WinkPax G1 Reveiw – Gaming Tablet with detachable joystick😛

Hello internet I’m Elijah and in today’s episode we are going to review something so unusual that if you will see the thing for the first time you would probably say… Whatta hell is that????.
And this beautiful feeling will stay with you until you realize that it is just a phablet, hybrid between phone and tablet, with the detachable game-pad. And name for this weird looking device is WinkPax G1.
This gaming phablet built on octa-core 1.3Ghz processor Mt8783, has 2GB of random access memory and 32GB of internal storage. Device also supports SD card up to 128GB and, what is more important, has slot for micro-Sim, which means that you can use it as the fully functional smartphone. Design of the WinkPax most likely inspired by gaming laptops. Body has a form of octagon, where back cover made mostly of metal with the plastic inserts on the both sides. Physical buttons on the top are easily recognizable and very easy to press. All the ports, including port for micro USB and micro HDMI, located on the right side of the device. What make this piece of technology a gaming device you may ask? Well, it has a nice accessory – foldable gamepad where you can install the phablet. Just pull the gamepad in hand, install the handset in between and lock it on the back. It remains only to connect the phone via Bluetooth. To do that simply press and hold the big W button on the gamepad and then find and choose Wink joystick among available devices in the Bluetooth settings. And that is all! WinkPax is ready for use. Gamepad can also be used with any other devices that supports Bluetooth.
Since manufacturer positioning Winkpax as gaming device first of all we’ve decided to check its gaming capabilities. In Modern Combat 5 you may expect some serious FPS drops in some moments however most of the time the game keeps 20-25FPS. It may annoy a bit, but it you can still comfortably play it. Epic Citadel and Real Racing running quite smooth and both giving around 25-30 FPS. Phablet has decent 8 inch IPS display with FullHD resolution which preforming greatly on direct sunlight and look gorges under any angle. It is quite sharp, bright, colorful, very responsive and support supports up to 10 touches. Both 13 MP rear camera and 8MP front camera are quite alright, although they play rather nominal role in that handset. Rear camera have very nice exposition setups, great color rendering, however it lacks sharpness and pictures seems to be quite blurry. What is even more surprisingly both cameras have very low noise level while making pictures in low light conditions. Tablet equipped with 5400 mAh built-in battery and under the load of Epic Citadel with 100% brightness and Bluetooth and Wifi modules turned on, device holds the charge for about 4,5 hours. During the normal use it hold the charge for 17-20 hours or even more depending on settings configurations. And that is all for today. I’m Elijah. Hope you found this review useful. If you want to buy the device click on this button here. If you want to subscribe press this icon right over there. And if you want to watch more of my videos, please, click on this window. Like our video, leave the comments in the section bellow. Thank you for watching and farewell.


  1. stop these companies from releasing such shit and calling them GAMING tablets, theres only one of those and nvidia makes it. gpd does the same thing, a bunch f hype for low settings 20 fps smh, and people buy it for 300 dollars

  2. Can you buy the controller separate? It would be awesome to modify it for my Nvidia K1 so i can play my pc games like a pro on the go.

  3. heck for that price you might as well just buy a switch, I wish they would just sell that convertible controller on its own tho

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