Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro Extreme Gaming Test with 10 Graphics Intensive Games

Whats up guys, welcome back to a brand new
video. And today, in this video, Im not going to
focus on any mobile games but instead Im gonna focus on a smartphone itself. And that would be Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 pro. In India, this smartphone is setting new record
on sales and it still has got huge demand than the actual supply of the device. Hundreds and Thousands of devices are sold
online in a few minutes through flash sales and you will have to pre-book for it weeks
before with some extra premium fees if you wanna buy it in retail stores. The hype for this smartphone is unbelievable
but we can just figure out why. We Indians mostly prefer budget oriented smartphones
and this is the best phone in the market at that particular price range. Its got great camera, great looks, decent
built quality and fantastic performance atleast in paper. But today, we are gonna check out if this
particular smartphone is good enough for mobile gamers like me and you. Im gonna do an extreme gaming test in this
smartphone with 10 of the highest graphic intensive games out there. Im gonna play each game at max settings while
leaving other games in the background. I know thats not fair but still you dont know
how far a mobile gamer would go. So without further ado, lets get into the
test. But before that lets unbox this device. Yes its brand new and Im gonna do this test
on a fresh device out of the box. Believe it or not, I have been waiting to
get my hands on a single piece for almost 2 months right after its release. But I got it pretty late, the hype and demand
this device has is just too much. Anyways now I managed to buy one. This is the 4GB ram model with 64GB internal
memory. And these are the ten games, that Im gonna
use to test its gaming performance. At first lets check out the device temperature
and battery percentage. The time is now (13:15) and the battery is
at (61%) and the device temperature is 37 degree which pretty much normal. Keep this in mind and now lets start with
PUBG mobile. So as you guys saw, all these 10 games ran smoothly in this device
even at the max settings. Also all other games were running in the background. So thats pretty impressive for a smartphone
that costs just over 200$. There wasnt even a single framedrop or a little
lag in any of these single games and thats really a surprise. Now lets get onto to the ram management test
and lets find out if those games are still alive in the background. Im gonna try and launch PUBG mobile and sadly
it is relaunching again. This device couldnt keep it alive in the background. And now lets launch this cpu-z app. And what..?? Even this app is reloading.. so thats a pretty
bad result when it comes to ram management. But before going onto next games. Lets check the battery drain and device temperature. Now the time is 14:15 hours.. so that means
I have been playing these games for straight 3 hours now. I may have taken a 5 minute break but still
it dooesnt matter bcoz even for that 5 minutes, the game was still kept on. And the battery is now at 35% so it just consumes
only 26% of the battery for 3 hour of intensive gaming. Again quite impressive and unbelievable. And the temperature is just 41 degree celcius. Thats not bad at all. Even my s7 edge will get over 50 degree when
I play for over 2 hours. I know both these smartphones are uncomparable
but still cant believe these results. So thats all quite good. Now lets get back to the ram test. Something tells me that this device is gonna
fail at this test. Even the Breakneck couldnt be kept running
in the back ground.. so does the Rules of survival amd Into the Dead 2. ShadowGun legends is launching again. Asphalt 8 does the same. So i dont think now theres any point in trying
out other apps. Because as you can see, all games were killed
in the background. The 4GB ram on this device couldnt get them
up run in background. I just cant believe that even GTA SanAndreas
was reloading. Even the lg g3 could have kept the san andreas
in background. Anyway the Ram Management is an utter failure
in Note 5 Pro. But honestly, that doesnt even affect the
performance of the game. It wont even affect you unless you want to
keep switching between other apps while playing a game. Still this device amused me with its performance
and battery draining test. So I think a mobile gamer could always depends
on this device. And regarding RAM management issue, I looked
into it and they are going to solve this issue in coming update if not already. So thats my thought on the Xiaomi redmi note
5 pro. Let me know your thoughts on the comment section
down below. See you guys in the next video and until then,
peace out.


  1. I have been reading comments that you guys have been spotting framedrops in all or some of these games.. but trust me, the actual gameplay was perfect and buttery smooth, I dont have to lie to you guys abt it. Those framedrops you guys are noticing is in this whole video. I was recording this video in s7 edge at 1080p30fps. After the edits, I converted it to 59fps which I shudnt have.. so theres some framedrops in this video but the gameplays were perfect except for into the dead 2..

  2. Man just bought this phone 4/64gb and iam very happy, i will never looking to samsung phone again ☺??? love this phone so much, i hope get the new android P ^.^

  3. The ram issue is going to create problems….hopefully it gets solved soon anyways I can't complaint about this phone they are giving so much in so less but for gamers ram issue is gonna create problems..??!!!!

  4. Honkai 3 Impact?? Asphalt 9?? Mortal Kombat?? Tekken?? DC Injustice?? Marvel Future Fight?? Life is Strange?? Assassin Creed Identity?? etc??

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