessly spend it on dumb things that no one needs? Oh! YouTube Premium Ads? Sold! Yep… even for that. Christmas decorations? Seems a bit… lost in all this green. Climate change. Hmm. Climate change doesn’t exist! Hahahaha! Oh… kay. Where’s the Christmas spirit guys? I mean it’s all about – families that pretend to be happy? “Free hugs” because real presents are too materialistic? Sweet tweets by PeterPirella – you know him? He’s this cute YouTuber! He writes his fans these adorable things – NO! I mean, the biggest ever give away on YouTube!! That’s Leggi and Steven Dessous! And because we love you so much and want to give someting back to our community – we’ll give away this Playsi5 and 1000 bucks in Cash!! OH MY GOD, REALLY? OH MY GOD! YES!!! Real… presents!! With that kind of money I could secretly drive to the city every day after school! Meh. And the winner gets a huge shout out on our channels! We HAVE TO win this!!! All you need to do is subscribe, give a thumbs up – activate the bell, click on the ad – how do they want to check that? And send a imaginative gift to our post box! I already know something!! Show this video to 5 friends! One, two – hey guys! Watch Steven Dessous new video! What? ON YOUTUBE!! What did you just call me? say a spell, and make a spin. They actually think, their fans will do anything for… ABRACADABRAAA Ooookaay!! Show me! What’s your fan present for Steven Dessous and… Leggi. I worked on this all night – it’s a montage that show what great friends we three are! Awwww ~ Not us! Leggi, Steven and I! And you? Spit-Sake! Ewww!! What!? But when they do it in “your name” it’s cute or what? What will you add, Lana? Haha! Hahaha! Me? Nothing. As if I would participate in this. But – I’ll bring this to my mom, she can send it with the town’s mail – so we save the postage So – bye guys – Byeeeee! Ehm…? Oh – PeterPirella. “You are the prettiest girl in the world. You deserve happiness. RT to get happy.” Hmm… Maybe it helps. It won’t hurt. So? Any updates? No. What now? Ask again and I will burn you longboard! Whatever, the roads are too fucked up anyway. Didn’t you give away a pack of your mom’s cigs for it? Yeah, but only to realize the hype was already over. I hope no YouTuber will decide to make a horse-tour. Cause every one will buy horses and won’t care if it gets burned! Mimimimimimi! Ahhhh! The new video by Steven Dessous is here! And? Mmmmh. Ahh… Guys? Did we win? Kss! Kss! Kss!!! Guys??? Ah… Nothing. What nothing? Nothing nothing! Huh? He didn’t say anything about the giveaway. Maybe… it takes time Maybe it just takes some time. Exactly! It’s hard work to check all the stuff. Find the winner and all. Well, not really. We’ll just keep waiting! Hehe… That’s impossible! It’s been more than a month!! Why did I even believe in my happiness? It’s all bullshit… “You know who I love? You.” Aww… okay then. Oh and there’s a fan meet up in the city? Guys, look at this!! Just didn’t feel like finding a winner. But here ehm… Lana from Dullsville won. Two weeks ago we sent the Playsi and the money Just in time for Christmas – you know your Stevey Steve! I keep my word! …Lana? Me? What did you even send? My spare hairband. What?!? What about my montage?! Or my spitsake? I mean HELLOOHOOO?! Chill out guys – the important question is – what happened to my Playsi and the money? What do you mean? Well obviously nothing ever got here! And the “shoutout” was an actual joke… Do you think – the stuff was stolen? AAAHH!! Maybe someone from the post had it in for my Playsi – my precioooooous!! Or more likely for the money! No matter where it got lost, we should solve this mystery! Yess!! Sounds like a case for the three questionmarks! Dude, don’t! That could get you in legal trouble! Oh But yeah, we should solve this mystery and… you know my methods! This is impossible! No one knows where our prizes are? Like they never existed! Maybe my spitsake opened a second timeline and the giveaway is only in 3 years – Eh…. What? Your name. Anime. Steven’s channel growth shows the giveaway took place. Wow! He got more subs than ever before! And because we love you so much and want to give someting back to our community – Give back? Yeah sure… give yourself a huge sub push maybe. we’ll give away this Playsi5 and 1000 bucks in Cash!! OH MY GOD, REALLY? OH MY GOD! YES!!! Are you watching NineLive? I though that channel was shut down for fraud! No, mom, that’s… YouTube. Oh – okay. Too bad, cause I actually won 10 bucks once. After a 100 calls, but still… Fraud? Do you mean, the giveaway was a giant piss take? That – that can’t be! I mean they have a huge audience! True! That would be like someone cheating themselves into the White House with everyone watching – wait whaaaat? Well… No, Stein’s right. I can’t believe this! Okay, we’ll see what good old Steve has to say about this! What are you doing? I’m tweeting! “@StevenDessous – I’m this Lana from Dullsville! Nothing EVER got here! Explain?” I can’t see the tweet in my timeline? Second account. You know, Social Media ban by my mom. And when I tweet as Lana Delay, that means instant trouble. Hmm – so do you think he’s actually going to reply? There’s only one way to make sure he does! Huh? We go to the city and look for him! Investigations 2.0! Genius! And I’m filming! That’s gonna be a click-bomb! Okay – let’s go!! And this time we’ll look for a good connection for the return, okay? You could’ve said you just wanted to go for the fan meet up with PeterPirella in the city. So not true! That’s just – a lucky coincident. And it’s actually already over. So come on! Faster! Peter-who? Oh, just this slimy deep-thoughts-YouTuber. Hey! With his pseudo-caring ,corny tweets he’s targeting unstable emo kids, so they get emotionally attached to him. Stein Schulz! One more word about him and – oh? Hahahaha! OMG! I bought 10 shirts just to give him something back! Me too! And I built his twitch account out of gingerbread!! He keeps making us compliments on twitter! That’s the least we can do! I need that, cause NO ONE else loves me! Same. I even put up my donations for him! You don’t leave friends hanging! Sooo true! He’s like a true friend! Mmmmmhm. Not everyone’s like that okay? Look guys, Lanas tweet got retweeted a 100 times already! Rad! Really good, Lana! Eh… Lana? Come on just gve me one t-shirt – I missed it all! I pay welll!! WHAT? That’s so sad… apropros – isn’t that him? Huh? Where? But what if someone sees you? Boy, relax! I’ll be careful, that’s my job. I just need to take a piss. Just be quick! Hey Peter! It’s so cool I didn’t actually miss you!! Awesome… Heeeeyyy!! Do you remember me? Fan meet up in Monaco? Yes!! I do know you from there! Yeah! I gave you that thing – Yess!! I still got it! What kind of thing? Eehhhm… Why is there a huge garbage truck? …with the YouTube logo on it? Ahhh! Because eh – and a sign saying YOUTUBER-WASTE-DISPOSAL – SPECIAL SERVICE! And why is it full of presents! I don’t know, that’s not mine – And why is there a gingerbread version of your twitch channel design? Peter!? Is there a problem? AHHHH! Who are you and what are you doing? I own the YouTuber-Garbage-Disposal and get rid of fan presents! Traitor! Excuse me? The boy had a moon stick!! But I don’t get it!! Aren’t presents great? Yeah, for you fan kiddos maybe. But what are the YouTubers supposed to do with your weird drawings and germ infected treats! Seriously! First you take a piss then you touch your phone and then you bake cookies!! There’s a thing called soap – – Thanks! Hey, don’t be mad at me! I only go from YouTuber to YouTuber and meet the demand for bullshit-disposal. That… is not bullshit, but a high end montage made of REAL photos! That – that’s your entry for the StevenDessous-Giveaway!! Is that your client, too?! I won’t say anything without my lawyer! Is my… my spitsake! EWWW!! Even your hairband, that you won with, Lana! Wait – the Lana? Of Steven Dessous giveaway? You look super different in the video! What video? Maybe you saw Lana’s tweet. I invited her personally to give her the Playsi and the money! Hey Steven, thanks for the playsi and the money short break smile. I’m happy. Very. Yes. That’s… that’s a bad joke, right? I even know those two! Yeah, of course you do. Those are Angel’s friends from the city!! They are bought! What a damn fraud! That calls for – Revenge!! And you loser will help us or we’ll expose you! Okay okay, but – take these germy cookies away from me!! Eww! Do whatever you want but can you get off my garbage? I still need to go to Kaya Krassevita and if I don’t hurry it’s going to get messy again and leave stains everywhere – Wuaaaah!! Thanks! So! And now you! Hnng! You will help us make them pay!


  1. Vergesst nicht am Ende der Folge in der Infocard abzustimmen was nächste Woche passieren soll und schreibt es uns auch gerne in Kommentare! Viel Spaß bei der Folge <3

  2. Der arme Stein, der hat kein Smartphone ._. man konnte ihn nicht mitgucken lassen. Vllt wird es mal vorkommen wo Stein ausrastet und abhaut, weil er trotz seinen reichen Eltern nichts hat. Finde das würde passen ^^

    Und wie ich richtig verstanden habe war der Müllmann vorher bei diesen beiden Youtuber und danach bei den pinkhaarigen richtig? Sorry, wenn ich die Namen nicht so schnell merke XD

    Ich habe für Option 2 abgestimmt, weil das gut passt und es für mich so ausgesehen hat, dass Fake-Lana das irgendwie nicht so wollte. Mal gespannt ob Angles Freundin wirklich Lana heißt ^^ ansonsten hätte sie wahrscheinlich anders auf unsere Lana reagiert.

  3. Ich hoffe sie können dem Typen endlich die Meinung geigen und dass er vor seiner community bloß gestellt wird
    ps: Ich liebe diese ganzen Anime Anspielungen! <3

  4. Schöne Your Name Anspielung uwu

    Und ich habe es endlich mit dem Intro verstanden XD alle A folgen haben das lange und alle B das kurze ^^ also darauf hätte ich früher kommen können XD

  5. Immerhin einer der noch an das gute alte "1000 Euro & ne XBox" Meme denkt. Schön. 👌😂
    Lange ists her & schon so lange nicht mehr gehört/gelesen. 😌

  6. Ist eig sonst irgendwer auch der Meinung, dass in Steins Asthmaspray auch kein Asthmaspray sondern andere gewisse Substanze ?😂

  7. Ihr erklärt es sogar in diesen Video… Dennoch am ende helft Timmy subscribers… xD

    Steht da nicht Funk?
    Da Funk Kanäle mit von Steuern Finanziert werden. Werde ich niemals ein dieser Kanäle abonnieren oder sonnst der gleichen. Hab ihr nicht nötig.

    Gucken, Daum hoch oder runter machen, ja.

  8. Kann man mir mal bitte erklären, wie die drei jetzt wieder in die Stadt gekommen sind? Also praktisch ohne Geld, oder habe ich was verpasst? 😀

  9. YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Jetzt stellt sich raus das Eggi der Cousin von Mik XD, eigentlich keine schlechte idee

  10. Voll ungewohnt eine Folge ohne Angel zu haben 0.0
    Ich würde gerne sagen, dass es viel zu ruhig ist, aber das wäre eine glatte Lüge…

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