Yes, Actually, Mortal Kombat 11 DID Ruin Sindel

We’ve done this song and dance before, but
let’s once again quickly summarise the story of Queen Sindel from 1995 up to now. I have
to keep doing this to get it through the writers’ (and some of the fans’) thick fucking skulls.
The Queen of Edenia and mother of Kitana, Sindel was forced to marry Shao Kahn after
he killed her husband Jerrod and annexed her realm. In grief, she committed suicide. Ten
thousand years later, she was resurrected by Shang Tsung and placed under mind control
to be the linchpin of Kahn’s MK3 invasion plot. She was saved by Kitana and restored
to the throne of Edenia. She then sought to save Kitana when their roles were reversed
thanks to Onaga in Deception. Finally, she fought in the battle of Armageddon as a good
guy, ultimately laying down her life to protect her realm from the forces of darkness. In
a way, she’s like Theoden from Lord of the Rings – a noble monarch who is introduced
while possessed by dark forces until they are liberated by the heroes, and ultimately
laying down their life in battle with the forces of evil. In MK2011, which altered events
from MK1 onwards through time travel, and earlier events through retcons, Sindel’s death
was a noble sacrifice to protect Earthrealm. Quan Chi then revived her and placed her under
mind control to have her shut her ward off, and she massacred the heroes, dying in the
process and becoming an undead slave of Quan Chi. She remained in this state for the duration
MKX and was absent from MK11, but Geras assured us she still loved Kitana. Geras: Sindel cared for you above all else. Unfortunately, thanks to Sindel only being
portrayed in her brainwashed form, many of the newer fans believed she was just evil,
so with her announcement as a DLC character in MK11, Netherrealm had the perfect opportunity
to fix that by using her intros and ending to highlight the kind of person Sindel truly
is. Things didn’t look good with the early leaks
and official bio that suggested her personality was being retconned to make her willingly
pure evil. I voiced my concerns in a video and received no end to fanboy retorts, the
most intelligent of which said that it was only a leak and that it could be false, or
subject to change. Fair and reasonable, right? But, let’s address some of the less intellectual
responses I received last time. “I like this Sindel better.” That subjective
opinion is irrelevant in the face of my objective criticism of poor continuity.
“It doesn’t matter, as long as she plays well.” Another subjective take, and a bad one at
that. Everything about her is informed by her personality and story, including her intros
and even some of her moves. I’ll even show you a quote later, proving they wanted to
make her feel “more cohesive” on every level. These retcons do matter, even if you only
care about the gameplay. “Sindel has more agency now.” What, because
she was mind-controlled one time and then sought to save her daughter and people from
then on, actively taking part in stopping crises that threatened them, despite being
the monarch? She has no agency, does she? But, somehow becoming a selfish murderer who
hates her daughter means she now has more agency? I know you’re not saying she now has
agency because she was never mind controlled, because she still was across the entire current
timeline, even with the new retcons, because Quan Chi killed her now, so he had to control
her to stop her from attacking him upon reviving her, and then she became a revenant, spending
two full games being controlled, compared to just one in the old timeline. Sorry, but
you’re just wrong. “She just thinks that’s what happened.” Why
would her bio not say that then? Her 2011 bio did.
“She’s just brainwashed to be like this.” Why would the revenant Sindel, her default
form, be made to love Shao Kahn if her sole purpose is to serve Shinnok? This one could
still be accurate though, given that the base roster revenants don’t have revenant-based
intros either. “She’s from another timeline.” The only time
alternate timelines are used that way is in mirror matches. Outside of that, the game
is purely about the past and present of a single timeline converging and you’d know
that if you hadn’t missed the dialogue in the trailer because you cried out in ecstasy
upon seeing MKII Scorpion. “Intros aren’t canon.” Maybe not, but they
inform characterisation, just as any given non-canon ending does. Tanya didn’t canonically
get Liu Kang killed in MK4, but that ending is how her treachery was conveyed to us. If
we get conflicting information, like who out of Kahn, D’Vorah and Sindel killed Jerrod,
or whether or not Sindel loves Kitana, then what is even the point of including them?
They could save a ton of time and money by going back to standard intros like 2011 had.
“You can’t tell Netherrealm what to do with their characters.” How is a person supposed
to be able to get invested in a character or setting when random details are subject
to change for the most shallow and flaccid of reasons? And, do you really consider writers
who only became involved in the series over a decade and a half after Sindel’s debut as
having any ownership of her? “You should be grateful she’s here at all
after you asked for her.” If you hired someone to fix your plumbing and they fucked up so
bad that your house started flooding, you’d be well within your rights to sock someone
for saying you’re not allowed to complain because you asked the plumber to do it in
the first place. Absolute cretin. “It doesn’t matter, because everything is
getting rebooted anyway.” I’ve said this before, but this portrayal will inform people’s views
of Sindel until her next appearance at least four years from now. And if these writers
carry over to that game, or new writers without experience with the older games take over,
they’re likely to keep her like this going forward.
Honestly, looking at pre-release material, the best we could have hoped for was that
she was just possessed by the banshee spirit she materialises sometimes. Hell, one of her
intros looks a lot like the banshee is entering her body and taking over. But, alas, the only
potentially interesting explanation was passed off for something dumber. But, you know, with Netherrealm’s new “progressive”
design ethos, one would think they would have made Sindel’s story one of an abuse victim
rising above her trauma and overcoming the one who hurt her, rather than presenting her
and her abuser as a “power couple”. Think about that. Sindel originally fucking killed
herself because being married to Shao Kahn was so horrible. But now, let’s make them
a power couple? Are you mad? This is about on par with Dynasty Warriors 9 presenting
Xiahouji as being in love with the man who abducted her as a child in real life. Once
again, in their attempt to be progressive, Netherrealm fucks up so bad, they become regressive.
Good job, guys. People often say that I’m too hard on Netherrealm,
and I genuinely worried that that was the case. So, I have tried to be more lenient
with them, give them the benefit of the doubt and go out of my way to point out the good
things they do. But, every time I do, they give me more and more reasons to tell them
all to get fucked. 21st of April: I release 11 Good Things in
MK11. 23rd of April: MK11 releases with its godawful
story, ending and grindy mobile game structure. 6th of June: Following the release of her
official bio supporting early leaks about her new characterisation, I release How Mortal
Kombat 11 is Ruining Sindel, and give the writers the benefit of the doubt that they’re
just ignorant of Sindel’s true nature and have a chance to fix her by release. 14th of November: Sindel’s trailer releases
and Netherrealm begins posting clips that support the leaks and suggest nothing has
changed. I continue to hope that Sindel’s ending will expose the truth, even though
it won’t change people’s perceptions because her intros are more prominent than her ending. 21st of November: I ask co-writer Shawn Kittelsen
on Twitter to explain the motivation behind the change, or to at least reassure us that
there’s more to this than there seems. He supports the latter being the case and says
he’s proud of what the team have accomplished with Sindel here. Also 21st of November: Certain influencers
have Sindel early and release her ending on YouTube. The ending begins with Sindel recounting
the death of Jerrod as it was originally told, only to then reveal it was all a lie and that
she helped kill him. She then dominates the realms and beats up Kitana. Oh, and Quan Chi
killed her and covered it up, so I’ve no idea whether or not her ward is now considered
a lie. So, Mr. Kittelsen. Why did you lie to me?
Where is the nuance in this one-dimensional female clone of Shao Kahn? What about completely
inverting a strong, compassionate character into an avaricious, overly-lustful arsehole
are you so fucking proud of? In the past, I’ve tried not to call out specific
individuals, because it seems needlessly harsh, but I’m done playing nice. I came to Shawn,
asking respectfully for clarification and reassurance because it seemed that he and
co-writer Dominic Cianciolo were taking one of my favourite MK characters and ruining
her. And then, he lied directly to me about this, claiming that the team really put a
lot of care and thought into her portrayal. I heard from a friend with contacts inside
Netherrealm that Dominic was Sindel’s writer, but I have no proof of this and he never replied
to my tweet anyway while Shawn lied, so I’m probably going to be harsher with the latter
than the former, even if the former actually is more culpable here. At first, I did assume Shawn and Dom simply
didn’t understand the character. That they had, perhaps, only experienced the last two
games and based their understanding of her on her brainwashed self. You know, it wasn’t
that they were intentionally changing her, but instead that they just didn’t understand
her. After all, her design wasn’t as straight forward and shallow as a lot of the more modern
additions to the roster. Sindel looked and fought like the standard
evil queen, but was revealed to be a good person who loved her daughter and her people.
She was a subversion of that generic trope: you can’t judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately,
the current creative team did not get the message, because, according to Senior QA Analyst
Stephanie Brownback, Stephanie: “[…]there was always a disconnect,
in my opinion, between the way she looked and played and acted in gameplay, and the
lore.” You know, in the series where the main character
is a murderous Shaolin monk, and where husband and wife Johnny and Sonya brutalise each other
and their child? You’d think these guys would have known the change would be controversial
and would have a better excuse lined up. And I thought Steve Beran’s excuses were bad… But, because of this asinine notion, they
wanted her personality to match her design. So, they looked at her and saw an evil older
woman in skimpy attire and decided Sindel should, thus, be a horny, evil skank who murdered
her own husband. After all, Netherrealm’s design is just getting more mature and respectful.
Especially towards women. Like all the sexual slavery threats made towards Cassie Cage.
Or Jax’s entire character being boiled down to “black man”. Stephanie also presented this
as if it’s just new context to reveal a truth that’s always been there, and not a retcon. Stephanie: “And this is not, uh, some kind
of shenanigan. This is- this is the ‘real lore’. And it’s, uh… pretty big for Sindel.
It’s a very new interpretation of her personality, and-” Tyler Lansdown: “That’s exciting.” No, it’s a retcon. Sindel was a benevolent
queen once she was restored in the old timeline, never abusing her power or people, and sought
to save Kitana for personal reasons and not just to help her get her power back from Onaga;
numerous bios and endings have made it clear she was being forced to be evil and truly
desired to keep her daughter and people safe; Quan Chi called Sindel one of Raiden’s allies
back in MKX, where she also told Cassie about being reunited with Kitana in death, which
is an odd thing for an uncaring mother to say; and Geras would obviously know the truth
about Sindel and he says she loved Kitana. Guys. Again. You must have known people would
be angry about this and you had months to come up with a better excuse than this. I
mean, Christ, when MK Annihilation is portraying characters more accurately and has a more
cohesive and satisfying plot than your MK work, you have officially done something very
wrong. I am done giving Netherrealm the benefit of
the doubt and trying to appease their mindless fanboys. The people in charge at Netherrealm
do not respect this franchise, its characters, its story or its fans. They make this clear
with their willingness to completely rewrite long-established plot points and character
personalities because they think they know better than the people who’ve been with this
franchise for well over a decade; as well as their brazen willingness to openly lie
to the fans about the bullshit they’re peddling. In the Twitter thread, someone told Shawn
to step down from his position and I thought that was a bit harsh. But, in light of the
Kombat Kast and the final product, I think he should. I’m not saying he should lose his
job, of course; he can work on Injustice 3, since it’s clear that the writers have far
more respect for DC characters than MK ones, but he should not be involved in writing for
MK ever again. Even when his writing is not blatantly inaccurate or openly disrespectful,
it’s generally low quality and unbearably cringeworthy. If this series ever hopes to
have a chance of having a good story again, it needs to move Shawn and Dominic onto other
projects and bring someone else in; someone who actually cares about the world they are
working with and views it as an honour and a passion project, instead of any other boring
job assignment. I’d like to close by bringing your attention
to Sindel’s Deception ending. It’s not canon, but it’s still relevant to her characterisation.
Back then, endings consisted of two CG images, accompanied by narration from either Raiden
or Shujinko. Sindel was the exception. Her ending featured three images. The team felt
the resolution of Sindel’s storyline here was important enough to warrant an additional
image to properly depict her discovery of Onaga’s coffin, her successful dispatching
of the villain, and her tearful reunion with her now freed daughter. And I’d like you to
just take a minute to take in that last image. This one frame depicting a tear rolling down
Sindel’s cheek as she holds her daughter close displays more character than all of MK11’s
godawful intros for her combined. And nowhere in this image is there any indication that
Sindel secretly is just using Kitana as a tool, and actually does not care about her
at all. This is the real Sindel. Do not believe the lies Netherrealm are feeding you with
this, the latest in a long line of character assassinations they’ve pulled off with the
current timeline. Spread the word and make sure Netherrealm knows we are not happy, and
we will not fucking stand for this anymore. If you guys want to show support for something
less offensive than this tripe, consider that SoulCalibur VI will be releasing its own rebooted
royal female fighter, Hilde, on the same day as Sindel’s Kombat Pack release. Please support
the one that you think is handled in the more appropriate manner. Because I certainly know
which one I’m going to support.


  1. I have my personal opinion on this character I will say I love design I love the way she plays color combinations are tricky at first but once you understand how it works it's fun to play the character now getting to the nitty-gritty the character lore is the great significance of Mortal Kombat itself throughout the ages she kills herself then resurrected by Quan Chi I think yeah and so on and so on you know the story she was a bad guy but possessed became good guy now we have a character who wants sex from Johnny cage and queen of all the realms yup sounds like a retcon

  2. And yet people will still buy her DLC….

    Save your money on something better

    This just proves that they could bastardize other characters and ruin their stories as well

    They turned what was a caring, mother figure into a conniving gold digger that only cared about herself and maintaining power.

    Think of it this way, what if they did this type of thing to say, scorpion, sub zero, johnny cage, lu kang, etc you know the more well known characters, people would not be happy.

  3. I wish that they did this ,That Sindel come back for the dead normal and happy to find out that Kitana and Jade have been tryin to demurrage Edenia and that her daughter has killed Shao Kahn. Snidel not only helps demurrage Edenia but protects it as queen while her daughter is kahn of out world!

  4. Last argument that could explain this: Sindel is no the one before MK11, but the one brainwashed in MK9. Debunk or confirm pls.

  5. “It’s the real lore. It’s pretty big for Sindel.” Sure it is. Not the interesting story and arcs she had in the older games. Fuck that. “Bad old lady” is the best we got

  6. Mk11 isnt following the timeline in which the first 8 games takeplace… our timeline begins at mk9 and i guess our current sindel is that way because she just is. From mk9 to now we havent had sindel established any “good” characteristics 🤷‍♀️

  7. I'm usually one to think you are nitpicking and overreacting to stuff, but this video I couldn't agree with you more. Why they decided to leave the interesting character they had years ago and then turn her into a boring evil goldigger that has been potrayed in media a million times is beyond me.
    And the excuse "She looks like she would be an evil character" well did they have to make her evil in the most lazy and boring way possible??

  8. The4thSnake: Let NetherRealm know we're not happy… and we will not fucking stand for this anymore.
    NetherRealm releases MK12: TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  9. Nobody wants a nice Sindel, the intros would suck. She'd basically be another Kitana saying shit like "I must rid the world of evil!"
    I'm even telling YOU this, 4th Snake, you don't want a nice Sindel. Sub-Zero was portrayed as guilty but was then innocent. Why can't Sindel be innocent then be proved guilty?

  10. they rlly did Ruined her, it sucks that shes an Evil Bitch towards Kitana, n Jade, she should only have Bad Interactions with the Villains of MK a.k.a DVorah, Shao Kahn n Kanos ugly asses etc

  11. Before mk11 the only thing I knew about sindel was that little part that I remember of Mortal Kombat 2 the movie so I always thought that she was a villain but after watching history behind the Warrior i found out that she was actually a really good person and a kind mother not to mention an interesting character so this change doesn't make a whole lot of since and it's honestly just sad

  12. I mean at this point the revenants serve karnika but sindel is with shao kahn bc quan chi and shinnok are dead if that makes since

    Edit: will shinnok is just a head now

  13. I read her character heavily based on mirror intros. I'm actively choosing to believe her original development is quite cannon, but they've brought in this retconed version from another "timeline" with far less empathy and quality character history to be the main simply for the drama of it all. I prefer the loving mother plot line better, but as a child when playing MK3 I always assumed she was evil. I had no idea how the story line worked at the time so this new version isn't hard for me to imagine… though I have to agree, the power coupling aspect isn't working for me.

  14. They ruined kabal raiden liu kang king Lao kronika…… the whole dark raiden story arc failed. This a continued show of failure. I was so happy you mentioned none of the revenant dialogue is specific, that really annoys me.

  15. half of her intros ive seen have her talking about Shao Kahn and how she can serve him/ restore him (and her) to the throne of outworld… i feel like people would be way more pissed at a female character being portrayed that way

  16. I personally care about Mortal Kombat and where it goes. Yet everyone has an opinion/belief that boils down to nothing, even my own, just remember it’s Mortal Kombat under NRS, characters are always going to change no matter what studio has the title, it’s the same way with films now a days as well.

    I like Sindel as a character and I don’t mind the change for all I know it’s a different Sindel from another timeline not the past.

    Cause no one freaked out with Raiden and subzero talking about Batman in one of their intros, you know what I mean? What I say is believe what you want to believe.

  17. Since you mentioned Soul Calibur in the end, just imagine Project Soul retconning Ivy into always being evil, into instead of wanting to kill Cervantes she wanted his power for serlfish gains and make her unwilling to help anyone just because she looks and acts like a stereotypical villain. It's just garbage and I hate so much that they nailed the design and gameplay elements of Sindel so well yet completely butchered Sindel herself. I wanted Sindel and got an impostor.

  18. Im a huge FAN of mortal kombat i know everyones story i know all the lore… Her gameplay in the game is flawless but her new "lore" is absolutely garbage, in the og timeline she wasnt power hungry she was forced by shao khan to be his bride and all she ever wanted was her old life back the new sindel doesnt care about kintana nor does she care for Edina its so so so bad ahhh change it back NRS

  19. Hey, The4thSnake, I may be another millennial, but I'm something of a MK expert, and I've got a question for you. What if I wrote the next MK game?

  20. Fun Fact: During the MK3 timeline at the Original Timeline, Kitana failed to convince Sindel to remember to her trueself, and she got knocked out. As Jade saw this, she thought Sindel killed Kitana. In her grief and fury, she accused Sindel with murdering her own daughter. Her anger was effective. Sindel saw Kitana before her and she got freed from Shang Tsung's mind control.

  21. And, putting the fact that they "rewrote" Sindel beside- her MK11 ending feels bit boring too for that. :/ Was a lackluster entirely.

  22. So tired of this talk about Jax's ending.

    He is not summed up as Black Man. This is one part of the entire character who actually went through a crisis of faith and turned his back on everything he knew for the sake of his daughter.

    The people he literally bled with. Who he actually died for. Who tried their best to be there for him. He gave all that up because a Magical Bald Lady promised him Jacqui's safety.

    A man who redeemed himself. Who looked at what he was doing and how it was hurting his daughter and turned to an insurmountable enemy and chose certain death with her proud of him over the chance of giving her an easy life.

    Jax has been obsessed with making sure Jacqui will never know what he knew as a warrior. He was closed to being damned for all eternity, being used as a weapon. *IF ANYTHING*, Jax's character is summed up as "I have a Daughter, and she's everything to me". The "Woke" ending that everyone is so upset about is a factual matter that it wouldn't be great for her if the timeline was rebooted as is. How does he know? Because he's saw several iterations.

    SPOILERS For anyone who cares, but Cassie and Johnny both rewrote time to benefit them with Sonya being alive. Scorpion rebooted time over and over to save his family, and when he found out he couldn't because of other Elder Titans, he sought to kill them to have his family back. Baraka ruled and ate all Realms with his Tribe. Kung Lao came back to make the White Lotus the most powerful force in Earth Realm as the immortal lord of Time… Almost ALL Characters pick a way to make the Earth better for them and theirs.

    That's what Jax did for his daughter. Perfectly in tune with his character arc of "I have a daughter and she will no longer suffer".

    Totally agree with you on the Sindel thing, though.

  23. Theres nothing males/women, ppl in general dislike more than a classic ghetto thot. It's one thing for a good woman to turn bad or do things necessary to save what she loves oppose to just being gutter trash from the start. They took away her depth and honor. Yes they did ruin Sindel.


  25. NRS: We want to redesign the female characters to be less sexualized and look more respectable.
    Also NRS: We're going to judge Sindel based on her design and retcon her as a slutty gold-digging husband killer who doesn't care about her daughter, only wanting power like the man who originally killed her husband and kidnapped her and Kitana before this retcon.

  26. Ok 4thsnake, while I agree with your position on netherrealm on ruining Sindel. I think calling out the writer by name and calling them a hack and a fraud might be a little far. Whether you like it or not you're an influencer, calling them out like that is simply begging for people to attack him on social media. While I cannot say to know what they're thinking, I get the feeling that they just made a bad creative decision.

  27. I agree with your theory bro. After Mortal kombat deadly alliance when Liu kang die everything die with mortal kombat with it. Sad! 😰

  28. Thank you for making this, man. This is the absolute worst decision I've ever seen them make for a character. I'm honestly hurt, because I always admired her selflessness and compassion. #justiceforsindel

  29. Can't relate, man. I'm pretty goddamn thrilled that we're getting a version of Sindel that actually improves Musetta Vander's standing in the franchise.

  30. Couldn't agree more. Yes, Sindel is awesome as a playable character, but her story now is just fucked. Why build a story for a character for so many years, just to throw everything away. "Good job" NRS…

  31. Well mk11 sucks frames of all characters sucks, Intros are most likely trash revenensts don't even have their own intros and again roster sucks story ending were left cliffhanger and costumes are terrible and now sindel brought as a complete slot in the game 😂 nrs are just terrible men do I wish I could refund this game

  32. I have only played MK9 and MX10 and my most favorite character was Mileena (now you know why I hate and don't play MK11). Even though I don't know much about Sindel, but after watching this video, I can see why the fan of Sindel and Mortal Kombat hate this character, and I completely agree with everything you said. MKX11 might have better gameplay than MKX, but my god the writing for the character is just horrible.

  33. Man you are swearing at people and saying fuck them for what a video games character who cares if sindel is bad and you are saying that they don't respect the franchise it's just a video game take it easy bro

  34. Oh my God, NRS was taken by progressives and feminists. Unfortunately, that's all we'll have for the future, guys: empty and "empowered" characters with the potato-bag personality. Gradually, they are killing the entertainment.

  35. Netherrealm is so FULL of hypocrisy, they've INVENTED basically the PEGI and(probably) the FIRST game where you can KILL a woman(Sonya)…now they respect women(and by RESPECT I mean they can't be proud of theyr body), we can't show some skin BUT,…since we respect women we made AHEM…
    1-Sindel a gold digger racist bitch, who want to bang everyone and kill them(not sure in wich order)
    2-Skarlet a servant who desperately want to BANG Shao Kahn.
    3-Cetrion the ELDER GODESS OF BALANCE who doesn't even know what BALANCE really is and became a MAMA's GIRL, KILLING HERSELF for her(even tough she's clearly evil)
    4-Frost a crying baby because nobody listen to her.
    5-D'vorah…well I don't now what's her deal but she keep change side wothout coerency(because they don't know what to do with her except killing beloved characters)
    6-Kronika…I thought she wasn't evil for the sake of BEING evil but more like a titan mad at Raiden because he messed up with time BUT NO! She was evil and she was messing up the time!
    7-Mileena well she's a beloved female character so OF COURSE is not in the game, and if they do something like Sindel I hope she will not be a DLC.

    GOOD JOB!!! I don't know about you guys but I prefer my female characters with maybe less dresses but with WAAAAY MORE HEARTH AND SOUL.

  36. I think it’s cool that they’re looking into different timelines, but this should not stay as her story because it’s too risky for business,
    People might not buy her just because she has this storyline. So the next time around she should be caring and light.

  37. it is more cohesive to have a villain like sindel is now, she looks like a villain, fights like a villain, and uses magic like a villain. Better than having a selfless caring mother, pure of heart, that looks like the devil herself!. I'm sorry, but her old self just doesn't make sense.

  38. Why you dont copy rian johnsons writing or like dont retcon a character for a worst story. Those writers need to write with what they know best. Ill play her in mk11 still but i will get hilda

  39. are you getting mad about MK lore? where there are characters called Noob Saibot and Mokap?

    MK is just about switching off your brain and enjoying the murder porn

  40. Im new to mk so if it wasnt for this i wouldve never even known about her true nature 🤷🏻‍♀️. All i did remember was tht she was forced to marry Shao Kahn after he ya kno. Did wht he did. So when i heard these intros between Shao and her etc i was confused bc it seemed like she enjoyed it? Idk. I was just confused. Something wasnt adding up but now i know the truth 🤪

  41. LMAO "spread the words, make sure NRS knows that we're not happy, and we'll not fucking stand for this, anymore"
    Chill Che Guevara haha. I agree with most of what you're but damn bro, you are so exaggerated, it's just a game, don't do a revolution of the stupidest things, lol.

  42. So she's a 'gold digger' and loves money and power. Okay. I could go along with that. If they made her look and feel the part. More sloooty. More moves that show this. Not just take a character and slap a new background on it. Oh hey subzero is a farmer now. But not change anything about his character or personality. Doesn't make sense. If you change the character, change all of it

  43. When I first found that Sindel is back. I was excited,but after seeing her dialogues between fights and her ending . I was not one bit impressed .i was hoping that she would join the good side to stop evil like she did In previous games. I mean like …WTF

  44. And I thought Wonder Woman was the most poorly handled and characterized immortal, yet beautiful badass warrior monarch in a Netherrealm game…

  45. You already have an established evil character in Skarlet and the tyrant in Shao Khan. Sindel and Kitana were the balance. She doesn't even do villainy right since she keeps Shao Khan alive. Admittedly shes fun gameplay wise but shes written poorly here. This kills my hype for Mileena if they're saying Sindels been evil all along. Guess D'vorah didnt kill Jerrod smh….

  46. They didn't ruin her. They saw an opportunity to make her what they always intended her to be, a true villain. Just because you dont like it doesn't mean they ruined anything. Your view is just your opinion stop pushing it as facts.

  47. What is wrong with Sindel hiting on dudes? Yeah cause she should keep on being that poor widow oh so loving mother 😍 how dare NRS give Sindel an actual personality rather than being Kitana’s mom

  48. mortal kombat was the game i keept buying because i liked the lore, more than the gameplay or fatalities. Mortal kombat X to me was already painful and 11 i didn't buy and i feel i'm done with the franchise, thanks for the memories of childhood, good night sweet prince

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