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Hey codes, what’s up, buddy? I want you to do the honors
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Twins purple dude perfect in overtime tall guy beard twins purple our head
What was your last desk pops been a minute that’s in a minute just pops amazing
Laurie alright anyways, run down to the show today. We got a banger to start real unfortunate followed by hey
Guess what? We have a brand new gaming room here at D phq-2
Unveiled for the first time this episode then we head to everybody’s favorite cool not cool
And then we finish it with an absolute gem of a betcha
You’re gonna want to stay for the end on that one
But right now I need to go get a new hat because it’s time for some wheel unfortunately
For this drawing of wheel unfortunate we will be featuring the squid
It’s an oldie but a goodie I’m gonna need you to hold this while I get our names
All five names are going in the Hat. Here we go Cubs. Don’t think just pick just think don’t think right now just pick
Oh my gosh, we did it
Wait, I didn’t really want him to fit him. Yeah, he’s good open it. Here we go boys
For the very first time a
Lot of people say could never happen they said today was impossible
But today for the first time I get to meet one of my childhood heroes. He’s a fan above Giants and a giant among men
Please put your hands together for mr
To be here thank you Wow, you know, I have to say with all due respect. You’re much better-looking in person than on camera
Thank you. I think way you know what I say put her there pal sure. Oh, oh
Well, there’s like a some kind of a like a reverse magnet weird. Try that again
Well, it feels really weird let me really step into this will let me see
Golly that hurts Oh, hold on one sec. Sorry about this little unprofessional better. Keep this lobby
Okay, sir, the birds you see it all touch. Yeah. Hey Bob, quite the professional show here. Oh good. Okay. I’ll be right there
Okay. I’m on my way Oh, bye good folks. I am so sorry. Mr. Tony. I apologize
I’ve had a little bit of an emergency one of my rabbit’s pixi got out of its cage and it’s trying to glue to the
Apartment complex. I’ve got to go. I’m somebody coach Jerry’s gonna take he’s a great guy
He’s not as good as me obviously, but he’s a I’ll grab him. He’ll come in. He’ll do fine
Yeah good first time on the show when he leaves me hanging
Who’s Jerry by the way?
Down old man out of step out. What’s your name bud? I think I want that back
I can tell man from the beer. I hear how many times been on show first time actually?
Honey is your I’m saying haha. Yeah. No, I’m definitely the sticker guy
I got a whole hand bulb in my RV out back just opened up the poop chute last week back
You do not want to be within a mile at trash. Jerry’s RV. I can’t imagine. All right, brother
What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time? Send it ha ha
I do sled snowboard skis whatever awful doing all we got to spin this wheels. We’re live old TV, baby
Hey Frank, sorry about last weekend
You can make cheddar biscuits without milk sausage you have to buy per second cheering so for buddy
Ladies and gentlemen here
we are the day that everybody has been waiting for the day that I
Had to spin the wheel and what a treat to land on milk a cow straight in your mouth
Typically, I would be more excited than I am right now to introduce our special guests here, especially a man of his stature
But I have to milk a cow into my mouth. So ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for chip Gaines
Sekou its chips go for lose these
Not any more chips. Yeah, it is. It’s remarkable. What you say average temperature coming out. What are we supposed to be 98?
I would say this is 98
This to just kind of set the tempo here I
Think that means it’s go time. Let’s go take a look
This is we got a lot of wasps Oh
Tyler I thought this was the e this is gonna be worse than I thought. Oh, they’re like flying needles. Hey boss
Much more stressful than I imagined
I’m gonna do this once okay, and then from that point on you’re completely on your own
Okay, your dad ever teach. You got a swim by pushing you in the back into a lake
It’s a video that’s about how this is gonna go
Okay, grab a hold and a higher the better because it gives you a little pressure because the milk is literally in the milk
Yeah, see gravity kind of high kinda high and then you pinch it off just like a water balloon and then you bring it down
I’ve never seen this technique so
I want to throw it. It’s not only killer Ross we have it. Looks like we got a pile of fire in
This is amazing
There you have it. How do you wrap this up? I’m in a low place right now. I’m in an all-time low
Well, you know after watching so many wheel unfortunates as a bystander
getting to enjoy the
Horrible treatment of others I’m getting choked up just talking about I understand core. I understand
I understand your pain what you went through and I would never wish that on anybody
I hope I never get picked for the wheel again. Thank you special thanks to chip I guess for having us out. All right
And I guess there’s only one thing left to say boys. Say it with me that
Dude okay, buddy. That was an all-time low. I think we should just get away
Just get forget it happen move on to the next segment
coming up next a project that we have been working on for quite some time now and
The office has been a little dustier than usual
But it’s worth it because now here at D phq-2 we have the ultimate gaming
It is time to unveil it in a segment we like to call gate
Welcome to the DP vault equipped with a keypad activating sliding door a 4k projector
– 65 inch side screens color changing LED floor
Custom DP gaming computers five of the comfiest chairs known to man and last but not least the ultimate candy wall
Welcome to the first ever game in the vault. It’s game time. We’ve chosen our game gang beasts
First person to three wins is the winner objective of the game be the last man standing
Everybody select your character. Hey, who’s who I’m red. I’m the blue bull. I’m purple
Nimble feet. Oh
Man I love the game room. I’m a camper and a runner not coming for you boy
Cody were scary cody green gets purple. This is my kind of level. I take each level
Go to your dead boy stop running
I’m exhausted after watching that we’re going after Cody
We got to go off your coach
You won’t come over here
We’re gonna team up they’re after us oh
Yeah, follow the Bulls down Tyler and Cody are both gonna scary it’s up to you or this whole thing’s over
I’m not Garrett is our only hope to continue the game
One thing left to do congratulations to myself. Hey, thanks. Hey, we’ll see you next time on game time
My favorite part of the gaming room. It’s got to be the candy wall
I like the games and all but how can you not appreciate a good candy just out of curiosity which segments next?
Coming up next everybody’s favorite segment cool not cool
But because it’s over time 10 we decided we mix it up do something a little bit special
So this will be our first ever on
Location themed. Oh not cool. Let’s head to Garrett Spore
Welcome to a special segment of cool not cool where we are literally in here. It’s Paul
Yeah, so this is a summer theme cool not cool. Everybody has selected a summary item
I feel I’m gonna kick us off do it
I’ve got a good item and let me grab it real quick and I’ll be right back. Good night
It was slow cleaner like this scuse me gentlemen coming back in. Oh, we have got the classic
Problematic summer situation you’re dying outside with your family and friends, but you got some flies on your juicy burger and your dreams Buffy
No, sir. Oh, you’re gonna take the fly gun. You’re gonna say
When you shoot Eli’s are gone, oh gold florins, she’s soft fill this thing up with table salt like literally
regular salt
Put it in you can just use that to put salt on eggs you good if you wanted to I so it does. Oh
Oh, you don’t want to shoot at it people but yeah for flies it works really well
Obviously, I’m gonna green van Eyck. I gotta say that’s amazing. Oh, I was gonna go green. Yeah
The reason is my uncle’s had that gun for like three years
No, I don’t why you think it’s a new thing, but the fact they already have it doesn’t change anything
It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever owned thank really Thank You, Koby. Thank you. Cory. Does it shoot farther? Absolutely. Yeah
Let me go get mine. All right, would you mind taking mine off? Yeah. Oh wow
I know you guys are thinking it’s had a watermelon. Yeah, it is it is first of all you guys like watermelon
I know you I learned you got em like this cut a watermelon open all you got to do. Oh
I mean that hey you get enough, you know, wow
Look at those
little tasty food item n
This solves a problem that I didn’t even know existed
But I made it way easier Green found you you put you bring the salt gun out keep the flies off
Ya have this aren’t you gonna eat watermelon?
All great Mambo is I love watermelon, but unfortunately my grocery store already sells a pre-cut for that
You know wait for your eyes and this is what’s wrong with America. Well, somebody help me win Cody’s up guys like enough strike
somebody to try to turn the tables here though, see if we can’t possibly get a green out of
Co-develop me back and just one moment gentlemen
You guys starting to get a little bit hot? Yes, I am. Yes, I would like to present to you the remote control Oh
We will never ever have a super cool oh oh
Gentlemen welcome, you know what I want to sell you on it, but I’m gonna let the Flamingo do the selling
This is Mike honest women, you know? Yeah, that’s not really getting in water
I’m greeted. It’s
The mister and the Flamingo would be a really good combo it comes down to this dream baby doll ruined time
A lot of power and with a lot of power comes great responsibility
And I am going to lean on my morals it as bad as I want to hit that red button do it
I got turned up
You know what you’re it’s a little too big for me to take home it’s all yours buddy y’all stay here
Your eyes to the sky
No, RC play net that’s huge
Big road you and head to the pool and I were you bringing it over here bring it in
You risk my life red I
Don’t care
I’m cool. Not cool where the votes don’t matter. So hey
Okay summer edition of cool not cool we’ll see you back instead
Here’s a segment that I gotta admit. I’ve missed quite dearly and codes filled me in it’s gonna be a good
It’s time to go to bed Josh
Codes Phil these guys in on exactly what the betcha is
I came across a ridiculous video of a guy log
Creation and he would sneak hotdogs wieners on to people to either in their pockets their purse hoodie, whatever I betcha
I could sneak five hot dogs
In a row without getting caught on their person and if they notice you doing it in the moment
You’re caught and it’s not soap and you got to start out. We gotta start over
You know what? I’m gonna up the ante v hot dog has to be a foot longer. Oh
No it zero chance sir, I’m gonna be honest with you
I was so adamantly against you in the last betcha, and I’m not gonna be in that position again, so I am team coach
Here’s how I think this should work I think we send them out solo. It’ll be less recognizable
Although you should still change your shirt go film it the first time I see it
I want it to be right here live with you
Right now he’s pretty messed up
Can we watch the video we may okay, let’s take a look. All right, let’s go hot dogs and people
No way
In the drink No
This is back at the office
Got him we got it. That counts baby. All right. Here’s a foot long last one. Don’t know much about the area
Very cool guy touch me. Oh, it’s so weird
Gift my man if I have learned one thing on this segment, it is never bet against Cody
Thank you for joining us what an episode. Hey good news
If you want to come see some more like ot segments live come to the DP summer tour
Okay, if you want to get your tickets click right here
And if you want to see the last video click right here signing off for now where the mics are fake
And Cody is a hot dog putting machine. I
Don’t know what that means hot dog

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