1. PewDiePie, sometimes, there was even NSWF after it like not safe for work and sfw – safe for work
    Why do you click on that with [NSFW] behind?

  2. i wish i never watched the toothpick one, think about that almost daily and it makes my toes curl

  3. Came here from 2019 bottle challenge and instantly regretted how pewd’s had to be censored to keep his channel 😭 I still love his content though.

  4. "Why don't you just go to the fucking Australia like the good old days."
    -Pewdiepie, on the fact that his viewers are pussies.

  5. back in 8th grade ( a few years ago )

    I was watching some guys play 50 50
    I decided to look and just when I looked a video came up of two men slowly being decapitated by a chainsaw.

    I had a mental breakdown the next period and was sent for counseling.

    Thanks Reddit!

  6. 2:16 I have a soft spot for guinea pigs, (I’ve have 2 that were mine die, and one my brothers when we were 8) and I almost broke down in tears hoping for the guinea pigs!

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