WoW® Classic with Creators

I don’t think I knew what we were making
as we were developing WoW.
I didn’t know what all the systems
in this game were supposed to be.
All I knew was that
we were building something huge
and amazing and beautiful.
When I was hired
under the World of Warcraft team,
I think it was under the title
of 3D Artist.
I was hired on
as an Associate Quest Designer.
So, I joined World of Warcraft
as 1 of the original
first 2 Quest Designers.
It was myself and Pat Nagle.
My name is Patrick Nagle.
I started working at Blizzard in 1997.
My name is Tom Chilton,
and the first game I worked on
here at Blizzard was World of Warcraft.
-All right.
-Here we go.
Look at this.
Onyxia by the end of the play session?
Yeah, we got this. Do I need to go back?
Vaguely remember.
What is this template thing,
and do I need to worry about it, Alex?
You guys did work on this.
And it’s like, “This is the worst!”
You never forget your first thing,
as it were, that you add to the game.
You just don’t.
I can’t say I really remember.
The first quest I made was
Kobold Camp Cleanup.
Bingles’ Lost Tools,
or, I believe, Bingles’ Missing Supplies.
I feel like, “Man,
I really should have remembered that.”
So, the very first thing that I worked on
and added to the game
were some of
the earliest quests in Westfall.
We had a few things in-game.
They were like these really old buildings
that somebody else had built.
It almost looked like they had just
pulled them out of Warcraft III.
And so, I started working on
the Goldshire Inn.
You deliver some mail to a sheriff.
So, that’s what we’re doing right now.
Are you reading the note
that Marshal McBride gives you?
-Yeah. I think I wrote it.
-You probably did.
Probably in all caps with crayon, too.
The way that we went about it
was interesting and very naïve,
because we didn’t know
what we were really making then.
We had an idea of what we wanted to make,
but the reality would become clearer
as we got into alpha.
That was the way some of the development
on that project went.
But the team was just so into
everything that we were doing,
and we were so passionate about it,
that you would come up with an idea…
…and you thought it was great,
and you would just do it.
Working on a lot of different things
at the same time was a challenge.
There were the talents, the class design,
the Auction House, there was PvP.
There was a lot of different stuff
going on at once.
I think it was the first time I’ve seen
a group of human beings
so singularly motivated and passionate
about anything in my life.
I think they just wanted to make
a massively multiplayer role-playing game
that they wanted to play.
I mean, that’s what I got from it,
and that’s why I wanted to join.
Remember when we had to do these quests?
I literally freaked about this,
because it was one of my first:
“You must do this,”
and I’m freaking out, like,
“It’s got to be amazing,
so I’m going to name this guy
something awesome.”
Falkhaan Isenstrider…
Everybody’s planning.
We are planning
our WoW Classic experience right now.
We’re trying to decide,
do we want to be Horde or Alliance?
I was always the main tank.
My wife was the main healer.
Do we want to do that again
or switch it up?
Ironically enough, I go through
some of the same considerations
about what character class to play.
All of those same questions that were
bubbling around in my head 15 years ago
are bubbling in my head again.
It doesn’t feel like
there’s an absolutely right answer,
which is probably a good sign.
Yeah, I mean, I would love to go through
the Deadmines with them as well.
I mean, I think it was
the first dungeon we ever made.
It had a great story.
We are waiting for you.
-You’re in the dungeon?
-Oh, wait.
-Not the dungeon itself.
OK, yeah, this is the public…
Oh, Jeff’s going.
Oh, I went the wrong way.
-Oh, no!
How did people ever figure this out?
It’s kind of bittersweet to think about
playing the game again,
because there was something so special
when it launched,
and I can only hope that…
…as I play it again,
it can reignite that sense
of exploration and discovery,
and the sense of the unknown.
And at some point
during gameplay, it’s like…
…whatever that initial thing was that
grabbed you the first time 15 years ago,
it just kind of grabs you again.
I need heals.
I need heals. I need heals!
Oh, you’re going down!
Oh, my God!
Healer is down.
There’s the Pillagers.
I feel like so much of the magic
is here in the game,
and I wasn’t actually expecting that –
how much it holds up
and how many of the things
that drew me into the game
are still there.
Wait, did you guys get the sheep?
What are you doing?
For me, it goes past the nostalgia
that you get of playing the content,
and it takes me to another time
of a younger me,
in a different mindset, even.
I remember during development
the first time that I took a gryphon ride.
And I’ll never forget that experience
of realizing that everything
that I was flying over was real
and connected,
and it was this world for me to explore.
I go back to a quote from Chris Metzen.
Chris always said that the main character
of World of Warcraft is the world.
Something that WoW Classic had
that was so important to the original
experience was sense of world.
You had to run everywhere,
so it really made you think
about travel and pacing.
One of the reasons WoW is so successful
is that the world itself
really draws you in,
and there’s so much character,
especially in those early zones.
There was so much
creative energy and passion
that it made up for some of
the inexperience sometimes.
Everybody on the team so ardently desired
to create the coolest possible thing
that they could,
and every day we went into work,
and we poured our hearts and souls
into the project,
and I think that’s the reason it came
together into the game that it is today.
It’s such a degree of fidelity,
that many millions of people
could potentially come
and play this thing…
…that really changed us as developers,
changed us as a company.
There’s going to be people who have
never played World of Warcraft before.
They’re going to get to experience
pretty much what somebody
a generation before them did
and have that magical moment.
I think we should keep it hard like this,
and the people who want to do it,
it’s just going to be
a really fun way to play WoW.
I think there’s something to be said
for going home again,
which is something that we don’t get
in our lives on a normal basis.
I think that’s a special
and exceedingly rare thing
to be able to do,
and I think that WoW Classic
gives those people that opportunity
to experience again what home feels like.


  1. WoW2 has to be done in VR its the only way that game would hold up for another decade plus, theres no way i can stare at a 2D monitor playing WoW2 its not enough to get me back in. Id still try it out but it would last way longer as a game if it were VR,

  2. I played but didn’t really play classic. Never hit max level, I was like 13. Tried bfa, hated it. Playing classic, absolutely loving it.

  3. Boy, no wonder WoW sucks…these guys are all a bunch of clowns. I'm sorry, too all you WoW fans, I played the game, even loved the game, until I realized how low quality it all actually is. Now I finally know why. All these guys, and the whole WoW community, are a bunch of clowns.
    Nobody is perfect, but nothing short of cluelessness in the entire WoW installment. I can tell none of these guys have been involved in Warcraft.
    That's what WoW is missing. Warcraft had quality. That's what WoW is lacking.

  4. Mindset back then on making quest and ease of travelling was very different. Now the maps need to come with more content, fun quests, and less big empty areas. Back then it was like "hey look how big the game is" .. when it's just big open space of repeated creatures scattered around pointlessly

  5. Would be great if you kept the new graphics engine. 15 years is a lot to go back in graphics man.
    (yeah yeah, I know, I know… WoW had been a lot more than graphics back then… but…)

  6. Been playing this for the first time for the last few days and man I love this game. I'm sad I didn't get to experience it bad in the day but I'm happy I can now. Maybe you guys can re rerelease the DLCs till cataclysm over the next few years

  7. I was too young to experience vanilla so I'm having so much fun doing it because I get to see why people fell in love with WoW in the first place

  8. I started in 2007 with my mage. She was alliance, and technically still a classic levelling experience with a few extra talents added for TBC. So I've been playing her ever since that day and know my mage like the back of my hand, what's changed for her, her strengths and weaknesses. I eventually moved her to horde because the realm I was on at the time, the alliance were, well, alliance. Whiny little kids, making really bad jokes (and I do not mean that butt joke) and not letting people into dungeons/raids; people who had skill in their characters based off of the fact that they had not got the achievement yet in wotlk. That ruined it for classic in my opinion.

    Now we're back again and decided to role as horde, but not as a mage, that is way too easy. I love a challenge. I have a couple I have been playing around with and seem set on the priest this time around, for now. No where near max level on any of my toons. Just on to enjoy the experience again, the way it was originally intended 🙂

  9. This rings in my ears all the time "you wouldn't want that either, you think you do, but you don't" and the queue is 600 people…

  10. Developers made the update of the classic to 1.12.2.

    more than 10 years have passed since there were no updates, it is magical / grandiose. I hope there will be further development of vanilla….

  11. It’s amazing the greatest works of art weren’t made by a bunch of guys sitting down and saying we are going to make on of the greatest games of all time, they just said we want to make a game we like, and it unexpectedly got big, only to become one of the most important games of all time. They had no idea and neither did we, and that’s what’s so cool about WOWs origin

  12. Guys this is incredible stuff, what you guys at blizzard should do now is make a video of how your development team responded to the trials and tribulations of wow from its earth-shattering beginning to modern day. I am sure a documentary like that would be highly watched.

  13. Thanks for the chance to again play this great game. Do not get me wrong, today´s wow is good, but classic was and is just great. For first I thought it is just nostalgia which keeps me playing classic, but now, after many days after lunch, I realise that it is the classic which keeps me playing.

  14. "I think there's something to be said for going home again. Wich is, something we don't get in our lifes, in a normal bases…" This was the breaking point for me, I literally cried…

  15. I wish I had the persuasive charisma and expressive capability these guys have to convince my friends to play WoW Classic with me without being accused of wearing "nostalgia goggles"

  16. thats why wow sucks today… its all about "money". You dont have to earn your mounts like you did in the old days and rewards and just meh. All about pleasing the whiners who dont want to have to farm and give everything easy to them

  17. It is vital for developers of the game to spend time playing it. The best games are those where the people doing them spent time playing it (like Id Software devs did).
    Playing together in the same room is also something quite magic compared to each in his/her own house.

  18. the devs getting lost in the deadmines like "how did people ever figure this out?"

    and im just here like "i think i know those tunnels better than my own back yard"

  19. Having these guys potentially making future patches after the final Naxx patch in vanilla…. (classic plus) properly excited. They are just so clued up.

  20. Blizzard pulls Blitzchung from Hearthstone tournament over support for Hong Kong protests

    Blizzard is China's pet

  21. BLIZZARD just banned a Heartstone Pro player for speaking out in support for the people of Hong Kong. This company does not deserve our support.

  22. Freedom for Hong Kong!
    The Paracel Islands belong to Vietnam, get your filthy Chinese hands off it!
    Taiwan is not China!
    Freedom for Winnie the Pooh!
    Down with the censorship!

  23. What’s it like working for a company that’s actively supporting a fascist dictatorship?

  24. It's "great" that u guys at Blizz are enjoying Classic but how about u Idiots fix the stuff u messed up in retail but refuse to address ?! Like the delay when I mount or loot or those A-holes who keep on spamming the trade chat with their sale on Dungeon/Raid runs ?! I pay more then enough for your game so fix this ? ASAP, thx.

  25. WoW was the first and only MMORPG I loved, barring runescape. I never understood why it dropped off, and why I couldn't just find another, newer game that I liked as much. This makes so much sense

  26. Why do Blizzard employee's get butt hurt and ban accounts when receiving advice that may help them, I found that The Elder Scrolls is a way better game as well as Legends, too bad for Blizzard.

  27. I would like to see some elements from Assasins Creed, especially how they move and battles happen). Maybe the ability to earn some real money while playing too…. 😉 Good try on Diablo III, but needs another attempt. Native support for Oculus (Rift and Quest)

  28. Ok, Dev team. You hit a Home Run bringing this back like it was, I started in BC along midway but not much changed at that time. Truth is CATA was truly that, Cataclysm.

  29. Every single employee at Blizzard are disgrace. I don't care how hard it might be to find work there is no excuse what so ever for staying at a company that so blatantly and publicly acted to attack and eroded liberty. I would rather be looking for work with my dignity in tact than be taking home that dirty China blood money.
    SCUM all of them!!!!!

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